Mama's Tits — Chapter 1

My name is Zhang Wei, currently studying in 11th grade.

Average grades and average looks, with a short height of 160 cm as well as a thin and weak build, it’s expected that an unremarkable boy like me who has got nothing worthy of mentioning could be found anywhere on the streets. I’m just a young and inexperienced virgin.

Ever since I entered senior high, along with my body maturing, I also slowly began to take a great interest in this life form called a ‘woman.’ Buns, Berries, Pussy… etc. These words only held an ordinary meaning to me before, but now, they were like a treasure hidden behind a mysterious layer of black silk, brimming with a wretched enticement. Therefore… collecting AV became my hobby, masturbation became my specialty, and peeping on girls as they changed clothes for the sports class became the grand romantic adventure in my mind.

As I lamented my sad virgin life of 16 years, a realization dawned upon me recently. Actually, I’m a lucky guy who has received the care of heavens.

Because I have a beautiful mama.

My mama, Zhang Ru, is 38 this year.

My father passed away in a car accident when I was 9. He was a complete workaholic and had left behind a considerable amount of bank savings as well as insurance money, so mama was able to raise my elder sister who is 2 years older than me and me. For the past many years, mama has remained unmarried. She didn’t remarry and very rarely did she go out on dates with anyone. The reason for this was that my sister, Zhang Jie, graduated senior high last year then went to another province to study in a university. Therefore, my mama and I led a mutually dependent life together.

Mama was a smart woman who knew how to handle money. She used the inheritance left behind by my father and made many successful investments. Though I don’t know how much money she had earned, seeing that she didn’t need to work yet was still able to support our entire family by relying on the interest earned for a few months… I believe it ought to be a lot. Mama was actually quite careless and negligent in private daily life. Sometimes, it was as if her brain muscles weren’t functioning properly. The way she dressed at home usually seemed as if she considered me the spoiled brat who used to nestle in her bosom several years ago. She was utterly defenseless and unaware.

But fortunately, I awakened to my mama’s charm in the end. The trust and care she showed for me led to a brazen thought popping up in my mind. Maybe Mama was subconsciously trying to seduce me, her son, and this dressed so sexily. I turned the computer screen on again then put on the headphones. I moved the pointer towards the play button. That slut in the video was gasping for breaths as she kept straddling onto the man.

I semi-languidly gazed at the AV actress who was the no. 1 goddess in my mind until a few moments ago, but as I fapped faster with my left hand, that woman’s face slowly transformed into mama’s beautiful appearance. “Mhm! Mama… Mama… Aaaaahhhh… I love you, Mama!!”

Semen spurted out like a jet onto the toilet paper which I had wrapped around my glans with my palm. As I reached the climax, the pleasure zapped me with an electric shock-like sensation which traveled right to my brain and turned all my thoughts into zilch, only leaving behind mama’s smile as well as those ephemeral giant cow tits.

I went downstairs to the living room.

Mama was lazing around on the sofa while watching the news on TV, exuding a mature charm all over. Her skimpy clothing left a large part of her lovely body uncovered, exposing her fair skin outside, letting me feast upon them to the fullest. Those sexy curves, as well as her bootylicious ass, made my dick itch endlessly, making me wish I could violate that tender fair ass of hers without restraint, thrust my dick deep in and out of that gulch.

“Little Wei, are you done with homework?”

“Mhm. I’m done.” I replied absent-mindedly while my gaze was fixed on mama’s body.

“Little Wei, why don’t you sit down and watch some TV? Mama will go warm up the dishes for you.”

It seemed like Mama hadn’t taken note of my immoral, lustful gaze. She crawled up from the sofa, due to which her giant breasts which were suppressed under her body were finally liberated and rocked up and down, causing me to feel dazed.

“Such a terrifying jiggle power…” I praised internally. “If one were to say a woman’s breasts were weapons to deal with men, those milk cow titties were absolutely the most terrible lethal weapons on earth!”

Though I was fantasizing a thousand ways to violate mama’s bosom in my mind, I still replied back to her cleverly. “Mama, there’s no need to especially warm them up for me. I don’t mind if the food is cold. Anyways, the rice in the electric cooker would be still warm.”

After that, I walked forward and pulled onto mama’s hand intimately. “I want mama to feed me∼”

Mama poked my forehead, scolding me with a smile. “Shameless man, you’ve grown up so old yet still act spoiled like a child with mama? Hurry up and wait at the dining table. Mama will serve the food.”

Although mama refused me verbally, from what I could make out, she liked it when I acted like a spoiled kid in front of her. (During junior high, I was afraid of being called a brat who hid behind his mother’s ass, so the relationship between my mama and me gradually drifted apart…)

Mama arranged a big bowl of rice on the dining table and served a huge pile of dishes onto my plate. She then rested her chin on her hands while watching me eat with a beaming smile on her face.

After 15 minutes, unable to bear mama’s strange gaze, I couldn’t help but ask her. “Mama, why are you smiling at me like that?”

Mama smiled even wider, “Just because. I just feel delighted that my son has finally grown up.”


“Little Wei, you’ve… finally reached an age where… you’re interested in girls.”

Seeing the puzzled look on my face, mama spoke out some astonishing words.

“Recently… your room is full of a strange smell. There’s also a lot of crumpled tissue papers in your room… Also… you were doing that in your room just now, right?”

“Mama… I… that…” Her reply came for me like a bolt from the blue. I blushed up to my ears and couldn’t form any words.

“Don’t worry, Little Wei. Mama is an experienced person. Masturb… Relieving oneself is quite a regular matter at your age.” Mama gave an understanding smile to me then assumed the role of a mother again, “Little Wei, you must remember that everything must be done in moderation. If you do it excessively, it’ll harm your body.”

Mama’s face wasn’t that thick, so once she finished speaking these unsubtle words, she also blushed to the ears along with me.

An awkward mood suddenly pervaded the space between us. I could only speed up my pace of eating so that I could end this dinner time which had become hard to bear due to mama’s brainless words.


“Aaaahh… Aaahhhhh… あなた∼ (Dear) 気持ちいいだよ (It feels good!) Aaaahhhhh…” Inside a dark and damp room, spring was blooming without restraint. A beautiful and voluptuous young…

Chapter 2

In the following few days, the relationship between me and mama returned to that formerly cold and indifferent relationship. Moreover, it was much worse than…