City Lady-Killer — Chapter 7: The Pretty Nun, Miao Yu

Before getting married, she used to cycle to work, and after her marriage, she usually rode the car. Therefore, Min Roujia had never encountered an embarrassing incident such as running into a pervert on the bus. Although the men in the Mobile Company's office joked with her occasionally, they feared her husband, Meng Biao's family background and thus remained at a respectful distance from her. Getting attacked directly by an unknown man in the Guanyin Temple on Flame Mountain was something Min Roujia had never experienced.

For a moment, Min Roujia's brain stopped operating, unclear about how to resist the invasion from behind. The only exception within the blankness of her mind were those hands which seemed to be burning with a blaze as they wantonly kneaded her bare butt. Those forceful fingers had already sunk into that tender meat completely. Sometimes, they squeezed softly and other times, with force, seeming as if they were sampling the elasticity and sexiness of those lovely buttocks.

After realizing she was being groped, she turned back to look.

What stunned her was that the person standing behind her was the handsome youth who was peeping at her in the main hall of the Guanyin Temple!

She looked at him with astonishment, completely forgetting about that hand playing with her butt wantonly.

Lin Tianlong noticed the woman raise her head and revealed a pleased smile.

He didn't expect that the beauty in his bosom didn't just have a good figure but also had pretty cheeks which were as beautiful as a flower.

As shameless as he was, there was no way Lin Tianlong would let her off ─ Since he was stuck within the crowd, he had to do something fun to pass the time, right?!

The figure of the pretty married woman left his thoughts as he planned to focus on seducing the beautiful young married woman before him. He had recognized Meng Xiaomin, so he guessed that this woman was most likely Meng Biao's wife.

Min Roujia looked at him with a daze as he revealed a wicked yet captivating smile. Her sober mind was bewitched by his smile and utterly lost its senses.

She felt anxious yet shy. A man apart from her husband, a stranger, was touching her skin right now. This unknown youth's hands were currently exploring the forbidden region under her skirt. Min Roujia's face couldn't help but blush at the thought of that.

Those plump thighs covered in stockings, as well as those fair thighs under her classic, yellow pleated skirt, were being wantonly molested by a stranger's hand. Her soft, glossy buttcheeks were caressed softly, then kneaded and pinched. They were freed outwards then squeezed inwards as that hand felt it up and down. A hard, fiery object suddenly appeared under her belly. She didn't mull over it much and asked with unease, "What are you doing?" Only after she asked this did she realize how much of an idiot she was.

Because of her questioning, Lin Tianling chuckled softly. He knew that the young married woman before him was an honest woman and a perfect wife who had no thoughts of cheating. In other words, with the Meng family's power and Meng Biao's character, who would dare to mess around with her?

He didn't answer her. Instead, the hand around her waist tightened up, making her soft underbelly knead his already hard male totem.

"Don't do this..." Min Roujia turned her body subconsciously when she felt his hand pull her so she could avoid that hard thing.

The youth's hand felt like a zap of electricity, and as it caressed her, Min Roujia felt a numb feeling all over. Her heartbeat began to accelerate, and her body felt parched all of a sudden.

Lin Tianlong noticed that her expression didn't show any unwillingness or disgust, so he began to act more brazenly. His hand grabbed her soft bosom and began to caress her breasts through the clothes, all the while watching her expression.

Her tender, ample breasts felt as if they were zapped, causing her body to quiver in ecstasy. Min Roujia couldn't prevent herself from blushing as her eyes turned moist. Of course, it was a sign that her libido was sparked.

Due to an impoverished family situation as well as a seriously ill father, Min Roujia was quite unwilling to marry Meng Biao. Due to her strict family education, Meng Biao couldn't get what he wanted and even when he had begun to turn restless, he couldn't get a taste of her. On her bridal night, Min Rouji offered her virginity to Meng Biao as if she sacrificing her life.

Each night of her honeymoon was a lust-filled night. Min Roujia was able to sample the happiness of sex; And after staying docile for over a year, Meng Biao reverted to his old life of debauchery, spending each time singing and drinking. Min Roujia had fallen from the paradise called honeymoon to the hell known as reality. Her emotions turned from anger to grief, then helplessness and apathy.

And now, due to feeling comfortable spiritually, her mature body reacted to this man's caress instinctively. She didn't detest his inappropriate actions. She truthfully confronted the comfortable feeling her body felt and didn't move away from his line of sight.

The figure in Lin Tianlong's embrace shivered faintly under his hand's caress. That peach blossom-like face bloomed with a blush due to the effect of the lust she felt.

Suddenly, he used two of his fingers to twirl her soft nipple, sending an electric shock through that cherry right to the depths of her heart.

"Mhhmm..." Min Roujia trembled as a moan escaped her mouth. The itching pleasure from her bosom made it difficult to control her emotions. Her breast's sensitive tips were being molested by this unknown youth's experienced hands, sending a ripple of electricity throughout her entire body again and again.

Even she was frightened by her own voice and promptly covered her mouth with her hand, shyly burying her face into her bosom. She couldn't believe that she had released such a blush-inducing moan.

Lin Tianlong was amused by her reaction. He lowered his head then spoke at her ears quietly, "Big Sis is truly an honest and sensitive beauty. There's no need to feel shy, it just means that you like how I'm caressing you..."

Min Roujia's ears turned red when his breath hit them as he spoke. Those flushed, cute ears made him explore his tongue outside and lick that tender flesh.

The hand grabbing her breast slid down her waist, moving towards her waist then slowly loosened the waistband of her skirt. Lin Tianlong's hand first caressed her abdomen after which his fingers explored the smooth, warm region between her legs.

Min Roujia didn't expect him to act so brazenly. Although they were inside a crowd of people and no one should've noticed their movements, she didn't dare imagine what would happen if someone saw them.

Her body tensed up, making her clamp her legs. She looked at the bustling crowd with a flushed face. Luckily, no one had noticed them.

She turned her head and looked at him with moist eyes.

"Aaaahh... don't..." An inaudible prayer echoed within the depths of her throat.

While her attention was focused on the attack from behind, the youth had moved the hand on her abdomen towards the edge of the thong, caressing her soft underbelly along the way as he sought her secret garden.

"No... Not that place... Aahhh..." Min Roujia felt as if she were really zapped this time. She spent all the remaining strength in her body to break free from the youth's clutches and escaped into the crowd.

Lin Tianlong exclaimed in pain as he got pushed back. His eyes followed that pretty young married woman's beautiful buttocks as they swayed left and right while she made her escape. When he turned his head back, he noticed a Buddhist nun looking at him quietly from a corner.

She had a gentle countenance accompanied by a happy smile, eyes as unfathomable as the stars flickering in the skies, possessing an alluring mystique; Her tall figure possessed a matchless beauty, and it seemed as if an illusionary mist floated around her beautiful figure. No matter how wide Lin Tianlong opened his eyes, he couldn't etch that attractive appearance of hers into his memory. It was truly mystical.

The nun looked about 20 years old. Her large robe stuck close to her body as the mountain winds blew against it, sketching out the beautiful curves of her body while her pretty hair drifted along with the wind. She possessed a beauty which couldn't be put into words... For a man, the fact that such a pretty looking woman had become a nun was no doubt a great loss. Fortunately, she hadn't shaved her head and only wore and Buddhist nun robe, that's all. On her body, even such attire was as sexy as those enticing uniforms. Hmm? Enticing uniform? Dayum! This nun robe was indeed quite enticing and stimulating. Lin Tianlong's lustful eyes focused all their attention on the pretty nun's body. The more he looked, the more he felt that this nun's figure was full of grace while those well-developed beautiful mounds swaying on her bosom made Lin Tianling narrow his eyes.

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