City Lady-Killer — Chapter 18: The Three Women's Entertainment

Although Lin Tianlong possessed some romantic aspects, he didn't have the notion of taking a bite out of someone else's pudding. Therefore, he only used a flowery speech at most and used his glib tongue to tease others. Qin Minxiao's husband, Li Jinbao was the CEO of HK Nightclub and his father, Li Chuyuan was the CEO of the Pharmaceutical Company. More importantly, his mother, Ji Hanyan was a famous public prosecutor in Flame City.

"Okay now! If you dare to say anything bad to Sister Meizhen, see if I won't tell on you to my little sister."

Qin Minxiao giggled while covering her mouth.

"You're already a married woman yet you love to gossip so much. Take care not to get hated by your mother-in-law!" Saying so, he pinched Qin Minxiao's pretty cheeks with his left hand while his right hand groped this newlywed wife's curvy buttocks in passing.

Qin Minxiao's face became flushed. She pouted coyly and made a biting motion towards his silhouette. She entered the office and returned to her seat gleefully.

"Sister Minxiao, Young Master Long took advantage of you again, right?"

Liu Zhiqing walked behind Qin Minxiao with a playful look on her face as she asked such a crafty question. She was a pretty woman with a slender figure. Possessing willow-like brows, a cute nose and slightly trembling wings at its base. Below her celestial nose was her cherry-lipped mouth. The outlines of those plump, ruddy lips were clear and seemed like a fully mature honey peach ready for picking at any moment. They made men feel an urge to kiss them. Below her beautiful neck existed those mounds standing upright under the jacket. Her slender waist could barely support them and below that were her pert buttocks. Her legs were fair and slim with sufficient springiness. The blue stockings emphasized the curves of her legs and made them look very sexy.

"Zhiqing, what nonsense are you saying?" The smile on Qin Minxiao's face went stiff. She slammed the table with her fist while protesting coquettishly.

"Nonsense? One look at Young Master Long made your face brim with youthful radiance, and there's also your flushed face. Hehe... Fess up honestly. What did you both do just now?" Liu Zhiqing's gaze seemed to imply something as she took a seat beside Qin Minxiao.

"Damn lass, what could we even possibly do in the elevator?" Qin Minxiao rolled her eyes as she scolded her.

"So you're admitting that you did something inside?" Liu Zhiqing began to smile all the more after hearing her words.

"Who admitted what? Don't talk drivel. It won't do any good if someone hears it. Won't I get fired if Director Liang hears of it? Won't Director Su scold me saying I seduced Young Master Long?" Qin Minxiao took a careful glance towards the other staff in the office then retorted in an angry tone.

"Who doesn't know what kind of person Young Master Long is? No one would believe that his heart isn't moved by a beauty like Sister Minxiao!"

Liu Zhiqing used an ambiguous gaze to glance at her before saying such words with a crafty smile.

"I'm already married so stop saying such nonsense, you damned girl. Do you want to ruin my reputation, huh?! Do you want my family's Jinbiao to accuse you of slandering and damaging reputation then ask for a compensation of 20 Million RMB?!"

Qin Minxiao reached out to pinch her waist while puffing up with anger.

"20 Million? Do you think you're Han Han?!" Liu Zhiqing exclaimed in pain then caressed her waist while puckering up her nose, "If there's nothing then there's nothing. Why are you pinching me? I feel that you must be feeling guilty, right?"

Qin Minxiao blushed as she thought to herself that Liu Zhiqing had hit the mark, but it wasn't that excessive. Actually, she saw Lin Tianlong as a little brother more than a man. Her husband had loved her very dearly after getting married, and although they didn't have the passion they had during their honeymoon recently, she was already the daughter-in-law of the Li family and understood Li Jinbiao's character very well. He would have no intentions of having an affair, so the fun she had with Lin Tianlong was just to complement the lack of gentleness in her married life as her husband was too chauvinistic. If there were another reason for it, it would be that Young Master Long was Director Liang's son and although Su Nianci was his stepmother (little mother), she doted on him as if he were her own blood and flesh. Having good relations with Young Master Long would give her an advantage in currying favor with Director Liang and Director Su. She glanced at Liu Zhiqing and looked at her with a thoughtful gaze.

Liu Zhiqing touched her face then asked her, "Sister Minxiao, why are you looking at me like that? It's not like flowers are growing on my face!"

Qin Minxiao giggled, "Though there aren't any flowers growing on your face..." She paused there intentionally to make the fish bite the bait so she could enjoy playing with her.

Liu Zhiqing covered her cheeks nervously, "Did pimples appear again? That's impossible! I even applied a facial mask yesterday!"

Qin Minxiao burst out into a peal of laughter. She was going to follow up by asking a question but didn't expect Liu Zhiqing's thoughts to steer in that direction. She pursed her lips then said, "I wasn't talking about your face."

Liu Zhiqing furrowed her brows as she was baffled, "What were you referring to then?"

Qin Minxiao acted a bit mysteriously and hinted her to bring her ears closer. She teaser her in a low voice, "Only, you keep paying so much attention to Young Master Long. Maybe you like him or something!"

Liu Zhiqing's face turned red immediately as a scowl appeared on her face. She spat out in anger, "Who would like him? Let me inform you that the number of men pursuing me is enough to form a reinforcement squad!"

"You really don't like him?" Qin Minxiao teased her while smiling.

"Nope." Liu Zhiqing stuck up her nose and flung her head back.

"I was thinking of acting as your matchmaker but let's forget that since you don't like him. It seems like you don't know how many women in our Chinese Media Firm want to get acquainted with Young Master Long right now! And that doesn't even include those in the Art Cultivation Center on the second and third floor. Those young models are all ready to spread their legs and pounce on him in the nude!" Qin Minxiao sighed while glancing at her.

"It's not like Young Master Long doesn't know me." Li Zhiqing was a bit dazed, She hung her head then asked Qin Minxiao bashfully, "Sister Minxiao, do you think Young Master Long already has a girlfriend?"

Qin Minxiao was left stunned. She tilted her head then muttered, "As far as I know, he doesn't!" Then she smiled at her, "What era do you think it is? The fad right now is for girls to chase after boys. If a girl likes someone, she has to take the initiative. Haven't you heard of the saying - 'A man has to pass through a heavy mountain to court a woman while a woman has to pass through a layer of silk to court a man.' Young Master Long is in demand everywhere, so you better not miss the chance lest you lose it."

Liu Zhiqing replied shyly, "Enough chatter now. I'm going to do some work."

Saying so, she ran back to her seat jovially. Her face was still blushing.

Qin Minxiao moved the mouse within her hand, but her mind couldn't help but recall the days when Lin Tianlong had interned here. Although he was just a youth, his style of conversing was extraordinary. He was more eloquent than her husband, Li Jinbiao and made entertaining conversations. The most important thing was that he possessed exceptional knowledge, wisdom, charm and witty humor. He was a man who knew how to appreciate beauty. In reality, which woman wouldn't adore a handsome man? A month was pretty long, and if she told herself that she didn't have any intentions towards such an elegant, confident and fun Young Master Long, she would be lying to herself. But now, she was already a married woman, and this made her stop in her steps as she wished to remain faithful to her husband.

From a distance, Lin Tianlong noticed that the door to the CEO's office was open. Yang Meizhen walked out from within. She wore frameless, exquisite spectacles on her face and had a bitter expression. He walked in front of her and revealed a charming smile towards her, "Aunt Meizhen, it's been a long time." He then took note of the tears in her eyes and guessed she was scolded. Yang Meizhen had a timid disposition and was very shy. She never dared to get into conflicts and could only choose to dye her cheeks with hot tears after getting scolded by Su Nianci, weeping from the grief.

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