Mama's Tits — Chapter 7

Through the small gap of the door, the son kept peeping at the naked body of his birth mother who held the holiest position in his mind. He eye-raped those amply developed giant breasts, that bootylicious and curvaceous butt, as well as those snowy, tender thighs with the vilest sight possible. The flames of lust were set ablaze in his heart as he fantasized about his mother serving him lovingly at his crotch.

The flames of lust melted the chains of rationality binding his desire and wickedness.

I took off my shorts and began to masturbate while crouching outside the door with my beautiful mother's sexy body as the target of my sexual fantasy. My palm stroked my hard dick up and down unceasingly, so much that it hurt.

Mama! Ooohh! Mama!

I screamed internally as the intense lust slowly transformed mama's divine figure into a bewitching one for the sake of satiating my lust. At the same time, I fapped faster and faster.

Just as I was about to close my eyes because I sensed the muscles at the front of the glans tense up, a second away from ejaculating, mama had come to the doorway before I even realized it and yanked the door open.

I was shocked, left in a stupor when I saw mama standing before me; At the same time, my dick's endurance reached a critical point. Fluids spurted out from the glans within my hands, and the floor in front of me was covered all over in semen which had a fishy odor.

Mama waited for me to finish ejaculating composedly. The tranquility in her eyes made it seem as if she was aware that I was peeping from outside the door.

Her expression contained neither fear nor anger. I looked at her return back into the room with a dazed expression on my face. After approximately 5 minutes, Mama came out of her room. Right now, she wore a simple white shirt as a top while below, she still wore that sexy aqua blue thong. She held a wet towel in her hand and squatted down in front of me, all the while ignoring the stupefied look I had on my face.

She gazed at my now limp member dripping remnant cum and had a few drops of it hung at the meatus. The look in Mama's eyes softened up. Her eyes didn't contain any disgust as she used the wet towel to clean my member then used the same towel to wipe the semen on the floor.

"Little Wei, put on your pants quickly or you'll catch a cold."

"Mama... Mama, I'm sorry..."

Now that I had relieved myself and saw Mama act the same as usual though her son had committed improper acts towards her, an indescribable hollowness filled my heart. I suddenly experienced an unprecedented self-loath. The restraints of ethics and morals, as well as Mama's boundless love, made me feel so ashamed that I felt like killing myself. I could only keep apologizing to her.

"Don't say sorry... You are my son..." Mama blocked my lips with her fair, slender finger then shook her head, "... and also the person I love the most."

"Mama, I love you too!" I pounced towards her and hugged her tightly with excitement. Mama released a deep breath as we, mother and child, communicated with our hearts. She could naturally sense that I had no improper lustful thoughts in my heart right now, so she accepted my hug my reaching out towards me. She began to pat my back to soothe me like she used to do in my childhood.

We embraced each other intimately, and due to the contact between our bodies, I could sense Mama's soft body, as well as her boobilicious breasts which squeezed against my chest. Even though I held no wicked thoughts in my mind right now, not long after, my lower body began to react subconsciously, causing my member to turn rock hard.

It was impossible for Mama to not feel that dangerous thing between her thighs as her lower body was close to mine. Before I could even react, my member had defiantly intruded into Mama's most holy and hidden zone.

"Mama, I'm sorry! I didn't do it on purpose..." I immediately released Mama and apologized while lowering my head from the embarrassment.


I was about to turn about and escape to my room to settle the problem when Mama suddenly pulled my hand.

Huh? Why is Mama taking me into her room?

My unsightly member was out in the open. That huge, erect dick trembled as Mama brought me to the bedside and hinted for me to sit down.

Just when I was feeling puzzled about what's happening, Mama suddenly crouched down and knelt between my thigh. Under my astonished gaze, she looked at my member with a natural expression on her face then reached out to softly grip at meat rod with her pale hands. That piping hot meat rod throbbed within Mama's palm and the top of the glans seemed like it had sensed the master's excited heartbeat and began to release precum.

"Mama, what... are you doing?"

Just about when I almost doubted whether I was hallucinating, Mama's right hand which was gripping my dick began to stroke it up and down rhythmically. The friction brought a surreal pleasure from my member, and Mama's pretty face was just in my reach to look with delight.

The person who I respected the most in my mind was currently kneeling between my knees, touching my filthy, obscene member and helping me masturbate. The intense stimulation and pleasure it brought me almost made me pass out.

"Little Wei... Mama... is very happy that you love me so much. Mama also loves you very much. If you don't avoid Mama for being old, actually... Mama also wishes to offer her body to you, but... Mother and child cannot lo... love each other. Do you understand that?"

"But, Mama... Oooh!"

"Don't interrupt me. Let Mama finish speaking first..." Mama covered my mouth with her other hand and increased the pace with which she moved her right hand, immediately causing me to moan.

"Mama pondered on it for a long time..." Mama's face blushed suddenly as she continued speaking, "Little Wei is the apple of my eye. Is there anything I cannot give to you? If only you... you... don't put in.... inside, you can... do whatever you want to Mama..."


After hearing Mama confess to me like this, my heart began to race at Mach speed and almost leaped out of my throat. Endless happiness seemed to fill my heart, and it really made me doubt whether I was dreaming.

After saying those words, it seemed like Mama wanted to prove they were true so... she actually... lowered her head and licked my glans!!

Her soft, warm tongue licked the glans twice as if it were probing out; The sultry summer, as well as the remnant cum from ejaculating a few moments ago, had resulted in a dense, fishy stench coming from the glans. Mama couldn't adapt to it for a moment. Her pretty brows scrunched up, but she endured it then slowly sucked my dick into a third of her throat. Her mouth was able to hold close to half my dick inside it.

Mama is giving me a blowjob right now!



I screamed internally -This was a situation which I never expected to, and yet it was happening right now!

I bowed my head to look at Mama who was doing her best to suck my member, but it was too big compared to her mouth so she could only take in 60% of it and stopped when she felt a nauseous feeling from her throat. Saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth as she released my dick outside. The erect meat rod which had just explored Mama's mouth glistened with a luster from her saliva.

After taking the glans out, Mama raised her head to look at me. Her starry eyes were covered in a layer of mist, as well as a trace of lust. If I hadn't ejaculated a few moments ago, I might've cum from this. Mama gave a knowing smile at me as my intoxicated expression made it clear that I was delighted with her actions. She took my dick into her mouth again and began to blow me.

As my dick entered and exited Mama's mouth, she exhibited the extraordinary adaptiveness possessed by women. Each time she sucked my dick, it penetrated deeper. Soon after, she could already suck two-thirds of it inside. Her mouth maintained a powerful suction which kept stimulating my sensitive meatus. Mama's hand caressed my balls in tandem with her suction and gently played with them.

"Aaahhh~ Mama~ It feels so good!"

When Mama used her teeth to softly nibble on my glans, the surging pleasure left me with no choice but to moan; I bent my body a little to reach for Mama's chest by detouring her underarms and caressed her peerless, giant breasts which I had yearned for in my dreams. Mama's face turned red when her sensitive breasts got attacked by me suddenly, but she didn't refuse my advances and continued blowing me.

I continued playing with those Magnum Opuses, those 38F cup-sized breasts. It was impossible to hold her breast with just a single palm and were very soft due to the care she gave them; My palm kneaded it a gentle rhythm followed by a rougher one. Those soft, beautiful breasts changed shapes from my kneading, and when I touched the tip of her breasts, even though they were under the shirt, I could sense that her nipples were perked up.

Watching my birth mother as she gave me a blowjob, playing with her breasts, the intense visual and physical stimulation paired up with the sinful emotions from the immoral, incestual actions brought an inexplicable hyper pleasure to me!

My subconscious moans were the best driving force for Mama and made her focus all of her being on attending to my dick; After blowing it for a few minutes, Mama felt my dick increase in length and girth as well as my quivering girth which signaled that I was arriving my breaking point. At this moment, Mama suddenly revealed a mischievous expression -She parted her lips, released my dick outside then smiled at me who had a startled look due to the interruption from the pleasure.

"Mama... I... want to... cum... do it.. quick..."

"That won't do, Little Wei. It's too soon! As a man, you must learn to endure oh~."

Mama revealed a very lascivious smile and stroked my meat rod with neither fast nor slow pace. As I was accustomed to the great pleasure brought by her sucking, just her the stroking by her hand wasn't able to satisfy my lust, so my dick stayed hard. It endured that unpleasant feeling of being unable to cum.

Mama poked her tongue out and licked from the top of the glans to the side of the shaft as if she were licking a delicious popsicle. She slid her tongue down slowly until she reached my scrotum and nibbled on the balls. She kept stroking my dick with her succubus-like palm while nibbling on my balls, all the while observing the expression on my face with narrowed eyes. Whenever I was close to climaxing, Mama would slow down her stroking speed and wait for the stimulation to die down. Once my pelvic muscles relaxed, Mama increased the stroking speed and intensity again. Although I knew Mama was doing this to train my dick's endurance and to strengthen the pleasure ejaculation would bring while climaxing, it still sunk me into a hell of pleasure filled with interruptions.

I never thought Mama would tease me in such a way -My birth mother was playing with my dick and though I wanted to cum, I wasn't allowed to. This forbidden pleasure left me excited as well as helpless. I could only call her a demoness within my heart and at the same time, release all the resentment I felt towards those pretty breasts of hers.

Her bountiful breasts became warmer under my caress, and I also dropped my courtesy and began to treat them roughly. Mama's face turned bright red from the strange masochistic pleasure it brought her. One of my hands squeezed the puffed nipple on her right breast while my other hand circled around her left breast's areola while occasionally teasing the nipple by going to and fro towards it. Repressed moans came out from her while she licked my dick following my forceful treatment of Mama's sensitive breasts.

This kind of taboo contact between us mother and son continued for almost 20 minutes. Finally, under my imploring gaze, Mama revealed a victorious smile and licked the meatus one final time as if she were teasing it. She then took my dick into her mouth again and sucked it in and out rhythmically. The pleasure almost made me ascend to heaven.

"Ooohh~~ Aaahhhhh~~!!"

Just before I was about to cum, I realized that although cumming inside her mouth was pretty exciting, it would be discourteous to Mama. When I was thinking of pulling my dick out from her mouth, Mama's hands which had reached my waist before I even realized it clasped onto my buttocks tightly. At the same time, the speed with which she sucked also increased a notch.

Cum inside Mama's mouth, shoot it all inside!! -Mama lust-filled eyes expressed her thoughts to me.

I held the back of Mama's head and pushed my waist forwards while roaring. My dick became 120% hard in an instant. The meatus expanded and the glans exposed itself out of its sheath as if it were an anti-aircraft gun ready to rain fire. In a single breath, all the semen stocked in my balls exploded into Mama's tiny mouth like water breaking out from a dam. My eyes rolled up to their whites and mind filled with intense pleasure. In the split second when I climaxed, I felt incomparably dizzy, and I could see nothing but pure whiteness.

This... was no doubt my happiest ejaculation from the time I was born! And it was inside my birth mother's mouth to boot.

I gasped heavily and by the time I recovered my senses post-climax, though I had finished cumming, my still hard dick released the remnant cum inside Mama's mouth. Under my excited as well as surprised gaze, Mama's throat wriggled as she gulped down the semen I shot inside her mouth into her belly and sucked on the glans as if it were the most delicious food in the world. It seemed like she had no intentions of even letting a drop of semen escape through her.

Mama released my dick and licked it all over to clean it up. Due to this intimate yet immoral act, for the first time since I was born... I didn't feel an emptiness in my heart after ejaculating.

"Hehe~ Son, you ought to be satisfied this time, right?" Mama said to me while smiling. She softly patted my member which she had cleaned with her tongue thoroughly. She then got up and went to the entrance of the room and picked up the wet towel from the ground as well as my briefs which were lying there.

"Little Wei, it's quite late so wear your briefs and return to your room to sleep."

"......" I didn't respond to Mama and smiled dumbly.

Mama ignored me and entered the bathroom to wash up.

Sliding along the corner of the bed, I laid down atop Mama's bed. I listened to the sounds from the bathroom which were enough to make a man's imagination run wild. After cumming twice in such a short period, I felt so languid that I didn't feel like moving at all. I immersed myself in the wonderful experience I went through just now! Closing my eyes subconsciously, I happily entered the land of dreams.

I woke up at first light on the next day.

My sight was still a bit hazy and brain still dizzy. I felt like I had forgotten something important.

From my vague memories, I recalled that something very good happened to me yesterday and felt like I had experienced a very happy wet dream.

The morning wood at my lower body gave me a sore feeling, and this made me move my body subconsciously. With my gradually returning sense, I suddenly received the sensation of touching something soft to my brain.

My eyes opened wide with astonishment.

In front of me was a pretty and familiar face. Her body was pressing up against mine and what I felt were her soft bountiful breasts.

It was none else than my Mama who I loved the most!

I then realized that I was in Mama's room and sleeping with my dearest Mama on the same bed!

Heaven! I really lucked out! It wasn't a dream!!

Mama and I were facing each other and laying atop the big Simmons bed. Our lower halves were covered by the soft quilt. Mama's upper body was naked with only a translucent black silk bra which was a shoulder-less half-cup bra that barely covered her ultra sized breasts. Those soft mounds possessed just the right amount of suppleness and didn't change their shape though she laid sideways. They were still as round as ever and looked very attractive.

I discovered that my hand had somehow found itself on Mama's waist and was on top of her soft butt. My other hand was between her bra and was clutching onto her soft, left breast; Under the quilt, I could feel that Mama and my legs were tangled with each other and I was still fully naked beneath. My rock hard and sizzling dick pressed against her mons and through the thin panties, the glans almost poked inside her slit. That matchless wetness I felt through it was really incredible.

Urged by the excitement, I kneaded her breast with my hand while my other hand followed along the curves of her buttocks and caressed it. I straightened my back so that my dick went deeper inside Mama's wet slit and the pleasure from that made me take a deep breath.

As I looked at Mama's pretty face which contained a holy feel to it, I noticed the blush on her cheeks as well as her rushed breathing which didn't resemble that of a sleeping person.

Hehehe, so you're acting like you're asleep, my dear Mama~!

I revealed a wicked smile and kept assaulting Mama mischievously. Both my hands caressed her body while my waist's movements sped up. The strength with which my dick poked at Mama's honeypot rose up, and the glans inched deeper and deeper, almost poking inside that soft layer of flesh. If it weren't for the panties, it would've invaded the holy land long ago.

I fiddled with my legs to part Mama's pretty legs open so that I could press against her dripping wet mons which I was teasing. My rock hard dick stuck close to her slits through the wet panties and probed inside. I could sense those flower petals bloom gradually as her mouth opened up wide, allowing my glans to penetrate deeper. Almost over half of the glans was inside now and made her panties stretch to its limit. I tried to push deeper but couldn't make any more progress, so I had a take a step back and decided to rub my glans against her mons to settle my lust.

Mama continued to act asleep, but her pretty eyelashes trembled occasionally. Her breathing turned rushed, and sweat covered her face. Unexpectedly, Mama silently accepted my actions no matter what I did -I didn't know whether it was intentional or by accident, she slowly turned her waist and arched her back to match with the moment when my dick poked at her. This made it easier for the glans to push into her nectar cave. When my dick slid up and down her slit, she took advantage of her wet mons to rhythmically rub against my rod, bringing double the pleasure to me.

A mother and son, each used their sex organs trying to please the other. The lust raging inside me stripped me of my reason, turning me into a brutal wild beast. The pleasure from the bodies tribbing with each, that intimate summoning from the bloodline as well as the wicked craving from committing an immoral act brought Mama and me to the summit of climaxing.

I couldn't bear this monotonous tribbing any longer; My eyes became bloodshot as I gasped deeply. I decided to throw open the quilt on top of me and sat before Mama who laid on the bed. I raised her pretty legs into a sexy M pose and knelt between her thighs. My eyes peered at Mama's lower body covetously. The center of her thin, sexy aqua blue panties had a wet patch on it which was quite captivating.

Even though I took such blatant actions, Mama still continued to act asleep and didn't open her eyes. I bowed down to grab her buttocks with my hands and was about to pull her panties when Mama's hand grabbed the string at the edge of her panties suddenly and made it clear that I wasn't allowed to take them off.

Although I felt slightly disheartened that Mama still possessed her rationality, I knew Mama's reservedness very well, and I needed to urgently blow my load. Helpless, I could only continue moving my waist to rub my dick against the panties which were in the way...

Due to her persistence, I couldn't use the live ammunition to shoot at the target with my gun. To make up for the disappointment I felt, Mama relaxed her entire body and allowed me to enjoy it to the fullest and also took the initiative in catering to my lower body. I looked at Mama's sensitive place excitedly and felt a bit dejected as I didn't know what to do. But Mama still did her best to move her waist while twining her legs with mine. I too did my best to penetrate her tiny lower mouth and finally sprayed the morning's fresh jizz all over her panties.

After the event, I dropped dead on Mama's body with sweat covering all of me. She gently caressed my head and hugged me tightly.

While I enjoyed the maternal love and care she showered me with, I had no plans of stopping. My hands wandered all over Mama's body, and I buried my head into her cleavage, feeling the softness of those gigantic breasts and experienced Mama's slim waist, bootylicious and supple buttocks with my hands. I breathed in the milky fragrance her body emitted as well as the indistinct blend of semen and sweat, and the aphrodisiac-like pheromones which attracted the male sex.

And well, my dick became hard again.

Chapter 6

It didn't take much time to return home yet it felt as long as a century to me. I was hoping to take the relationship…