Mama's Tits — Chapter 6

It didn't take much time to return home yet it felt as long as a century to me.

I was hoping to take the relationship between mama and me a step further, but I never thought... that I'd mess everything up by rushing things.

Worry, anxiety, uneasiness, and the like, these negative emotions had flooded my heart. Facing mama who didn't speak a word, I felt like a death row convict waiting for execution.

However, what's supposed to come will come.

The entrance got shut with a bang. I lowered my head like a defeated stray dog and followed behind mama into the house.

Both of us, parent and child, sat down on the sofa inside the living room. Mama had her hands crossed across her curvaceous chest. I lowered my head while thinking of a saying - The calm precedes the arrival of a storm.

"Little Wei..." After a while, mama finally opened her mouth...

"Why did you do that to mama?"

Mama's tone sounded very calm, but it was easy to figure out from the trembling of her body that she was suppressing her emotions right now.

I suddenly felt very unwell as I looked at mama's expressionless face. I was even willing to accept mama lashing me with a whip, but I didn't want to face this emotionless expression of hers.



Alright. I confess. I have fantasized about mama serving me while holding a whip and a candle.

Anyways, I didn't know how to answer her question. I had thought up several kinds of explanations on the way back home, but they were all thrown to the back of my mind. I could only bow my head with shame silently.

"Why? Tell me! Little Wei, why?"

Mama kept asking me why and she became more and more agitated each time she asked it.

My mind went blank until I heard a 'Boom' sound at my ears. I lost my cool! 'Why' she asks?

Are you asking about <Alibuda's Chronicles> which I tried to tempt you with a few days ago?

Or are you asking about how I stole your black silk panties and used them to masturbate?

Or are you asking about why I jizzed at your butthole within the swimming pool today?

All these have a single answer... ...

It's because my desires warped my mind.

It's because you used your sensual naked body to entice your son!

You, this big-breasted voluptuous woman are the source of this disaster!

"What are you saying?!" Mama became embarrassed. Her face changed colors while her chest heaved up and down which was followed by a slapping sound. Five deep, scarlet finger marks appeared on my cheek immediately.

Once she slapped me, mama panted in anger. After a moment, she regained her rationality. She saw the palm print on my cheek and apologized hurriedly, "L-Little Wei, mama didn't do it intentionally..."

"It doesn't matter, mama..."

Since we had already fallen out, the reason didn't matter. The stabbing pain on my cheeks was telling me that this was my final chance.

I looked straight at mama calmly. Mama began to feel weirded out by my gaze and retreated a step backward, but she seemed to have forgotten that the sofa was behind her. She dropped onto the sofa.

I stared at mama's face and used the most earnest expression I've ever made in my life to confess to her... ...

"Mama I love you!"

"It isn't the love between a parent and a child but rather the love between a man and a woman!"

"Mama, no matter whether you believe me or not, I want you. I don't want anyone else other than you!!"

Time seemed to stop in that split second as she heard me, her son, confess his deep love for her. Mama stared at me in a daze. After a few minutes passed by, she finally reacted by pushing my hand aside to escape from my side in a fluster.

"Y-You... I'm your mother!" Mama shouted at me while feeling embarrassed and angry. "In my eyes, you're only a woman brimming with charm!" I retorted without hesitation. After hearing my reply, mama's originally pale face turned red for a short while again.

"T-This is wrong!" Mama's tone softened down as she pleaded, "Little Wei, I'm begging you to wake up. We're parent and child! The outside world won't allow it!"

Oh? The outside world won't allow it? It looks like there's hope!

"Mama, so you're saying that as long as others don't know about it, it's fine for us to love each other, right?"

"N-No, mama didn't mean that..." Mama shook her head vehemently.

"What did you mean then?"

Taking advantage of a victory to pursue and attack - this was one of the simple battle tactics.

"I... I... Mama just meant th..." Mama was at her wits' end.

"If you or I never spoke of this matter, who will know that I've fallen in love with my mother?"

"B-But... It won't end well if an outsider becomes aware of it. T-This is incest!" Mama stated shyly.

I replied firmly, "I don't care! It's doesn't matter how others think; the most important thing is... If I can have you, I don't care about anything else!" I questioned her back, "Or is it that... mama hates me?"

"How could mama hate you!"

Mama took a deep breath.

"Did you know? Ever since your father left us, I've only loved one man in this world, and that is you - my son. Mama doesn't care no matter what happens! Mama isn't scared of anything, but I'm most afraid of anything happening to you. Mama... can't let you take a wrong step in life, let others gossip and accuse you of sin, and as a result harm your future..."

In that split second, I was so touched that I was left speechless! I could sense mama's deep love which considered me as her everything.

However, this only deepened my determination to obtain mama.

I wanted to let mama experience the happiness of a woman again. I wanted to use my body to repay mama for raising me with love till now!

In any case, there was no use crying over spilled milk. The cards were out in the open entirely between us mother and child now... I have to force mama till the last's straw.

I have to make her break free of all unnecessary apprehensions.

I slowly gazed at her. Mama didn't even dare to move as she hugged her chest, just like a helpless little girl who didn't know what to do. She evaded my invasive gaze subconsciously while her cheeks blushed prettily.

I stretched my hand to raise mama's chin.

"Actually... Mama, you also want me, right?"

"Mama doesn't understand what you're talking about." Mama pushed my hand aside and continued to act stupid.

"Oho?" A slight grin rose up on my face.

I quickly stripped off my shorts in front of mama. That large guy inside the underwear which was already hard from the excitement jumped out, exposing that long, thick rod as well as that hot glans covered in precum at the tip.

"Little Wei, what are you doing?" Mama covered her mouth while her eyes grew wide as she looked at my impressive dick with astonishment.

"Mama, did you know? I always go hard each time I see you! I've been masturbating every day recently! I masturbate at least five times each day! I think... you ought to also know... the identity of the person I fantasize while masturbating? That's right; it's you! My mama!"

A son had presented the most undisguised, immoral confession towards his mother. Hehe~ Mama, don't think I didn't notice the gleam hidden in your eyes when you saw my dick.

"I know that you were peeping as I masturbated every day. You looked at me masturbate from the doorway sneakily... What were you doing back then? Wasn't it because you too wanted me? Don't you want this big dick to fill your little hole?"

I intentionally shook my lower body to make that 200% enlarged huge penis display its grand erectness in front of mama.

"Little Wei, how can you say such words to mama?!" Mama was embarrassed and angry, yet she didn't move her sight away from my dick.

That steaming penis, curly pubic hair as well as the faint fishy stench in the air was all to the liking of this mature woman who hadn't felt the feeling of rain for a long time. All of it seemed like a stifling temptation.

"Slut, there's no need for you keep acting. You want it, right?!"

My tone turned exceptionally severe. I almost yelled, "What kind of swimsuit did you wear today? Such a revealing bikini! Weren't you trying to seduce me??!!"

Saying so, I crudely pushed away mama's hands which were hugging her chest then pulled the neck section of her T-shirt down. As the T-shirt tore into pieces, those magnificent, matchless, bouncy breasts jiggled up and down due to my rough treatment; that fair skin got exposed outside.

"Aaaah~~!" Mama cried out in alarm then pushed me back. She covered her chest with her arms as she escaped towards the second floor.

I remained composed and looked on helplessly while letting mama leave. It was because I noticed that mama's skin flushed due to the excitement and as she escaped upstairs, the gap between her thighs glistened unusually.


Mama, you won't be able to escape from my hands today~~ XD.

I sat on the sofa then turned the TV on while mindlessly changing the channels.

Although I had thrown away all the fetters binding me and laid the cards down towards mama, my heart wasn't as calm as the tranquilness I showed on the surface. Right now, my heart was pounding at very rapidly due to the slight excitation as well as worry for the future, yet I also felt a little hollow after releasing all my feelings.

I was hesitating about when I should go upstairs and how I should confront mama.

I believed that mama also had feelings for me.

This was a grand bet between a mother and her child.

My hand was high, yet it was also my only bargaining chip. I was betting that mama's love for me would prevail over everything else.

I arrived outside mama's room...

Unexpectedly, the door before me wasn't closed but instead open slightly.

The former determined, bold and aggressive me unknowingly hid there again. After the excitement turned insipid, I returned to that obedient, thoughtless young virgin again, and didn't dare to barge in openly. Weak lighting appeared out of that door gap. I tiptoed over there and kneeled there in a practiced manner to peep at mama through the gap.

Mama was sitting at the dressing table while being lost in thought.

Her slender arm was on top of the table, supporting her chin. The mirror reflected those perfect features of mama's face. The blush on her cheeks hadn't disappeared yet and made mama's pretty face look even more charming. Mama's expression was a little blank, yet it didn't affect her charm at all. On the contrary, it gave rise to a strange desire in my heart.

Mama's upper body was naked, and due to the angle, I could only see mama's plump breasts from a 45 degrees side angle. Mama had already removed the hair band she was wearing, so her luscious jet-black hair remained scattered on her shoulders currently and made her fair, tender neck look even more alluring.

The shorts which mama had taken off laid beside the dressing table. Mama was completely nude except for those aqua-blue panties she wore right now. Her slender, pretty thighs possessed the most unparalleled smoothness in this universe and were much more perfect than that of those top models in TV. If those legs wore different kinds of stockings, they would no doubt become the sacred artifact of stocking fetishists.

I narrowed my eyes to focus at those snowy, round buttocks which squeezed onto the chair's pad slightly due to her body weight. Those peaches seemed like they would squeeze out delicious juices. This beautiful body was worth it for me to disregard everything else. As I appreciated mama's half-naked body, I felt my lower body become restless again. My dick grew so hard that it felt like it'd explode.

Mama, you're truly a dangerous siren!

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