City Lady-Killer — Chapter 5: Beautiful Young Married Woman; Pretty Married Woman

"Okay, Sister-in-law." The beautiful woman replied then placed the fruits, incense stick, and the candle on the table in front of them. After that, she ignited the incense stick and handed it over to her sister-in-law. She wore a graceful white skirt adorned with green decorations, making her seem pure yet full of a noble aura. Her spirited silhouette made people feel a kind of pleasure as if they were assimilating with nature. Her black hair was long and soft, though it was merely combed, within that simplicity hid an indescribable charm. Her pupils were bright and clear with a depth which revealed her infinite wisdom and farsight. A celestial nose, a ruby-lipped mouth which wasn't smeared with rouge, an appearance which looked ordinary yet formed a beauty as gentle as that of lake water. Also, she had skin as fair as jade. She was as tranquil as the moon's reflection in the water and possessed beauty which seemed to maintain a fairy-like purity. The gentleness of a girl from a wealthy family, the quick wit of a girl from a humble family, both appeared to form a perfect blend in her body while her beauty had no blemishes.

Taking the incense stick, the beautiful young married woman advanced forwards to look for an empty place then knelt down. She looked at Bodhisattva while silently complaining about the worry in her heart. After placing the incense into the censer, the woman walked outside and stood at the entrance, calmly looking at the kindly Bodhisattva's idol in the hall from outside while inhaling the dense flavor of the incense smoke from the air. Every time she came to the temple, her heart would automatically feel peaceful and tranquil.

The moment Lin Tianlong laid his eyes on the ripened beauty who had come out, his "passionate" heart sensed the charm and dignity she possessed. It wasn't something that manifested from her clothes or appearance but rather something inherent. Lin Tianlong's heart could feel it, that very subtle sensation.

At first glance, this mature woman looked the same age as his maternal aunt, Liang Xinru, who was around 36-37 years old, but she wasn't as tall as Liang Xinru, and only 1.6 m tall at best. Though she wasn't a 'tall' woman, she wasn't short either and looked rather cute and helpless. Especially her figure, it was well proportioned and brought out her grace and charm. She seemed sweet, fair and graceful yet also had ample sexiness. A man who's paired up with this kind of a woman would never feel pressure on the aspect of 'height,' but as her mien was so pretty and alluring, there was no doubt the man who marries her would be blessed with happiness. The woman's beautiful hair waved in the air, that dark hair always looking gentle under the warmth of the sunlight. As she curled the hair hanging in front behind her ear, her jade-like cheeks were revealed to the world. Those lovely cheeks were pretty and faultless, as smooth and soft as jade, making people feel like smiling without saying a word. Her limpid eyes shone with a seductive luster as they spun around and when they gazed at you, it felt as if you can see your own reflection in them similar to your reflection in a pond during spring. The breath which emits out from it felt as if one were bathing in the spring wind, making them feel refreshed.

"Mrs. Wen, so you've also come to worship Bodhisattva!" The young married woman greeted deferentially.

"Oh, it's you, Roujia! Looks like Xiaomin has also accompanied you, her sister-in-law, to worship Bodhisattva ah!" The pretty married woman smiled softly, "You sisters-in-law have such good relations, just like real sisters!"

Min Roujia nodded with a smile. The woman before her, Luo Bingbing, was 36 years old this year. She had a towering, plump chest as well as a thin waist, possessing a curvaceous figure. Her skin was satiny and fair with a slight blush. Her charm was genuinely worthy of mention! She wore a dark OL dress, her glossy calves covered in pink-colored transparent crystal stockings exposed outside. They added a hidden beauty to her smooth, slender legs inside the skirt.

She had the right proportions and curves on her body while her chest was especially eye-provoking. Those lovely breasts of hers stood upright against the thin outer clothing and trembled slightly along with her breaths. The beautiful form of her well-rounded mounds was vaguely visible, followed by her flat underbelly and curvaceous butt. Her fair, slender legs gave a pliant yet well shaped sexy impression to others. The fascinating temperament of a delicate young married woman was clear and distinct, yet there was also a mature implicit charm embodied by her figure. She was the Chief of the Telecommunications Office as well as the wife of the bank's president, an all-powerful person at Flame City. Unfortunately, she could never get pregnant. It was unknown whether the issue was with her or Wen Hangzhang, but based on the unwritten rules of keeping a mistress for a surrogate pregnancy, it was most likely Wen Hangzhang's fault.

Sigh. My own circumstances are unclear so how can I have the time to bother with the matters of other families? Min Roujia sighed. Aren't I the same as well? Meng Biao, my husband, runs the Noble Emperor Night Club and spent his youth living a life of debauchery, getting inflicted with preposterous ailments. We've been married for two years, but there's no news at all. My body is regular, but father-in-law and mother-in-law keep asserting that there was nothing wrong with their darling son. She was left with nothing to say due to this. Fortunately, she had a good sister-in-law, Meng Xiaomin, who was very sensible and had good relations with her. She often accompanied her to the Guanyin Temple to burn incense and pray. This provided her with some consolation.

Luo Bingbing knew that the woman before her, Min Roujia, had a deep background. She had turned 24 years old this year and had already worked in the Mobile Company for 6 years. From a customer service call switchboard operator, she had become a manager today. This was naturally due to her family background. Her husband, Meng Biao, was just a cub who had descended the mountain, so he didn't matter much. Her mother-in-law, Cao Baifeng, was currently the Chairwoman of Healthy Flower Private Hospital. Her father-in-law, Meng Yuanqing was Bureau Chief of Flame City's Public Security Bureau. Moreover, according to hearsay, the largest stockholder of Healthy Flower Hospital behind the scenes was the wife of the mayor, Mrs. Guo. All of these connections made the identity of this young married woman uncommon.

Although Lin Tianlong didn't know the exact identity of these three women, it hardly stopped him from enjoying the view to satiate his appetite leisurely.

Min Roujia's lustrous black hair draped over her shoulders. She had a soft, pale, mature face, two soft brows stretching out in an arc, bright pupils filled with gentleness, as well as a  cute nose on that lovely face which seemed to be carved out of white jadeite was similar to ripe fruit. Her tiny mouth curved upwards, making those wet, ruby lips release a captivating charm.

Her yellow shirt had an open V-shaped low-cut collar which exposed her elegant collarbones as well as those plump mounds of hers while her hair drifted in the air elegantly. Her waist had the perfect amount of flesh while her butt perked up high perfectly. Her legs were fair and slender. All over, she released a beauty specific to that of a working woman.

Her yellow pleated skirt reached till her knees while her pretty legs within the skirt were covered in pink-colored transparent crystal stockings. Her soft and plump thighs shone with a luster. Her slender calves were firm, and her feet had snow-like skin. Even though they were covered in stockings, veins were visible under the skin of her bare feet. Matched with them were the center-strap leather shoes which revealed her fair and tender hindfoot which contained a natural sexiness.

There was a difference in the attire of the beautiful young married woman and the pretty married woman. The beautiful young married woman's round breasts weren't as grand and mellow as the pretty married woman's, but those curves had enough of an 'arc.' They looked elegant and captivating. Her slender figure gave a sweet feel to others, but in fact, she too wasn't that tall and was only around 1.65 m tall. However, when she stood together with the pretty married woman, her superiority in 'height' became prominent.

Two women, one a fully ripe honey peach while the other a hardly matured grape. Lin Tianlong subconsciously gulped down his saliva.

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