City Lady-Killer — Chapter 19: Su Nianci

Lin Tianlong looked at Yang Meizhen's appearance up close and discovered that this mature and pretty CEO's assistant was quite lovely. A shapely nose and ordered teeth, almond-colored eyes and plump lips accompanied by a slim figure. Cute dimples showed up on her face when she smiled, and she had a captivating neck below her pretty cheeks. Her fair breasts between her collar seemed to blend together with the white shirt she wore, making it difficult for people to differentiate them. Those well-rounded, soft breasts stood upright with pride and released an alluring glow which gave people the urge to commit a crime. The hem of her shirt was tightly tucked under her skintight, black women's suit which was split high up at her legs. It just happened to perfectly emphasize her soft body as it covered her slender waist and curvaceous butt.

Her soft buttocks perked upwards in a pretty arc and emphasized her curves all over. All her proportions were coordinated and placed perfectly with no excess fat anywhere. She had snow-like tender skin, a fully developed figure as well as a youthful yet mature charm which synced well with her cold and elegant exterior. She was the epitome of beauty!

"Aunt Meizhen, what happened? Was Aunt Nianci hard on you?" Lin Tianling asked her.

"Don't ask me..." Yang Meizhen choked with tears as she mumbled these words.

"Aunt Meizhen, it's not like you don't know how I am? Why don't you tell me what happened?" Lin Tianlong grabbed her hand and questioned her obstinately.

"It's due to the advert deal with that Myriad Estates Firm!" Yang Meizhen knew what kind of character Lin Tianlong had. He would do fish out any matter he was interested in knowing about. If he decided to meddle into it, he would see through it to the end. When he grabbed her hand like this, the warmth from it made her feel extremely embarrassed. She was afraid someone would see them, so she withdrew her hand quickly.

"My godmother's Myriad Estates Firm?" Lin Tianlong looked at Yang Meizhen with astonishment, "What's the need to worry? Isn't that your elder sister's firm? Do you need to cry so awkwardly for that?"

He knew that his godmother, Yang Shimin was the eldest sister while the second sister, Yang Ruping was the leader of the Singing and Dancing Troupe and Yang Meizhen was the third sister. The youngest sister, Yang Lijing was the political commissar of the criminal police unit. He wasn't aware of what happened between these sisters to make Yang Meizhen cry so much just for an advert deal.

"Sigh. Tianlong, you don't know how troublesome this is going to be! Director Su has assigned me this business deal and told me not to return if I can't succeed!" Yang Meizhen's brows scrunched up as she sighed with tears in her eyes. The more she spoke, the more she cried. However, this just made her look all the more pitiful and cute.

Nature had endowed her with natural beauty, and her body seemed to release a unique scent. Lin Tianlong breathed in that intoxicating sweet scent of hers. Her lustrous black hair was combed and rolled up in a bun like a high-class woman's. She had a pretty face and shapely nose as well as bright-colored ruddy lips while her tender earlobes stuck out slightly from her beautiful ears. She was a 30-year-old young woman with picturesque beauty. The white shirt and skintight black women's suit couldn't cover up her pretty figure. When Lin Tianlong looked at Yang Meizhen's timid appearance as well as her well-proportioned figure, his body reacted subconsciously. She was the perfect manifestation of a delicate and shy woman which men tend to prefer more.

"Alright now! Stop crying!" Lin Tianlong feared nothing in this word, but he couldn't stomach the crying appearance of a woman. He couldn't help but reach out lovingly to part Yang Meizhen's soft shoulders to comfort her, "I'll go have a chat with Aunt Nianci!"

Was Aunt Nianci hard on her intentionally? Does she feel hostile towards Yang Meizhen as she's the CEO's assistant? Is the graceful and sweet-tempered Aunt Nianci in my memories actually a cold-hearted, merciless career woman? Lin Tianlong's eyes flickered with a gleam as he reached out to push open the doors of the CEO's office.

"Father, Aunt, I'm back!" Lin Tianlong looked at his father, Liang Rukang with a whole-hearted smile.

Lin Rukang was currently seated on the CEO's chair and was sipping tea leisurely. His spectacles flashed when he saw his son suddenly appear before him yet he didn't reveal his excitement at all. Instead, he showed a warm smile and walked in front of his son before patting him on his shoulders, "It's good that you're back!" His words and manners were genuine and earnest, his temperament scholarly. He was also the prince charming of many pretty women 20 years ago.

As for Su Nianci, she had light makeup on her face and wore a sleeveless, casual, bright blue dress which looked quite cozy yet didn't conceal her incredible figure. She didn't wear any jewelry on her neck or hands. The only jewelry she wore was a thin gold chain around her slim waist which gave her a noble aura by acting as the perfect backdrop. She didn't look menacing at all yet also seemed to have something hidden in her eyes. She possessed a well-developed figure, had a composed temperament, brimmed with a noble elegance and was generous. Her charm fascinated anyone who laid eyes on her.

When she saw Lin Tianlong, she simply couldn't believe her eyes. The youth before her had become more handsome compared to last year. Especially his well-trained body which was clearly visible through his shirt. It added a somewhat mature flavor of a man to this teen.

"What is it? Aunt can't recognize me?!" Lin Tianlong smiled.

"It's not that, Tianlong. I just felt that you've become much handsome compared to last year! Really! Come, let aunt hug you."

Su Nianci opened up her arms somewhat excitedly, so Lin Tianlong had no choice but to go over. He realized that there was already a clear difference between his little mother and him in terms of height currently, but he still hugged her obediently.

Within Su Nianci's warm hug, her bountiful breasts squeezed against Lin Tianlong's chest tightly, and this quickened his breath. Except for the occasional hugs Su Nianci gave her when he came to visit his father during his elementary school years, it was scarce for Lin Tianlong to act intimately with his woman who didn't have any blood relations with him. And for the past three years, he was the provincial capital t study and met her quite rarely. During these three years, he rarely mentioned her name in her letters. But this wasn't able to get rid of her silhouette from the depths of his heart.

She was beautiful and her gaze bewitching. After Lin Tianlong had learned to act sensibly, his father had come to take him back home for the first time on a weekend day. It was then he saw Su Nianci for the first time. She didn't possess seductiveness like that of his Aunt Minyi's and also didn't possess the image of a career woman like that of his godmother, Yang Shimin. Instead. She had the image of a household woman, the image of a good wife and a loving mother. She was gentle with him and loved him quite dearly.

The impression she gave was unlike the noble temperament of his mother, Lin Huiyin. Su Nianci gave off a feeling of a humble, sweet-tempered and virtuous woman. The youth's heart became chaos incarnate in an instant. He felt that he might possess a different kind of emotion towards this woman, but he understood very well that this was his father's woman. He could only think of her in his heart silently. To satisfy the urges in his heart, he even eavesdropped on her while she took a bath through the door in the evening and looked at her alluring figure through the glass, but he never had any wicked intentions towards her. After all, he was only 10 years old back then.

During his one-month internship here last year, he could sense the maternal love she showered him with. Although it couldn't be compared to maternal love from his birth mother, Lin Huiyin, it was a different kind of care. She treated him the same as her darling daughter, regarded him as her own child and wished to let him genuinely sense this family's warmth. Although Lin Tianlong still addressed her as 'Aunt,' he had already begun to treat this 'Aunt' as a 'Little Mother.'

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