Mama's Tits — Chapter 3

Though my relationship with mama had returned to the former intimate one, I was never able to forget the immoral appearance of mama from that night. During the daytime, I fantasized about her naked body, and in the night, I only dreamt of those giant mounds on mama’s chest.

My infatuation for mama had already reached an extreme stage.

Since I had decided to obtain mama, I began to ponder how I can go about achieving this.

To be able to fuck mama’s attractive honeypot, I racked my brains for several nights and came up with many plans. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of a good way which would allow me to get mama’s body honorably.

It wasn’t like I hadn’t thought of raping her, but with my 160cm height, as well as my thin and weak body, there would be no chances of success. Moreover, the target was my mama who I loved the most. I didn’t want to use such a forceful way to harm mama’s body.

Using knockout drops then raping her - this idea sounded pretty good. However, even if I had a way to buy drug-rape pills like FM2, mama wasn’t a naive virgin. It was impossible for me to drug mama all her life, and it was also hard to say where the matter wouldn’t get exposed after the deed was over.

Unfortunately, mama didn’t have the habit of drinking wine else spiking the wine then raping mama might’ve been a good method.

Actually, what I wished for most was for mama to willingly and happily make love with me. Each night, I would stick my dick inside mama’s pussy, lie on her chest, and go to sleep while using her plump breasts as a pillow.

Needless to say, I was overthinking things as these were just my delusions.

Ordinarily, mama never bothered about small matters at home and wore comfortable clothes so it would seem like there were many chances to get intimate, but as a son who lived with my mama while depending on each other, I knew very clearly that she was quite a traditional woman. Under any normal circumstances, if the ethical concepts of human relationships in the world were taken into consideration, it just wasn’t realistic for mama to take the initiative in proposing her love towards me, her son. Wishing for mama to willingly and happily make love with me? This was an impossible mission.

Only, since things had reached this stage, even if it was Mission Impossible, I wanted to give it a try. Even if my wish of mama taking the initiative to have sex with me was an impossible mission, looking at it from a better perspective, making mama half-willingly comply with my desires, then tempting mama into having sex with me wasn’t impossible at all, right?

In the end, mama was also a woman, and from her appearance, she didn’t look like a frigid old woman who had hit the menopause, so I believed mama would be interested in my young and girthy dick.

I’m not trying to boast but although my height wasn’t like my elder sister who had inherited mama’s height genes (Mama’s height was 170 cm, and my elder sister’s height was 172 cm), just like how my mama’s chest had those lethal giant weapons, though I was thin and short, the size of that thing which I had down there far surpassed that of what young men my age had on average - When it was erect, my penis length would reach 18 cm and the size of the glans was as big as an egg. It was a lethal weapon which a palm couldn't fit.

“Before I tempt mama, maybe I should probe out mama’s intentions?” The grand plan which I had devised had finally concluded.

After gathering the courage to face my sexual desires bravely, I decided to bet on the fact that mama was a traditional Chinese woman who was the type that wouldn’t dare to expose such a family scandal thoughtlessly. Hence I decided to begin implementing my plan to entice mama fearlessly.

Once I returned home after the classes ended, I took out the adult novels - Dragon Warrior, Alibuda, etc... - which I had locked up deep in the drawer and placed them in the most conspicuous region at the bookshelf. Adult doujinshi replaced the reference books on my desk, and a poster of a lovely nude girl became the brightest and beautiful decoration in my room.

I knew that mama entered my room every few days to take the dirty clothes. I was really looking forward to the agitated, embarrassed, and adorable expression on mama’s face when she sees my collection.

Late into the night, I took out an adult DVD and contrary to how I acted sneakily, I confidently left the room’s door wide open and set the volume high. From the computer, the voice of that famous AV actress shouting dirty words seemed exceptionally clear in the dead of night.

I threw my shorts aside then stripped my boxers down to the floor carelessly, exposing that sleeping dragon below outside brazenly. In my delusions, the face of the AV actress was replaced by mama’s promiscuous appearance as I masturbated wantonly. A while after I played the AV, I took a peek towards the door. A shadow flickered there. There was no doubt mama had arrived there after hearing the sounds.

“Mama, what are you afraid of?” My palm crudely fapped my fully hard dick faster. “Come inside! Scold me, admonish me or for god’s sake stop me from masturbating! Why don’t you enter my room boldly?!”

As I drowned in the pleasure of masturbating, an obscene smile rose upon my face. All of this was within my expectations - At this moment, an expression of shock dyed mama’s face who was peeping from behind the door. Seeing her son’s dick with her own eyes, seeing him relieving himself so unbearably, her heart would inevitably feel conflicted and agonized. This was the purpose I wanted to achieve. I wanted to confess my love towards mama and wanted her to feel my yearning for her.

Thinking that mama was peeping at every moment of mine, I felt double the pleasure from masturbation and thus acted more carefreely.

Before the climax hit me, I turned my body to the side and deliberately faced a little towards the doorway, revealing that rock-hard, huge dick which stood erect like an anti-aircraft gun.

“Mama, mama…” Along with the obscene moans of the woman coming from the speakers, I picked up the photo frame from the desk - which had a photograph of mama and me posing together - and used it as an item for fantasizing while murmuring ‘mama’ in a low voice.

By listening carefully, just as expected, a ragged gasp could be heard from outside which was immediately followed by the sounds of hurried footsteps going farther away. On this side, thick semen shot across mama’s face on the photo. I couldn’t help but look upwards with a smile on my face.

Haha. Mama was really embarrassed and had to flee! But she definitely should’ve seen everything just now, and that scene must’ve burned into her memory.

After that, on the following nights, compared to my sneaky actions before, masturbating while mama was peeping at me felt more refreshing and addicting. Each consecutive night, mama would stay outside my room longer than the previous night, almost until the entire process ended. She voluntarily came to peep from outside my room at her beloved son who desired his mama. Due to this, I couldn’t control my excitement and did my utmost to blast a load of cum in the presence of mama.

On the morning of the next day, I would go downstairs as if nothing had happened at all and eat the delicious breakfast mama prepared for me. On mama’s pretty, charming face, she revealed a warm smile which was full of familial love towards me just as usual. But whenever I hugged mama gently, at the moment our bodies touched each other, I could sense mama’s body tremble unnaturally.

At the dining table, as I peeked at the shy expression on mama’s face which seemed like she wanted to say something yet hesitated to say it, I felt it was quite amusing in my heart.

My plan had at least half-succeeded. Mama really didn’t dare to mention what she saw each night to me. And this meant that I could act even more boldly and freely while relieving myself. With each day that passed by without mama exposing me, I acted more and more excessively.

I decided to throw caution to the wind as my blood boiled with the flames of sin. “I must force mama until the last straw.”

And right now, what I needed was a turning point which would destroy the mother and child relationship between the two of us.

“Mama, are you free on Saturday?”

At the dining table, I asked this question with a flat tone yet I was really looking forward to mama’s reply inwardly.

“A new indoor swimming pool has opened up nearby, and the fee they charge is quite cheap too. I heard that the place is pretty good. Can we go there for swimming together?”

“Saturday huh…” Mama clasped her chin with her hand as she pondered over it. That cutesy young girl-like look she assumed immediately made me crazier for her.

“I can’t say for sure. I think there’s a lot of housework to do on Saturday.”

“Mama, don’t you just go to the gym on weekends? I’ll wait for you to finish then we can go there together!”

“Your son will help you wipe the floor and do laundry on Sunday!” I added.

Mama liked to look attractive. She, who was 38 years old this year, usually wore fashionable clothes and also placed great effort and care into maintaining her young appearance. That’s why she regularly went to a women’s exercise club on the weekends to keep her figure slim.

“Mhm, okay then…” After being urged by me, mama decided she might as well candidly comply with my wishes. After that, she looked at me doubtfully, “Little Wei, didn’t you hate swimming? How come you want to invite mama to accompany you to the pool suddenly?”

“T-That’s because the weather’s too hot recently. I wanted to go swimming as well. It doesn’t look good when I refuse my classmates each time they invite me to the beach.” I replied while feeling guilty and revealed a smile to mask my expression as I gave out a laugh.

Although I used a makeshift excuse, luckily, mama didn’t suspect it much. She urged me to finish the meal quickly then entered the kitchen to take care of the odd jobs.

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