City Lady-Killer — Chapter 9: Bodhisattva's Divination

Venerable Miao Yin felt flustered and thus subconsciously retreated back until she reached the the back of the Guanyin Bodhisattva statue. Separated by a veil ahead were the men and women who had come to burn incense and pray in the lobby of the main hall.

Watching Venerable Miao Yin's buttocks quiver under the nun clothes, Lin Tianlong pressed forwards.

"How come they are here?" Venerable Miao Yin peeked through the small gap in the veil and saw a woman there. Immediately afterward, she looked at the man beside her. Although the man wore a mask, it wasn't able to prevent her from recognizing him. She couldn't help but soliloquize with astonishment.

"Who is it?" Lin Tianlong pretended to ask curiously while he stuck to the middle-aged pretty nun's body from behind.

His body squished against Venerable Miao Yin's buttocks. She immediately felt a hard, hot thing on her plump ass which was probing the space between her buttcheeks. She could feel its incredible heat even through the clothes. The tender flesh of her buttocks could clearly sense the youth's invasion under the constraint. It was huge, hard and burning hot... Moreover, she could visualize its form through the sensations her skin felt.

The middle-aged nun's body trembled as she moaned faintly, feeling happy, shy, angry yet also embarrassed. She felt elated that her body could elicit a man's, especially a youth's interest. A woman, even if she were a Buddhist nun, possessed some vanity so she couldn't help but rejoice internally; she felt shy because it was possible that this youth was her best friend, Lin Huiyin's son, yet he had already harassed her twice or thrice intentionally or otherwise. Even though she was already a middle-aged woman, it was hard to avoid feeling shy; she felt angry because this damned brat's actions were unbelievable and had a fickle personality. Just now, he had openly expressed that he had fallen in love at first sight with her daughter and in a flash, he had set his eyes on her, a middle-aged nun and began groping her. It was impossible for her to avoid feeling shy and angry. What made her feel embarrassed was that this little baddie looked around 20 years old, around the same age as her daughter. If he were indeed Lin Huiyin' son, he'd be a year younger than her daughter, and he was actually harassing a woman who was in the same grade as his mother so much, that too in such a bold and fearless manner. How could she not feel embarrassed?

Under the humiliation, Venerable Miao Yin looked towards the woman kneeling in front of the Guanyin statue in a prayer. She had an epiphany and grabbed the youth's left hand, pulling it forwards as her right had pushed his back with all her strength. She shouted ahead in a low voice, "Guanyin delivers a child, fate is determined by the Heavens!"

Lin Tianlong was infatuated with the middle-aged nun's curvaceous body and was caught off guard. He didn't know from where this refined, weak-looking nun mustered up such strength to push his body outside past the veil where incense smoke curled up in the air and was filled with the noise of the crowd. He lost his footing and stiffly knelt down in front of the man and woman ahead of him.

Actually, that man and woman had already entered the Guanyin Temple. Perhaps because the man was sick, or maybe he was afraid of being recognized, he wore a mask which only revealed his forehead and eyes. He surveyed his surroundings sneakily and walked while bowing his head. The woman held an embroidered box in her right hand and seemed like they had come to visit his child delivering Guanyin. When they saw Luo Bingbing, Min Roujia and Meng Xiaomin, they hid behind a nearby pillar.

"Liqing, why's there a wet patch on your back? It smells strange." The wife discovered a wet section on the back of her husband's shirt, but it didn't seem like it was sweat and also smelled quite odd.

"I have no idea. Isn't it just sweat?" The husband didn't take it seriously and gave a perfunctory reply.

The wife also doubted whether it was sweat, but its odor didn't seem like that of sweat. However, she didn't mention it again as it was a trifling matter.

After those three women paid respect to the Bodhisattva and left along with the tide of people, the couple checked their surroundings for any acquaintances and then tottered into the main hall to burn incense and worship Buddha. They knelt down at the praying mat and prayed silently.

When humans reach their middle age and are still childless, it's hard to avoid loneliness. Those in high positions were always under enormous pressure, living in a world filled with deception, fighting against schemes, and also became a target of slanderous rumors which could kill a person. The couple had sought all kinds of famous doctors, yet the treatments were ineffective. They had been an affectionate couple yet they were helpless regarding their duty of carrying on the ancestral line. This made them utterly gloomy. The husband had even suggested the thought of borrowing a seed, but his lovely wife couldn't accept that notion. Her faith lied in Buddhism, and he was an atheist. Although he had already heard the effectiveness of the child delivering Guanyin, he disapproved of such things. Finally, with no other alternative, the husband unwillingly accompanied his wife to burn incense at the Guanyin Temple and pray to her. Whether he believed it or whether it worked or not, he acted as if he was treating a dead horse as a living one and found some consolation in this action.

The wife knelt on the mat, making a heartfelt wish, seeking for the Bodhisattva's mercy by delivering a son or at least a daughter, so that her sincere devotion for the past few decades wasn't in vain and also so that it could stop her husband from mentioning the ridiculous matter of borrowing a seed again. Her identity and position had such grandeur that she believed herself to be an extraordinary person. How could she accept a thing such as borrowing a seed? As they say, the walls have ears. Just in case this matter got exposed, she would be ashamed to see anyone or even continue living.

Moreover, she didn't dare imagine a man other than her husband touching her body, let alone such a crazy thing as accepting the seed of someone else. In her heart, she only had one man, her honorable and gentlemanly husband. Although the couple's interaction had become colder in the last few years, and the quality of their life deteriorated steadily, she understood that her husband was busy with official business. He suffered from immense pressure and the fact that he couldn't bear children made him depressed. It was unavoidable for him to act cold towards her and this caused a rift between them. However, the feelings and affection between them still seemed to exist. Even if their matrimony was sexless, she had no complaints at all. She never left him nor cheated on her husband and accompanied him as they grew old.

"Guanyin the Merciful, Guanyin the Rescuer, have pity on my devotion for the past few decades. I beg for your mercy and kindness. Can't you grant us a son or at least a daughter to comfort our knees?!" The wife's eyes brimmed with tears as she poured out her heart's contents silently.

She was about to continue speaking when a sweet-smelling wind hit her face, followed by a 'Plop' sound. A person seemed to drop from the Heavens as he knelt in front of the couple.

"Aah!" Although the husband was amazed, he had after all seen all aspects of society, so he calmly got up and pulled his wife aside. His eyes studied the youth kneeling in front of him, wondering what was going on.

"Aaahh!" The wife was also astonished and almost leaped up in a fright. She then discovered the youth, a quite pretty teen who seemed like he had descended from the Heavens. The wife was pulled up by her husband yet kept staring at the handsome teenager with a dumbstruck gaze.

The teen had a backpack on his back. He had sword-shaped brows and starry eyes, an aquiline nose and lush lips. The outlines of his face possessed a conspicuous, devilish and manly feel to it. His facial features were quite refined and those eyes under his sword-shaped brows bright and full of expression, having a profound mysticalness to them. They were filled with tender feelings as deep as the sea and bewitched anyone who peered into them. He had a high nose bridge and the corners of his lips curved up a little. Although he looked thin and tall, he appeared mystical and adorable. In brief, he gave a comfortable feeling to people on his first impression, and people formed a good opinion of him, especially women.

This youth was none other than Lin Tianlong who had been pushed forward by Venerable Miao Yin all of a sudden, causing him to stagger and kneel in front of them. Only the masked man's eyes were exposed outside. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes filled with righteousness, so Lin Tianlong wasn't affected by him much.

However, the middle-aged woman beside the masked man was something else. One look at this woman had beguiled Lin Tianling, leaving him in a daze from the shock.

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