Mama's Tits — Chapter 5

"Little Wei, do it together with mama."

"I don't want to, Mama."

"Silly child, there's no need to feel shy."

"Boo hoo~~ Mama, it's quite embarrassing!"

"One Two Three Four, hoo hah~~."

At the edge of the pool, mama guided me to perform warm-up exercises while counting the numbers with her sweet voice without caring about the gazes of others. The pitiful me - a grand senior high school student - was drowned by mama's maternal love. Under everyone's gazes, I got treated like a kindergarten baby.

However, though I had fallen to the shame-filled hell, my eyes had feasted to their delight, enjoying that delicious creamy banquet. It was the highest grade to boot...

"One Two Three Four~ Five Six Seven Eight~~."

Mama turned her slender waist while moving her arms left and right. Those magnificent tits on her chest needed no description. They bounced up and down like the waves of the ocean. Under the lighting, that silver bikini illuminated with dazzling ocean luster as those breasts swayed freely.

"One Two Three Four~ Five Six Seven Eight~~."

The sunshine reflected by mama's skin emphasized her splendid figure. As mama went through the motions of the exercise, her movements were so perfect that none could find fault with them, they looked evermore pleasing to the eyes and very sexy. Mama widened her slender legs apart and bent down to stretch. Simultaneously, her pretty ass rose up conspicuously which made me stretch out my neck to its limits until it hurt so that I could enjoy that rare beautiful scenery from the best angle.

"One Two Three Four~ Five Six Seven Eight~~."

The silver bikini-bottom was an extremely tight-fitting one. On the front, it covered that smooth underbelly which I slowly appreciated. Going below from the strings at the edge of the bottom, I could see the shape of the most mysterious part of mama's body outlined over it - Those curvy mounds which stuck out as she stretched were like steaming, delicious, juicy meat buns. Whenever mama turned her body, that small bottom naturally couldn't wrap up her entire butt and thus creased deeply in between her bouncy butt. That fragrant meat seemed to tempt me as those buttocks swayed before my eyes - It felt like my rationality would explode at any moment.

"One Two Three Four~ Five Six... Eh, Little Wei, why are standing there are in a daze?" Mama stopped her movements when she saw I was staring at her blankly.

"Oh. It's nothing!" I replied promptly after recovering my senses.

"You have to warm up properly, or else you'll pull a cramp," Mama revealed a charming smile and continued guiding me.

"Yes, Mama~."

After a moment, mama suddenly looked at me up and down doubtfully.

"Little Wei, you have to keep your waist straight! Why are exercising while slouching?"

"Eh... Yes, Mama!" Be that as it may, when I saw mama's giant tits sway as she turned to the front, I had no choice but to bend my waist lower again.

"Little Wei!" Mama reproached me.

"Yes, Mama!!"

It was hell...

... ... ... ... ...

Believe me. Doing exercises while trying to cover up my physiological reaction was really quite the trouble!

I somehow finished a set of warm-up exercises together with mama after which she finally allowed me to go down into the water. I almost frantically plunged into the pool.

Hoooh~ Feel great. I was at my limits!

The warm water made me relax my tensed up butt muscles, which liberated that huge dick which ached awfully due to being suppressed for so long. At this moment, that dick was 300% swollen hard which made me doubt if it would spurt semen with just a thought of it.

Just as I enjoyed the pleasure from the liberation of my dick, my heartless mama still wasn't ready to let me off. By contrast to how I entered the water crudely, mama did it evermore gracefully. She took one step after another on the stairs as she got into the pool while slowly waving her arm. Matching with the flow of the pool water, in a flash, she walked to my side.

Mama bowed down to look at me while revealing a smile which exposed those cute canines of hers. This lovely expression of hers intoxicated me.

"Mama, what are you doing?" Feeling the somewhat unnatural gaze of hers, since my heart harbored wicked intentions, though I felt embarrassed, I returned mama's gaze.

"Little Wei, mama will check your skills. Come, let mama guide you from behind..."

Saying so, mama arrived behind me then hugged me tightly. Those tender arms gently embraced my shoulders while those soft breasts pressed against my back. Since mama wore a skintight bikini, it was very smooth under the water, so it almost felt as good as if she were hugging me naked.

If it were a few minutes ago, I'd have gladly welcomed this fortune of love, but right now, after having a sexual fantasy about mama while doing the warm-up exercises, with my current state, I couldn't allow this kind of provocation.

"Mama, don't! Others will laugh at us!" My heart bled as I said these words, but I had no choice other than shaking off my dear mama's hug.

But who could've imagined that mama had already let her mind free after coming to the swimming pool? She hadn't sensed I was acting strangely and pounced towards me, pressing my torso underwater while laughing, "Little Demon, is there a need to act shy? I'm your mama~."

I had hardly floated up to the surface, but hatefully, mama didn't comprehend the circumstances at all and was in the mood to have fun, so she acted even more excessively. She pushed my head underwater again and also stuck her body to me. Those breasts just happened to drop on the back of my head.

Oh My God~ This sensation of being squeezed!

I wished I could turn back and bury my face in mama's cleavage, but as I mentioned before, the current circumstances didn't allow me to face towards her. The sole reason for this was that huge rock-hard dick of mine which on the brink of exploding. It had already broken free from my control and stood erect majestically. The glans was peeking out of the swim trunks and pressing against my abdomen tightly.

"Stinky mama, stop with the fun!"


I fled underwater and separated from mama's control, but mama was unwilling to give up, so she immediately arrived behind me again and pressed her body onto me. Her tender skin stuck firmly to my naked back as that captivating fragrance of hers wafted beside my ears. Trying to suppress my physiological reaction while keeping my morality and rationality, I could only whine in my heart as I sunk into this bittersweet hell!

In the eyes of others, perhaps Mama and I looked like a pair of loving siblings having fun in the pool. Who could even think that, who would even believe that the sexy woman standing behind me was a mother who had given birth to two children?

"Mama, oohhh~."

There was a limit to the endurance of a man. After failing to break free from my mama's body for the nth time, I finally lost all reason...

Mama, you're the one who forced me!!

As my big-breasted mama planned to stick close to me from behind again, under the flames of lust, I decided to let grant her desire. I recklessly turned my body back and tightly hugged her from the front then suddenly buried my face into mama's chest.

Such a big movement had caused the water to splash up and go inside my nostrils, but before I choked on it, a sweet fragrance wafted into my nose. I did my utmost to sniff and enjoy this pleasant aroma which I had longed for a long time.

"Hehe~ Little Wei, it tickles!"

Mama was really slow in reaction. She hadn't sensed the difference in me and hadn't pushed me away. Her body merely trembled for a moment after which she giggled at me.

"Stinky mama, look how I tickle you now~~."

Taking something to the next level was my specialty. Since I decided to stake it all, I became quite calm. With the beauty before me in my embrace, I decided to take advantage of mama as much as possible!

Hehehe... I revealed a wicked smile in my heart as I snugly laid on mama's breasts. My evil claws reached for mama's body, attacking her at various positions.

My right hand slid down mama's waist and over her plump butt. Those five fingers stealthily went inside the edge of the bikini-bottom, moving all the while. With the words 'tickling' acting as the cover, my fingers slowly explored towards mama's butt, and touched that soft, bouncy, raw flesh.

My left hand was busy tickling mama's armpits, but in fact, I was using this opportunity to 'accidentally' touch the bare flesh of mama's breasts at the edge of the bra...

"Haha~ Little Wei... Stop! Heh... Hahaha~~~"

Since I was attacking a sensitive place, mama kept laughing without interruption. She was utterly clueless and unaware that her son was harboring obscene thoughts at this moment and using this method to feel up her body.

During all the fun, by the time mama had returned to her senses, I had already loosened her bikini. If I were to pull it lightly, that sexy area would be exposed completely.

"Hold on. It seems like mama's swimsuit is... Aaah~ Wahaha~~ Stinky Little Demon, stop it~~." Mama had sensed something was wrong, but I couldn't allow her to talk. My evil claws attacked mama fiercely once again!

I intentionally hugged mama while tickling her to shift her attention and slowly moved little by little towards the depths of the swimming pool. Both our bodies were underwater for the most parts now and not visible to others.

Right now, our posture had changed into me standing behind mama while sticking close to her. My hands were sliding up and down her body as I felt her up as much as I wished. As she had lost vigilance due to her attention being diverted by me successfully, she hadn't even sensed that my girthy dick which was exposed out from the swim trunks was deep inside the fold between her buttcheeks which were flashing out due to me half-stripping her bikini-bottom. My dick throbbed with an increasing pulse each second.

"Mama, I'm sorry. I can't endure anymore~!"

I laid my head on mama's shoulders while confessing at her ears with a soft voice.


Mama had finally sobered up with this. As she was suspicious of something, she thought of breaking free from my hug right now, but it was already too late.

There was no turning back!

In the next second, I acted like I wasn't careful and pulled the bikini bounding those large breasts then felt up the breast flesh with my crude palm, enjoying the sensation it gave. After enduring for long, I suddenly shoved my dick into mama's butt cleavage, pressing it against mama's tender butthole... Thick and hot semen spurted out non-stop.

After bursting out all the semen, I took deep gasps behind mama. Mama's body had also gone limp while her face blushed red like a tomato. If it weren't for me hugging her, she would've probably sunk to the bottom of the pool. After a moment, I felt mama tremble slightly in my embrace. She suddenly turned back, with her pretty face just 3 cm far from me, her tone seemed angry as she spoke to me coldly. "Little Wei, let go of mama!"

After cumming, I had finally regained my senses from my hot-headedness. Filled with immeasurable remorse, when I felt the anger in mama's tone, I was scared stiff. I didn't dare to disobey her. I immediately let mama go and handed her the bikini tangled around my wrist in passing.

Mama hid behind me while she silently wore the bikini. She stretched her hand underwater, probably to fix the bikini-bottom which I had half-stripped to below her buttocks.

Mama took a deep breath then ordered me with a shivering voice, "Little Wei, we're returning home."

I slowly followed behind mama while swimming towards the edge of the pool just like a convict waiting for the court trial.

Ugh~ What the fuck did I do!

I messed up everything this time by rushing things!

Remorse filled my heart as I followed mama towards the locker rooms.

However, when I lowered my head, I discovered that due to mama's unnatural pace, as her buttocks moved from side to side, a milky white liquid flowed down her thighs from the gully down her bikini bottom. As the light reflected from the water on the mama's wet body, as well as the white liquid, the scene looked exceptionally lewd.

My dick which had just spurted with unprecedented intensity began to turn restless and stood up again.

Wuh... ...

I really... ... don't regret it... ...

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