City Lady-Killer — Chapter 15: French Restaurant

"It's all due to you. You told us you'd arrive early in the morning, so your godmother and aunt strived to buy a good restaurant! No matter how long we waited, you still hadn't come, so they had to leave first due to work. Linlin stayed for the entire morning, and your aunt also went home with her.  I called your number but it was unavailable, so we didn't know when you'll return. Mama hasn't even prepared food!" Lin Huiyin complained intentionally, but after her darling son hugged her arm, her anger vanished like smoke in the air.

"That's right! Though it wasn't evident on the surface, I could make out that Aunt was worried while waiting for you!" Cai Fangfang pinched the back of Lin Tianlong's hand lightly then pouted, "Aunt probably wouldn't have eaten food if you didn't return. I'd become the victim and have to starve together!"

"It's alright now. Tianlong has returned. If I let our Fangfang go hungry, it would be a sin as your aunt!" Lin Huiyin smiled lovingly.

"Tianlong, sister knows there's a French restaurant at Huaihaidong Road. Their steak will make your mouth water..."

"That sounds good to me! In the past two days that I've spent on the train and Flame Mountain, I haven't had anything good to eat..." Lin Tianlong replied while smiling. All of them happily got on Li Huiyin's red car.

After a few minutes, the car reached this specialized French restaurant located at Huaihaidong Road. Under the cordial welcome of the servers, the three of them quickly took a seat closest to the piano. Tianlong secretly gazed at these two ladies, his mother and cousin sister. He first looked at his cousin sister. He felt that Fangfang had become prettier. On her seat, she used her hand to arrange the long hair draped on her shoulders from time to time. She had a pair of beautiful, big eyes accompanied by curly, long eyelashes. Tianlong gazed at her glossy shoulders - the strapless light green top which just reached her waist emphasized her rosy skin. And whenever she spoke, the orderly teeth behind her juicy, scarlet lips were exposed. Those lips invoked lust within men and made them feel like tasting those tasty, sweet lips.

As for his mother, Lin Huiyin, she sat in a dignified and calm manner. Her legs were touching each other intimately while her voice was soft and clear like always. Her lustrous black hair and misty eyes were especially pretty. Though she was already in her middle age, she took excellent care of her skin, so it made her look like she was just over 30 years old at first glance.

Tianlong carefully observed these two family members of his who were dear to him. Even he felt like his mother and cousin didn't look like an aunt and niece but instead looked like a pair of sisters due to the resemblance in their appearance.

Before the main course arrived, his mother began to quietly recount how Tianlong had acted in his childhood and how naughty he was to Fangfang. Right now, Tianlong was fiddling with the knife and fork on the table and mistakenly dropped the knife under the dining table. When he stooped down to look for it, they both were occupied with reliving the memories, so they hadn't taken note of his movements.

This dining table was covered with a red velvet cloth. When Tianlong got under the cloth, the scene he witnessed made his heart go crazy. His mother and cousin both had a pair of slender and pretty legs. Opportunely, both of them had worn this year's flagship product from AS - snakeskin high-heeled shoes - which become quite popular. An exquisitely handmade thin belt buckle was tied on those pretty ankles. At the same time, matching transparent skin-colored crystal stockings which could captivate anyone brought out the outlines of those legs.

Lin Tianlong didn't dare to indecently peep at his mother who was close to a goddess in his mind as that would be akin to blasphemy. This youngster's eyes shone with a gleam at this moment. Under the dining table, he lustfully gazed at the location between his cousin's bent legs... This evoked an intense lust within his heart. Ever since he had become aware of things, he had become infatuated with the personal articles of women. Especially those transparent stockings and pointed high-heeled shoes which are worn by ladies. They made his body burn with the flames of lust.

Tianlong could feel his temple pulse throb due to the stimulation. As his gaze probed for those tempting panties under his cousin's skirt, a drop of sweat slowly slid down his forehead until his face. As he had already obtained a professional doctor's license from school, he had a deep understanding of his crazed interest which was close to an abnormal fetish, but he couldn't curb the urge he felt. Hence, he willingly let his carnal desires corrupt him until he began to enjoy the pleasure this vulgar hobby brought - something which others could never understand.

Suddenly, within this narrow space, his cousin carelessly changed her sitting posture. This allowed Tianlong to clearly see her firm, well-developed thighs. The edges of the stockings had a netted embroidery and above that was silk-like dazzling skin which formed an intense contrast with her black lace garter belts. Ah! What a pleasant sight to the eyes!

Lin Tianlong felt like his physiological senses had received an unreasonable time lag as exhaustion and excitement hit him just at that moment. His baby within his underwear became similar to a raging beast trying to get out of the cage. He subconsciously lifted his trembling right hand and reached out forwards with the intention of caressing those alluring stockings on his cousin's legs...

"Tianlong!" His mother's clear voice reached his ears from above the table, "Just what treasure are you looking for under the table?"

As if he had awoken from a dream, the youngster returned to his seat again. He shook his hand which held the knife, "Nothing. I was just looking for this." He explained.

"Long'er, you're fine, right?" Lin Huiyin asked with a concerned voice, "Why's your forehead sweating so much? Do you feel alright?"

"Nothing. I'm good. I just felt that it's hotter here than the Flame Mountain..." Tianlong replied with a flushed face.

"My dear boy, it looks like you need a new knife." Fangfang gave this mischievous cousin brother of hers a lovely, embarrassed glare then signaled the server with her eyes. Quite quickly, the server exchanged Tianlong's tableware to a new set. The three of them began to slowly enjoy this pleasant lunch...

Lin Tianlong recounted the interesting incidents he saw in the Guanyin Temple on Flame Mountain. Lin Huiyin and Cai Fangfang were both amused into laughing by his stories. Naturally, he omitted what happened with Venerable Miao Yin and Aunt Huang.

"What were you doing at the Guanyin Temple?" Fangfang teased him, "Do you want to become a gynecology expert like aunt now that you've graduated?"

"In that case, I must ask Sister Fang to be my first client!" Lin Tianlong teased her.

"Bah! You and your crow's beak!" Fangfang scolded him playfully.

"Guanyin Temple..." Lin Huiyin simply smiled as she saw them bicker with each other. However, in her mind, she was reminiscing about the Guanyin Temple. She recalled that her best friend in those days was cultivating Buddhism at the Guanyin Temple currently. Living within the pretentious dreamlike world of mortals, dreams turn into old dreams, events of the past forgotten, disappearing within the misty clouds.

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