City Lady-Killer — Chapter 6: Strange Combination of Circumstances

Perhaps because she was a bit oversensitive, Min Roujia discovered a passionate pair of eyes gazing at her with a lustful gaze from nearby. The youth had a backpack, was tall, had cherry lips and bright teeth with a face just like crown jade and could be regarded as a young, handsome guy. Facing that man's hot gaze, she felt it was improper, and thus pulled her sister-in-law, Meng Xiaomin along to split up from Luo Bingbing and leave the place.

"Sister-in-law, come over here. Walk a bit quicker..." After splitting up from Luo Bingbing, Meng Xiaomin turned back amidst the crowded Guanyin Temple and yelled at Min Roujia who was on the eve of being submerged within the stream of people.

As today was the fair day, there were a lot of peddlers selling various kinds of articles as well as a stream of buyers. She couldn't let her sister-in-law wander off.

Unfortunately, for some reason, Min Roujia was quite interested in the items sold by the peddlers around the Guanyin Temple today. She walked a few steps then stopped to look at a few things and check them out. Meng Xiaomin, who usually liked to window shop was the one feeling tense as she watched over her.

"I'm coming."

Though Min Roujia replied to Meng Xiaomin's tiny voice, her gaze had never left the small wooden box with engravings in her hands.

Should I buy it? This ought to be used to store rouge, right? It looks cute, and the engraving is also done pretty well. However, she didn't have a habit of applying rouge so it would be waste if she bought it...

When she was pondering about what to do, the peddler who had finished dealing with the other customers stood up and began marketing to her in a friendly tone.

"This lady, your gaze is pretty good. This rouge box was created from scented rosewood, and the intricate carvings were made by Master Fu by spending 7 days on it!"

The peddler noticed that Min Roujia wore high-quality clothes and also had an unusual aura as well as a pretty appearance, so he introduced the item politely.

"How much is it?" Min Roujia looked at the peddler. Let's ask the price first, though I fear the cost would be high.

"It's quite cheap, just 50 CNY, that's all." The peddler rubbed his hands.

"50 CNY? That's too expensive..." Everyone says that mobile network fee is expensive, but these kind of articles were all the same.

At this moment, Meng Xiaomin, who had noticed that her sister-in-law hadn't moved at all, came over by squeezing through the crowd.

"Sister-in-law, what are you looking at? Do you... want to buy this rouge box?"

Min Xiaomin's words were interrupted by Min Roujia, "Thank you, I'll think over it again."

She laid down the box and turned around, smiled towards the peddler then dragged Meng Xiaomin forward by pulling on her hand, not giving her a chance to speak, squeezing through the crowd to leave the place.

Although I like it since it won't be of any use to me and is also expensive, it's better not to buy it.

"Sister-in-law, you looked at it for so long so why didn't you buy it?" Meng Xiaomin was baffled. She believed that her sister-in-law liked that thing else she wouldn't have spent so much time looking at it.

"That small thing is 50 CNY, it's too expensive. Anyways, I don't need it so just forget about it!" She explained.

"Sister-in-law..." Meng Xiaomin was moved after hearing Min Roujia's words.

She had obviously married into the Meng family, which was a rich and powerful family in Flame City, yet she couldn't even bear to buy a small rouge box... This also meant she still possessed simple virtues even though she had been married for 2 years. This bit was different from her who was a pampered lady. Compared to her rude, wastrel brother, Meng Biao, who had been spoiled from his childhood, there was a sky-high difference between him and her sister-in-law...

Min Roujia turned around to look at Meng Xiaomin, gently smiling at her, "Xiaomin, although I've married into your Meng family and become the manager of the Mobile Company, I only spend the money which should be spent and don't waste money."

She knew that Meng Xiaomin was feeling sad for her, but it was unnecessary because she had never felt there was nothing wrong with having simple virtues.

"Sister-in-law, you've become a rich missus yet haven't forgotten your roots. You're much better than those filthy, rich ladies who use their credit card for shopping to satisfy their vanity!"

Meng Xiaomin truly admired her sister-in-law.

They chatted as they moved within the crowd with difficulty, walking over towards the entrance of the Guanyin Temple.

Min Roujia felt regretful once she walked ahead as she wasn't expecting a massive crowd at the entrance. It was now difficult to even turn back so she could only move forwards along with the crowd.

"Hey!" All of a sudden, Min Roujia staggered due to being pushed by someone which caused her to release Meng Xiaomin's hand.

"Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law..."

Meng Xiaomin's flustered voice rung at her ears. After Min Roujia gained a firm foothold, she turned back to look at Meng Xiaomin's face which was drifting farther away.

"Xiaomin! Xiaomin..."

They were led into different directions by the stream of people. Upon seeing this, Meng Xiaomin stood on her toes anxiously and shouted towards Min Roujia, "Sister-in-law! Let's meet at the entrance! Be careful ahhh...."

Min Roujia responded to her promptly with a loud voice, "Alright!"

Min Roujia followed the stream of people helplessly while looking all around. Luckily, her surroundings were filled with old and young women, so she didn't feel scared.

As she was about to squeeze out through the entrance, she was suddenly pushed by force again, resulting in her running into another group of people ─ Before she even realized, the force from behind pushed her against the broad chest ahead of her.

To regain balance, she promptly pressed her hand against that rugged chest.

"Aaahhh..." She was pushed from behind again, and as a result, she pressed up against the person in front of her firmly.

At this time, Lin Tianlong, who was cursing in his heart, felt his mood improve. He bowed down to look at the lovely woman who had knocked into his bosom.

Initially, he was watching Luo Bingbing, but he lost track of her, unfortunately. The crowd was making him annoyed so he was just about to use his electro-arts to separate from the noisy crowd when he felt a soft, fragrant body knock against his chest, sticking close to her with no gap between them.

The beautiful young woman's cry immediately swept the jittery feeling in his heart away.

Lin Tianlong gazed at the woman whose height only reached his torso. From his point of view, he couldn't see her eyes and could just see her long eyelashes and cute nose as well as those fair cheeks.

He naturally extended his hand to hug her waist, placing his dangerous palm down her waist, right at the place where her butt perked upwards.

She hardly turned around and broke free from the man's embrace, but the crowd pushed her back again. This time, her back squished against the man's broad chest. One of his hands hugged her waist tightly while his other hand quickly raised her skirt and invaded the space between her two slender legs.

"Aaaahh..." The sudden attack made Min Roujia cry out in alarm, but her voice was completely lost within the noise from the crowd.

Before she could react, Min Roujia was forced into Lin Tianlong's embrace. After that, the crowd kept rushing through, and the hand which was encircled around Min Roujia's waist intentionally made it so that when the crowd pushed over, her curvaceous butt would squish against him tightly. She couldn't even move due to him squeezing her from behind. The hand inside her skirt had already begun caressing her soft, tender butt.

Min Roujia had the habit of wearing skin-colored cut-off type transparent crystal stockings under her skirt, so her butt was closed to naked. She could only suffer helplessly as those hands invaded her privacy and tested her butt's softness and pliancy.

"Pervert!" After blanking out for a few seconds, Min Roujia finally reacted. But these deadly few seconds had already allowed this strange man to completely take control over her tender body from behind. The crowd surrounding them also seemed to conspire together with the pervert, making her squish against him tightly, restricting her from moving her body.

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