City Lady-Killer — Chapter 32: Car Sex in the Rain (1)

Shi Jieyi was hoping to get off the car, and so Lin Tianlong could exchange seats, but the heavens seemed to disagree. Thunder rumbled in the sky, followed by rainfall. Therefore, Lin Tianlong proposed to her, "Auntie Jie, leave it. Why don't you just cross over me?"

Shi Jieyi's face blushed suddenly. Isn't that a bit too much? It's clear that you want to take advantage of me again.

Shi Jieyi glared at him bashfully, yet she carefully lifted her legs to cross over Lin Tianlong to sit on the adjacent passenger seat. As for Lin Tianlong, he too planned to seat himself in the master seat. When she parted her legs, fluids gushed out from her nether regions. Shi Jieyi's body turned powerless immediately. Following a moan, her body laid motionless atop his thighs.

Although Lin Tianlong had left the seat a little, he hadn't expected Shi Jieyi to collapse in such a fast manner. Thus, before he could shift to the other seat, she had landed on his thighs again.

That plump and round butt of hers pressed onto Lin Tianlong's thighs tightly. The invigorating scent from Shi Jieyi's body drilled into his nose. In addition to that, the sensations brought by the close skin contact made his member react immediately. The sleeping beast rose its head up high and poked at her butt.

When Shi Jieyi sat down, Lin Tianlong took advantage of the chance to hug her, placing his hands around her slender waist. Ripples formed in his heart, making him hug her tighter. He brought his mouth near her ears, blew hot breath into it then said, "Auntie Jie, how can you be so careless?"

The heat from her sensitive ears, his hug, as well as the masculine breath from the boy, gradually fanned the flames of lust inside Shi Jieyi though they had calmed down just a moment ago. A blush rose up on her cheeks as she panted faintly, her mouth opening up from time to time to exhale lightly. Her clear pupils were covered by a layer of mist once again, and her towering peaks bounced up and down along with her rushed breaths.

"Tianlong, don't do this! I'm a married woman!"

Shi Jieyi pleaded to him while trying to open her eyes blazing with the flames of lust. Her heart raced when she looked at Lin Tianlong's handsome face up close. His scent invaded the depths of her heart, and she could feel his thing's thickness, hotness, and majesticness under her butt. Due to the thin skirt, she could minutely sense that majestic thing's round head poking in between her buttcheeks through his pants.

Driven by desire, Shi Jieyi couldn't prevent her body from giving an honest reaction. Her breasts began to swell up slowly, and the little beans on their summit turned as hard as rocks under the brassiere. A few strands of her dark and lustrous hair floated on top of her flushed cheeks, and through them, Lin Tianlong clearly see her enthralling seductive appearance.

Shi Jieyi pouted her cherry lips as their skin touched each other intimately. She got up intending to break free from his clutches, but as they were in the car, she fell back into his embrace.

This time, Shi Jieyi's peaks pressed against his broad chest completely. Just this touch delivered a critical attack to her sensitive place. An electrifying numb pleasure rushed to her head from her bosom, making her moan out. She leaned into him as if she had no bones inside her. Although she somewhat resisted it in her heart, her body was actually issuing an honest reaction. She stuck close to his chest with no intentions of getting up again, wishing to indulge herself this one time.

As she was sitting on his thighs, they were both face to face right now. Lin Tianlong could hear her faint gasps while looking at her blushing face. His member below began to look for its target suddenly and poked at her nether regions through the two layers of clothes.

"Auntie Jie, I really liked you! Don't resist me again!" Lin Tianlong was unable to hold back the surging flames inside his heart. He closed in and kissed Shi Jieyi's lips, entwining his tongue with hers as he sucked onto her lips.

When his tongue had just entered her mouth, Shi Jieyi still possessed some resistance in her heart. After all, they were inside the car, and she had an underline to her principles as a woman. She was also afraid someone would see them, but Lin Tianlong's kissing skills were too good. After being rejected once, he hadn't become discouraged but rather began kissing her slowly. At the same time, his hands tightly embraced her body which was already burning up with passion. Her breasts squeezed against his broad chest as a result. They kept changing their forms and took an appearance which could captivate any man.

He then lowered his hands to her buttocks and kneaded them gently. After a moment of resistance, Shi Jieyi also couldn't constrain passion in her heart anymore. Lust filled the hidden depths of her eyes as she began to squirm her body on top of Lin Tianlong's thighs. Her breasts rubbed against his chest and aroused an even greater spark. Just like Sodium dropped into water, like dry firewood catching fire, a passionate flame was on the verge of engulfing both of them.

Shi Jieyi gave an intense response to Lin Tianlong's kiss and passionate movements. Her husband had given her the cold shoulder for quite a long time, so it had been a while since she experienced such an intense moment. Should I just succumb to my desires and absolve myself of the pain? Only we would know about this. This boy has already seen my body in Chinese Media's washroom, so there's no need to feel embarrassed about it. And there's his huge thing which is poking at my butt. I wonder how much pleasure it would bring to me.

Lin Tianlong naturally didn't know Shi Jieyi was going through an internal struggle at the moment. Her body catered to him but her mind was pure chaos. As they progressed into the act, the indirect skinship couldn't satisfy him anymore. His hand slid down her buttocks, raised her already wet skirt then stretched his hand to probe inside.

"Don't! Tianlong, I'm begging you!"

When Shi Jieyi sensed Lin Tianlong's hand encroach towards her secret garden, although she had already prepared her heart, the shyness of a married woman made her plead him. She fidgetted her body, trying to escape from his attack.

"Auntie Jie, you..."

Lin Tianlong sighed internally. You're telling me to stop under such circumstances? Isn't that equivalent to tormenting me? He stared at Shi Jieyi whose eyes were filled with lust and wondered from had she mustered up the strength to move.

"Tianlong, I'm sorry!"

Shi Jieyi opened her lust filled eyes and apologized to him, "As long as you don't enter inside, you're free to do whatever you want!"

Saying so, Shi Jieyi closed her eyes shyly.

Lin Tianlong felt quite amazed when he heard her words. Auntie Jie isn't kidding, right? She actually gave her permission? Why did she tell me to stop just now then? Anyways, it's better to have it rather than not. He smiled inwardly as he believed that she wouldn't be able to escape from his palms.

Shi Jieyi's thoughts were a complete mess right now. She couldn't believe she had spoken such clear-cut words which permitted him to do things. Her resistance of Lin Tianlong's hand reaching for nether regions was an instinctual reaction from her body. When he really stopped, her heart actually felt a faint sense of loss. However, when she saw Lin Tianlong's sad expression, her heart experienced pain. She felt happy that her pretty looks were able to attract a boy like Lin Tianlong but also felt an ache in her heart after looking at him. Thereupon, she spoke those clear-cut words, allowing him to continue.

After waiting for a while, when Shi Jieyi noticed that Lin Tianlong wasn't doing anything, she felt bitter. This little foe of mine, does he want me, the woman, to take the initiative? Shi Jieyi opened her eyes, planning to mock Lin Tianlong, but before she could say anything, he had begun kissing her passionately.

Shi Jieyi couldn't contain her happiness and forgot all about her grievances. She immersed herself in enjoying the love brought by her little lover's sweet French kiss. Her eyes narrowed again as he hands hugged his waist tightly. As it was raining heavily outside, there weren't many vehicles passing by. Moreover, her car was a Nissan, so there was no need to fear being seen by anyone. Thus Shi Jieyi was able to enjoy the pleasure brought by this love affair single-mindedly.   Passion blazed inside her heart like the surging waves of the sea.

Her bouncing peaks pressed against Lin Tianlong's chest harder. After receiving Shi Jieyi's encouragement, there was no way he would give up such an excellent chance. His hands grabbed onto her butt and kneaded them, making her sexy butt change forms. At the same time, Lin Tianlong French kissed her again. She didn't resist like before. Shi Jieyi was in an exceptionally excited state right now. Perhaps because she had opened up her heart or maybe due to the lust surging inside her, she couldn't repress the longing in her heart any longer and responded to his kiss passionately.

Her soft tongue wiggled like a little fish, swimming between their mouths from time to time, accompanied by an exchange of sweet saliva between their mouths. Lin Tianlong's Adam's apple moved as she swallowed her sweet juices. Her huge breasts were bound by her small shirt and were flattened softly when they pressed against his chest. Those pretty cherries on the top were fully erect as well.

Her faint breaths, as well as the enchanting fragrance from her body, evoked the beast within Lin Tianlong. Her upper body and lower body brought two different kinds of sensations to him. He gripped her butt harder and began to proceed to play with them.

As for Shi Jieyi, she acted as if she hadn't noticed his actions. Perhaps the passionate flames inside her heart had already robbed her of her consciousness, or maybe she too wasn't willing to go against her heart's true desires. She merely reacted with passion in response to Lin Tianlong's more and more intense actions, without showing any kind of resistance.

This no doubt encouraged Lin Tianlong's actions. He raised her skirt a bit and explored his hand towards the stockings on her slender thighs, copping a feel with his hand. Shi Jieyi quivered all over but didn't reject it. The place he had caressed was already a little wet, and those stockings had already completed their mission. They were drenched in the sweet spring water which had gushed out of the passage between her deep valley.

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