City Lady-Killer — Chapter 17: Chinese Media

"It's a pity that I'm married already but oh, Zhiqing, you still have a chance!" Qin Minxiao teased her, "You definitely don't want to miss out on such a handsome and confident second-generation wealthy man! It doesn't matter that he's 3-4 years younger than you. Young Master Long is quite mature for his age and knows how to love properly!"

"No way I'm doing that!" Liu Zhiqing objected while displaying a fake, indifferent smile.

"Lil' Minxiao, it's not too late for you to feel regret! Haven't you heard? Those with deep skills don't avoid married people. Maybe Young Master Long might prefer a newlywed woman like you!" Yang Meizhen said with carefully chosen words. "Also, how does Lil' Minxiao know that Young Master is quite mature and knows how to 'love properly.' huh?"

"Sister Meizhen always figures out a loophole in people's words!" Qin Minxiao Hugged her arm in a spoiled manner as she wasn’t planning to let her go, "I think Young Master Long might prefer a mature wife and loving mother like Sister Minxiao more!"

"Damn lass, you've learned to talk more and more rubbish after getting married. You cheeky girl, you even dare to pull a joke on me!" Yang Meizhen scolded her while smiling.

"Meizhen! Come over here!" Su Nianci's ice-cold voice from the landline made Yang Meizhen's dimples freeze in place.

Qin Minxiao and Liu Zhiqing looked at each other and made a wry face while sticking out their tongue. Hearing Su Nianci's tone, they wondered if Yang Meizhen would get scolded.

Lin Tianlong knew Chinese Media like his own backyard. The security guard at the entrance, Old Xia, immediately saluted with a loud voice after catching sight of him, "Good Afternoon, Young Master Long!"

"Old Brother Xiao, Afternoon!" Lin Tianlong gripped Old Xia's hand cordially and joked with him, "I feel really safe when I look at you. At least you're more reliable than the Security Guard Captain in Countryside Romantic Serenade! Hahaha!"

The guards all laughed heartily. When he interned here for a month during his summer vacation last year, Lin Tianlong didn't put on any airs and got along with everyone very well. Initially, Old Xia thought the youth in front of him was just a pretty face, but after shaking hands with him sometimes, he discovered that although this youth was young, his arms and wrists packed quite the punch. His admiration for Lin Tianlong was close to worship. Since he, the captain had submitted, the other guards naturally expressed deference towards Lin Tianlong. It wasn't just because of his strength, but more so due to his amiable and approachable nature.

The first floor of the building was given to the Advertisement Planning Department, the second and third floors were for the Art Cultivation Center. The fourth floor was the Networking Center, and the main office was on the sixth floor. Lin Tianlong entered the elevator which then passed through the 2nd and 3rd floor where the female models were practicing and finally reached the 6th floor. All the office staff members who knew him greeted him one after another. If he didn't have his own plans, he would be living it up at Chinese Media Firm and enjoying the nice situation as its VP.

A sweet scent suddenly hit Lin Tianlong's face. A pretty woman wearing a black knee-length skirt, with a beautiful sleeveless top and high-heeled shoes matching with her round-neck women's shirt stood in front of him as if she were especially waiting for him. The knee-length skirt had an inherent charm to it. It was pretty modern, and it lacked neither in the frivolousness of a miniskirt nor the reservedness of a traditional dress. The hem of the skirt was slightly split open, and the extended hem converged at the place between her knees and thighs. The skin-tight skirt brought out the curves of her buttocks while the tender calves bound under the skin-colored transparent stockings looked evermore enticing. Adding onto that was the lovely arch of her foot which was secured perfectly in red high-heeled shoes and possessed a natural sexiness.

She swayed her slender waist while walking in front of the man and gave a pretty smile, "Young Master Long, you're finally back! Boss Liang and Boss Su kept talking about you these past few days!"

Dark brows and a forehead which seemed to brim with a liveliness. Eyes which appeared to contain a faint smile while a straight nose and thin lips seemed to fit perfectly onto the face, altogether forming a very handsome face. At this moment, those lips were slightly pursed up, and the cupids bow below the nose arched up a bit. Donned in a white shirt, black pants and shining back leather shoes, that handsome face had a languid, naughty smile on it, giving the man a scholarly aura which made the hearts of women race.

Lin Tianlong raised his head to look at those lovely dimples of hers then smiled, "Sister Minxiao, it's been a long time. Did you miss me?"

Branch manager Qin Minxiao, a pretty 24-year-old woman who possessed a mature bearing of a blooming married woman. She was already taken before Lin Tianlong had arrived here last summer for his internship and right now, the woman before him was a newlywed wife. Her hair draped over her shoulders was as smooth as silk, and her face had a clear-cut oval shape. She had a pair of lively eyes and exuded a natural beauty which radiated all around her like an aura. Her moist cherry lips released a captivating intent, and she possessed a slender neck as well as sexy collarbones. Below her fair shoulders were those mounds standing upright which were exposed outside slightly. Those perfectly round and plump breasts squeezed out a deep cleavage which manifested a gorgeous mature charm full of a young woman's loveliness.

Her skin was so fair that it seemed to be made of sheep-fat white jade. She had a soft and slender waistline similar to that of a willow tree's branch. Her legs appeared as if they were carved out of ivory and were smooth and lean. Her slim fingers almost felt boneless due to their softness and the legs covered in stockings under the skirt made them look fairer. The swaying of her waist as well as the slightest turn of her buttocks, each of her movements brought out her beauty.

Qin Minxiao's eyes wandered. Both anger and happiness seemed to pass through her bewitching eyes as her sexy lips opened up while she replied in a coy manner with a blushing face, "Who would miss you! Stop daydreaming!"

"Indeed! I'm the one day-dreaming! I missed the chance as I was too late to arrive!" Lin Tianlong sighed deliberately.

"What chance did you miss?" Qin Minxiao fell into his trap.

"I'm talking about you! If I had graduated a year earlier, I might've been the man to put on those pretty red high-heeled shoes on your feet!"

Lin Tianlong chuckled naughtily while his perverted eyes blatantly scanned over her post-honeymoon moistened body. The red high-heeled shoes formed a contrast with the legs covered in stockings and evermore expressed the thoughts of love brimming inside her.

Qin Minxiao was already accustomed to Lin Tianlong's flowery speech and perverted gaze from the time he interned here last summer. She knew he was a romantic 'Gentleman' rather than a low-class man. And right now, she had already become a married woman, so she didn't act bashful and get embarrassed like a little girl towards this aspect. Even if he groped her occasionally, she wouldn't think it was excessive and didn't mind it.

Conversely, she felt like that would add a delightful flavor to her tedious life after marriage. Her husband, Li Jinbao hung out at HK Nightclub all day long. After their honeymoon, he had reverted to his old ways, and this made her greatly disappointed towards matrimony and romance.

Faced with Lin Tianlong's fake smile, Qin Minxiao threw him a charming glance while pouting playfully, "Little Baddie, you're really a naughty imp. If you act impolitely to me again, I'll tell on you to your Sister-in-law Keqing and your Aunt!"

Qin Minxiao's youngest sister was none other than Qin Keqing, the pitiful daughter-in-law of his aunt, Song Wanjun. Qin Minxiao was a dominant, shrewd and prideful woman. She didn't want to get married as soon as possible due to romance like her younger sister and ended up with a miserable ending. Therefore, she decided to get married after her sister got married.

"There's no need to drag everyone else from our family into our problem!" Lin Tianlong teased her, "When are you going to take me to meet brother-in-law? This little brother must congratulate him in person."

"Damn brat, it's rare for you to show such kind intentions!" Qin Minxiao revealed a happy smile, "Jinbiao and I will invite you to HK Nightclub to sing and dance sometime in the future as a welcome back part after your graduation. Let's take Sister Meizhen and Lil' Zhiqing along at that time, okay?"

"Oh! So brother-in-law was actually the boss of HK Nightclub, Brother Jinbiao!" Lin Tianlong glanced left and right deliberately then teased her, "Where's Sister Meizhen? Why hasn't she come to greet me? Did the pent-up frustrations after yearning for me all day and night make her ill?" Meng Biao, Hu Biao, and Li Jinbiao were the Flame City's infamous children of officials known as the 'Three Young Masters.’”

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