Mama's Tits — Chapter 4

All I could do was wait. It felt like time was flowing very slowly and finally, Saturday had arrived.

"A date with mama!"

Though these words sounded inappropriate, going to have fun at a swimming pool with a sexy woman would make anyone look forward to it with high expectations.

I got up from the bed and looked at the clock. It was 11:30 AM.

Mama had left at dawn today, and according to our promise, I should be leaving for the club to receive mama. The both of us will then go to that newly opened indoor swimming pool.

After freshening up in a hurry, I grabbed the swimming trunks, towel as well as a pair of clothes to change into and stuffed them all inside the bag. I impatiently ran out of the house and reached the destination 15 minutes before the date time.

"Little Wei eh? It's been a long time. Did you grow taller?" I hardly stepped inside when a tall, lovely middle-aged woman standing in front of the desk came over towards me and greeted me.

"Hello, Aunt Lin." I greeted her in return courteously.

The woman before me was the manager of this club. Mama was a frequent visitor of this club, and as I had accompanied her here once in the past, most of the staff knew me. As the image of the exercise club, the manager, Aunt Lin, was also quite the beauty. Her age wasn't much lesser than mama's yet her figure was something else entirely. She was 165 cms tall, had beautiful breasts which were at least D cup, and also had slender, sexy legs... Naturally, all this still couldn't compare to my ravishingly beautiful mama.

After hearing my greeting, Aunt Lin knocked my forehead angrily, "Stinky Little Demon, don't overdo it with your words. Don't call me an 'Aunt.' Come~ Call me Sis Lin."

"Agh, what are you doing? It hurts, Aun... Sis Lin." Seeing Aunt Lin... No.. Sis Lin raise her fist again, I corrected the address promptly.

Aunt Lin patted my head quite happily. As she looked at me sulk while she caressed my head, she couldn't help but laugh out. She took a can of cola from the freezer beside the front desk and handed it over to me while asking happily, "Little Wei, are you waiting for your mother?"

"Mhm.." Since my forehead didn't hurt anymore, my anger had also dissipated mostly. I took the cola from Sis Lin and opened the can inelegantly and took a gulp joyfully. I nodded at her while asking, "Sis Lin, do you know when mama will come out?"

"Your mother should be...Ei... I was just talking about it, and she's out... Sister Zhang, over here!" Sis Lin was about to reply, but her brows arched up suddenly after which she waved towards someone behind me while waving her hand. I followed her line of sight and turned back to see my mama come out from the corridor after finishing exercising.

Unlike my friend's mothers', my mama didn't like to wear perfume. After exercising, mama was releasing a faint fragrance. Even though she was a bit far from me, I could smell that fresh and pleasant natural body fragrance of hers. Although mama had wiped the sweat on her face already using a towel, a few drops of sweet dew were still dripping from her hair, and they made her look all the more charming when paired with her slightly blushing cheeks.

Mama had pretty long hair which she had tied into a youthful ponytail with an aqua-blue ribbon. She wore a black Nike T-shirt which constrained her magnificent boobs. She wore skin-colored tight-fitting shorts which exposed her plump, snowy thighs as well as those legs of perfect proportions outside. Her tender feet were naked with those cute toes sticking out at the front of the sandals. All these made mama look very young. As I took all this into view, I noticed a trace of envy well up on Sis Lin's face.

"Sister Zhang, you look pretty young! Hmm... Is Little Brother Wei really your son?"

"So annoying. Huimei, you really love to joke around." Mama revealed an embarrassed expression while pushing Sis Lin's shoulder.

"Hehe~ Sister Zhang, you look adorable when you act shy." Sis Lin took another jab at her. After that, both of them poked fun at each other like this for a moment.

While I stood at the side silently, I suddenly had this thought. Sis Lin addressed mama as if they were of the same generation, then what position did I, this convenient little brother, have? It was really out of place, but I still felt quite happy as mama hadn't corrected Sis Lin's words. To a person like me who minded such things, even if it were merely for this split second, I felt like the relationship between both of us was in a state where we were equal in status.

"Aaah! Little Wei, you're here! I'm sorry. Did you wait for a long time?" After chatting with Sis Lin for a moment, mama finally took note of me who got ignored till now. She promptly brought her palms together as she apologized to me wittily. She acted so cheekily towards me in front of others. Hehe~ This is why mama was so adorable.

"Yes! Bad mama, Stinky mama, my legs are almost dead from waiting!" I pretended to be angry.

Although she knew I was mostly kidding, mama revealed a worried expression. "Your legs hurt? Are they injured?"

"They really hurt. Mama, I want a hug!!" I seized the opportunity to hug mama and experienced the softness of mama's huge breasts with my chest while sniffing her body fragrance as much as possible.

"Shoo shoo shoo! Acting so shameless. Do you really want to behave like a spoiled baby in front of Sis Lin? Little Wei, how old are you now?!" Mama blamed me not knowing whether to laugh or cry as she pushed me away gently. As I had gained enough benefits, I naturally retreated obediently.

"The relationship between you two, mother and child, is very good~." Sis Lin's willowy brows furrowed together as she nibbled her forefinger with a look of a woman with a grudge. This look really made mama smile.

"Haha~ Huimei, stop joking!" Perhaps because she remembered something, after smiling, mama's face blushed as she peeked down towards my face secretly.

At this time, I suddenly noticed Sis Lin gaze at mama then look at me. Her eyes narrowed as she revealed a strange smile on her face. Her expression seemed to imply something.

Although I didn't know what Sis Lin was thinking, precisely because I didn't know, my heartbeat sped up.

Did she figure out something??

After parting with mama at the locker room, as I was already quite impatient, I stripped my clothes at the speed of light (Please imagine the classic stripping scene done by Jim Carrey in the movie ~). I changed into the triangle swim trunks and dashed towards the edge of the swimming pool to wait for mama.

After a few moments, a beauty wearing an incredibly sexy bikini came out of the changing room. That beauty's cute face, as well as devilish figure, were very familiar to me. Who else could it be except my dear mama?

Heavens! Mama was too bold~ I couldn't help but knead my eyes...

Is this really my mama, a 38-year-old woman who has given birth to two children?

It wasn't like I hadn't seen mama's naked body (I peeped a few times~) so I knew very well that mama looked much younger on the outside compared to her real age. However, I had never seen this sexy and uncovered body of mama openly.

It wasn't like I had never gone swimming together with mama, but in my impression, mama always acted quite conservative. I still remember she had a one-piece silk swimsuit with a skirt in her room!

But why...

Yes. That's right. Mama had worn a swimsuit which really resembled the sexy swimsuit worn by the western model on the calendar which was in my room. Moreover, it was the silver swimsuit with thin straps worn by Pamela who looked the hottest of all the models on the calendar.

I could dare to bet that if mama hadn't especially got it custom-made, it was impossible to buy this swimsuit domestically for a size which was even more formidable than what Pamela had worn.

That snowy chest which could make any man lose his mind, those beautiful breasts which made any regular man auto-complete the word 'sex' in their mind, those two lethal weapons which caused the thoughts of men to go wild - They defied gravity proudly while still possessing their curvaceousness. If squeezed lightly, they seemed like they would spurt out a jet of gushing milk from them. That beautiful, perfectly proportioned breast-type which looked like a magnum opus artwork was before my eyes right now.

After being dazzled by her, I returned to my senses with great difficulty. As I saw all dumbstruck gazes of all the men around the edge of the swimming pool, my eyes raked with gunfire as anger welled up inside me. I regretted setting up a date between mama and me at a public swimming pool which had allowed these unrelated people to benefit in vain.

Luckily, this swimming pool had opened just recently, and as they hadn't advertised properly, it wasn't that popular. Or else if this had happened at the crowded domestic public swimming pools, I fear I'd have died from the jealousy.

"What is it? Does mama look strange?" Although mama had gathered the courage to look like a sexy girl, she couldn't help but feel shy when she saw me look at her with a strange expression, so she asked me this question while fidgeting.

"Not at all. Mama looks much younger than usual!" I promptly buried the wicked thoughts in my mind as well as the flames of jealousy in my heart deep inside and complimented her.

"Hoh? Younger than usual? So you're saying mama doesn't look young usually!" Mama relaxed her breath after hearing my reply. After that, she pondered for a moment then pretended to be angry at me.

Mama, you're wrong. I hastily explained, "No way. Mama, don't get angry. You look quite young usually, it's just that you looked younger today..."

"Hehe~ Okie Dokie~ Mama was just kidding with you. Little Wei, come, mama will accompany you to do body warming exercises." Mama giggled then pulled my arm as she made for an empty spot at the edge of the pool.

Many gazes watched mama and me closely. I could feel the intense jealousy in the gazes of those beasts. I felt a lot better now and couldn't help but feel prideful. They can look all they want, but they couldn't do anything.

Mama was after all my mama, my mama alone.

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