Mama's Tits — Chapter 2

In the following few days, the relationship between me and mama returned to that formerly cold and indifferent relationship. Moreover, it was much worse than before. I’d leave for school early in the morning and return home after classes ended. Except for dinnertime, I cooped up inside my room all the time.

Mama knew she had made a mistake - Granted if she knew her son was secretly relieving himself, a child’s face was thin so she shouldn’t have pointed it out face-to-face. She always looked at me with an apologetic gaze, but as I refused to face her when I was at home, mama couldn’t find the right opportunity to apologize to me.

Actually, I wasn’t angry at mama at all.

I didn’t have the face to see mama.

Mama’s words made me subconsciously realize that she had seen through me - her son - who had improper thoughts about her recently. Ever since mama exposed the matter of me masturbating in the room secretly, I sealed all the AVs and adult doujinshi in my drawer. To avoid having immoral fantasies about mama, I began to moderate the number of times I relieved myself and tried to interact with mama as less as possible.

Although I am a bit of a vulgar person, I’m the type who is perverted yet doesn't dare to pursue my sexual urges.

If… that matter hadn’t happened later, perhaps I would’ve gradually renounced the beautiful piece of meat known as my mama.

After finishing half my homework in the evening, I had an urge to piss, so I rushed out of the room and liberated my bladder. As I returned from the toilet gleefully, I passed by mama’s room and discovered that the door was open considerably. The voice of mama humming a popular song was audible from within the room.

Impelled by curiosity and going through a struggle in my heart, in the end, I couldn’t endure it and tip-toed stealthily towards the door. I peeped through the gap and saw mama sitting in front of the makeup table as she dried her wet hair. It seemed like she had just taken a bath. She wore a light, low-cut sleeveless shirt. Her pair of tender arms were glowing while releasing faint steam. Outside, I felt like I could smell the ecstatic fragrance on mama’s body. Her tender skin seemed to ooze with alluring pheromones.

Due to the angle, I could only peep at her side view. Although I couldn’t appreciate her lovely face, it didn’t matter as this would make it difficult for mama to discover me, her son, and I could conveniently fulfill the desire of peeping at her which I harbored deep in my heart.

Her body proportions came into view as I peeped at mama from the side. Compared to the inference I had made in the past, I arrived at an astonishing conclusion. She had a slender neck and a thin waist. Especially the curves of her chest, those plump, juicy boobs. They undoubtedly possessed an excellent elasticity and were able to contend against earth’s gravity without drooping at all.

I narrowed my eyes to look carefully, and because mama had her hands up to dry her hair, a gap had opened up at her underarm which exposed her breasts. Even though she was wearing a pink silk bra, they couldn’t hide her enormous tits and left most of that juicy meat visible outside.

Her armpits had a sparse amount of trimmed hair which curled together. In my eyes, their effects were much higher than that of a miraculous aphrodisiac. They were goddamn sexy! I was submerged in the waves of lust with just a look and wished I could get a closer look.

Mama let her hair hang down while still humming a song I didn’t know as she combed her hair. That appearance of hers reflected in the mirror was very charming. She picked up a bottle of skin care lotion from the table rack and moistened her palm with it then applied it over her face evenly. After that, she proceeded to do the same for her arms and thighs.

As I followed the movements of mama’s hands, I was shocked to discover that mama was wearing an extremely thin aqua-blue thong. Her buttcheeks were almost entirely in plain view in front of me. Wow! When did mama buy this sexy pair of panties which were practically considered a fetish product?

Hmm, let it be. Now is not the time to ponder about this… I shook my head and threw this trivial question to the back of my head.

My gaze returned to mama’s body and I focused all my attention on her as I eye-raped my mama who I loved the most. Mama took care of her figure very well. Though she was a 30-year-old mature married woman, her skin was as tender as a girl who was ten years younger. Moreover, she also had a fair and curvaceous butt which had almost squeezed to looking like a semi-circle due to her body weight. That soft flesh seemed as delicious as a tasty pudding.

I couldn’t help but put my hand inside my shorts then grip that already rock-hard big dick and started to masturbate. I fantasized about sticking my dick in between mama’s butt and also about fucking her luscious cunt then rubbing the glans drenched in semen and sex fluids from mama’s pussy against her butt.

“Mama… Mama…” I shouted in my heart with the hope that this fanatical love of mine will reach through to her heart.

“Mama, do you know that your most beloved son is gradually falling into hell because of you?”

As mama lotioned her slender, pretty legs, my eyes were bloodshot as I made mama the target of my sexual fantasy. The pace with which my left hand fapped my dick increased a notch and at the moment I was on the verge of ejaculating, mama stopped her hand’s movements and my hand also subconsciously followed her and stopped.

It seemed like mama had finished her skin care.

Right as I thought what a pity it was, in the mirror, mama suddenly poked her plump chest with her finger through the shirt. After that, she stretched her waist and stripped her upper body of her clothing. Just like that, all of mama’s fair bosom got exposed outside.

As I was peeping from the door, my breath stopped in that instant, after which it became rushed again.

Mama cupped her enormous tits gently with her palms and looked like she was sitting there and appreciating them. From her expression, it was evident that she was also quite proud of her plump breasts.

Those dark red areolas as well as those perfect, mature red nipples and her huge fair breasts. They were like the three sections of a space shuttle. I felt the dick gripped by my palm get harder and hotter.

Right now, except for the thongs which were in the way, mama was completely nude before my eyes, just like a newborn baby. From the side of her thighs, the outline of her pussy under the aqua-blue thong was faintly discernible, and this made me even more crazy for her.

Mama picked up the lotion and squeezed a lot of it on her bosom. After that, she brought two of her fingers together and slowly applied the lotion over her breasts with circular motions. Those slow and captivating, sexy movements made me wish I could replace mama’s hands and personally massage those giant tits which every man yearned for in their dreams.

At this very moment, I became conscious that I was committing a crime and even began to loathe myself.

“This is all mama’s fault!”

“Yes! It’s all due to those huge tits she has!!”

As my left hand’s movements became faster, I couldn’t help but arrive at the most logical reasoning.

I am just an ignorant young adolescent man. Doing such a sinful thing like masturbating while peeping at my biological mother was all due to mama. She’s the bad one who always keeps enticing me with the way she acts in front of me.


While massaging her breasts, mama’s fingers carelessly touched her sensitive nipples, which resulted in her giving out a repressed moan.

After experiencing that feeling once, mama’s pretty face blushed faintly. Next, her fingers moved to the center of her breasts and circled the areola as she kneaded them.

I could see how those breasts which were full of a fantastic elasticity as mama’s fingers touched her extremely soft breasts. The peaks of her breasts were hidden, and as she gradually kneaded them, they changed shape, and those nipples bloomed out from their buds due to the stimulation from their owner’s excitation. Mama also kept moaning softly during this process.

“T-This is… really too seductive! Mama… Why do you entice me this way?! Do you really want your son to fall to a stage beyond redemption?” I soliloquized in my heart and confessed angrily.

“Aaah… Mhhmm… Aaahh…”

Mama’s fair breasts were covered with lotion long ago and glistened with a luster. However, mama’s moans kept increasing in frequency and had already begun to turn sultry.

Mama’s hands covered her huge bosom as she massaged her tits wildly, and even close to ravaged them. The gaps between her fingertips revealed that tender flesh which seemed to be squeezed under her the grip of those fingers.

That seductive appearance of mama was… really too immoral! It was more alluring than all of the actresses I had seen in AVs. It was much sexier. Especially the fact that identity of the person before my eyes who I was raping with my eyes was none other than my mother who I’ve respected and loved the most for the past sixteen years - which had an immoral factor of incest - brought an unexplainable stimulation which was then replaced by a pleasurable sensation.

I was so excited that I almost went crazy while rubbing my dick, so much that I felt pain from it.

I realized that my dick was already on the brink of exploding!

“Won’t do. I can’t make a sound else mama will discover me!” I warned myself in my mind as I was about to shout as I reached the climax.

I held my dick firmly and withdrew from the doorway hurriedly. I couldn’t dare to look at mama’s body anymore, so I sprinted back to my room. There was a reason for it. I knew that if I just took another glance at her, there was a possibility that I won’t be able to control myself and might run into her room and rape her.

After returning to my room, I took off my shorts immediately and faced the wall. Recalling that extremely hot appearance of mama which I peeped at just now, I masturbated with my all. After a few seconds, a bucket load of jizz shot against the wall with quite the force behind it.

I gasped for air and almost fell to the floor yet I wasn’t able to forget that appearance of mama.

Early morning…

“Mama, I’m going to school!”

“Oh! Little Wei, did you remember to carry your lunch money? And remember to return home once the classes end.”


Every day before I went to school, I had a similar dialogue with mama, but… today would never be the same as usual.

I slowly approached mama who was washing dishes in the kitchen and hugged her by the waist from behind. Following that, I gave a soft peck on her cheeks in a natural manner.

“What are you doing, Little Wei?” Mama turned back to look at me with astonishment all over her face.

I returned her gaze with a pure one and said with a smile, “To the mama who I love the most, this is a good morning kiss~.”

Mama’s face blushed as she scolded me cutely, “Smelly little demon, you’ve grown up yet act so naughtily.”

Although mama spoke such words, I could make out that she was delighted that I treated her intimately like I usually did.

“Little Wei, be careful on the way. And pay attention to the classes~.” Mama struggled free from my hug and patted my head while warning me.

“Mhm. I know that, Mama~.”

My indolent mama didn’t know that the way her dearest son looked at her wasn’t the way a son looked at a mother in a typical family, but rather that of how a man looked at a woman, the purest and primal way - undisguised lust.

I finally decided to obtain what I wanted…

Mama, the one I want is you!!

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