City Lady-Killer — Chapter 35: Anchor; Wife (1)

These attractive breasts were really worth it! After the orgasm, those pink nipples stood erect on top of the circular areolas. Just as the ancients once said, perfect breasts as mouth-watering as a freshly skinned chicken's head. When he gazed upon the alluring buns before him, Lin Tianlong's libido flared up again, and the huge member that was inside Shi Jieyi's valley began to turn restless once more.

A thundershower still poured down outside the car with black clouds covering the sky, making it seem like it was night right now. Shi Jieyi also woke up from the aftereffects if the orgasm gradually. The events which had happened played like a movie flick before her eyes. She noticed Lin Tianlong gaze upon her breasts lustfully and also felt the pathway of her valley expand to its utmost due to his huge member. An electrifying limp pleasure made her moan out, making her raise her hand and place it on his chest while her valley had begun to slowly wriggle by itself. It sucked onto the glans of his huge member and the nectar which had run out had started brewing up again.

As she sensed that fully packed feeling inside her, Shi Jieyi felt a bit fearful inwardly. Just how did Lin Tianlong recover so fast? We did it so much just now and only after he made me cum many times, almost making me orgasm 3-4 times, did he cum. And within just a few minutes, though I possess the upper hand as a woman in terms of recovery, even he has begun to recover.

She didn't know what skills he was implementing at her nether regions, but she could feel her tender clitoris being pinched and massaged by his fingers. Within just 15 minutes, she had once again fallen into the crazy vortex of lust. Her legs had opened up in the M shape while her hands began to massage her breasts.

This time, Lin Tianlong didn't tease her for too long. Completely unlike her husband, that yang source which had become limped inside her body a moment ago had once again begun to turn hard, bringing her fear and joy.

"Tianlong, how come you're..."

Shi Jieyi couldn't meet his eyes due to feeling a bit shy. Her hands were placed on Lin Tianlong's chest to support herself. Although there was a torrential downpour outside, it didn't influence the movements and mood of the two people inside the car at all. Shi Jieyi had completely let go of her inhibitions right now. Since the matter had already happened, there was no point in feeling shy or afraid. Though she had lost her chastity as a married woman, she had also got to enjoy an unprecedentedly blissful and wet passion. By comparison, her life for the past few years with her husband were all a waste of her time.

Everybody holds thoughts of having an affair, it was just that some of them were lucky enough to follow through on it while some weren't. Moreover, once such a thing happens, in comparison to a man, it was always easier for a woman to find a reason to justify the affair and accept that reality quite quickly. Just like how the adage went - Life is like rape, and since you're powerless against it, you might as well enjoy it wholeheartedly.

Therefore, although Shi Jieyi felt a little ashamed as a married woman who committed the taboo of adultery, after getting a taste of the zenith pleasure and enjoying the passionate love, she had laid her heart bare and focused on enjoying this indescribable pleasure brought by the mental and physical freedom she felt.

It wasn't just a woman who could conquer the world through fucking men, a man could also conquer the world by fucking women. Of course, the prerequisite was that the man must possess enough drive and make the women submit to his prowess.

When Lin Tianlong saw Shi Jieyi's trembling eyelashes and felt the gentle pleasure from her the squirming of her valley's passage, he knew that she had already regained her senses from the aftereffects of the orgasm. But perhaps because she felt shy or for some other reason, she didn't dare to open her eyes to look at him. Lin Tianlong smiled mischievously; a strange gleam flashed through his eyes as a naughty thought popped up in his mind.

He playfully raised her thighs up and grabbed onto Shi Jieyi's bare waist, sensing the warm sensation of her tender skin. His heart pumped madly as he affirmed to himself that this pretty woman belonged to him from now. Lin Tianlong suddenly moved his member that was still inside of her, making her walls quiver in response and bring an unprecedentedly blissful sexual pleasure to him.

Shi Jieyi really possessed a seductive body. Her sexiness was far higher than that of Yang Meizhen, Huang Wanrong, and Yang Shimin, those mature women. It wasn't because nothing had happened between him and the three women, but rather that Shi Jieyi was his little mother's close friend, and also the wife of his father's subordinate. Adding onto it was the location where they were making love. It brought an especially exciting feeling while doing the deed.

After falling to Lin Tianlong's swift and crafty movements, Shi Jieyi stopped feeling embarrassed and gave out lovely moans intermittently. Her closed eyes slowly opened up along with his movements. The pleasure which had built up inside her from the previous orgasm still hadn't faded away. Her sensitive, tender flesh squeezed onto his huge member tightly. She couldn't help but call out to him, "Tianlong, you'll be the cause of my doom! How am I supposed to face your little mother now? With what face am I going to meet your father? And how will you face your Uncle Yansong?"

Although she said he'll bring her to damnation, Shi Jieyi began to slowly match her movements with Lin Tianlong's. The tender interior flesh of her valley bit onto him tightly, wriggling continuously while sucking onto him. Her calmed breathing became hoarser again. Each time her lips opened up, extremely lewd moans escaped out of her mouth.

A fragrant breath came out when she exhaled through her nose. Their nether regions stuck to each other and wet sloppy sounds accompanied the neverending sounds of pounding flesh. If it weren't for the heavy rain, the sounds from their movements within the Nissan car would've undoubtedly gathered up a crowd.

"Hehe, what did I do? You were the one who wanted this! Tell me, just who was the one who screamed 'Dear Husband, Dear Tianlong, I can't take it anymore. I want it. Give it to me quickly!'" Lin Tianlong kept moving his waist while he learned from the passionate exchange with her just now and couldn't help but speak dirty words to her.

"Ugh! Little Scoundrel! You baddie! You're teasing me like this and still not admitting it!"

When Shi Jieyi heard Lin Tianlong repeat the indecent words she had spoken before while he pounded her in such a way, her face flushed with anger. Although it was true that she said them, she felt very bashful when she got teased by this little lover of hers. Her cheeks blushed har, and her eyes turned misty.

Her jet-black lustrous hair swayed up and down along with her movements. Her unrestrained actions signified that Shi Jieyi had already laid down the virtue of a wife, a married woman, and was single-mindedly enjoying this extremely immoral act and the pleasure brought by this love affair.

With no worries weighing on her heart, Shi Jieyi's performance much intense than before. Her hair waved in the air, and her butt jiggled crazily while trying to seek the best spot to combine with him in all of their entirety. Lascivious moans escaped her mouth each time they opened up while her exposed breasts trembled as they bounced along with her movements, spurring the two cherries at the summit and made them dance enchantingly like elves within the snow.

Lin Tianlong also felt evermore excited. A married woman who had embraced freedom was a lot crazier than a girl. The reason was that a married woman possessed the know-how to serve a boy compared to a girl, and also had double the charm, that of a girl's and of a mature woman's. Therefore, to a boy, bedding a married woman was a rare blessing.

Lin Tianlong's hand kneaded Shi Jieyi's breasts and sensed the soft sensation from them. Adding onto that was the way she served him passionately. The flames in his heart flared up just like a campfire which turned into a forest fire. Lin Tianlong also stopped taking things into consideration and pounded her ferociously.

Shi Jieyi received the signal marking his quick and ferocious attacks and moaned even more loudly and indecently, making her moans much more arousing and enticing than usual. Her soft body matched Lin Tianlong's movements passionately while swaying up and down. When her body fell downwards, it made his member poke into the innermost flesh of her valley and resulted in her moaning loudly. Subsequently, she flailed her arms and hugged into him tightly.

As Shi Jieyi had already vented out her lust once, under Lin Tianlong's fierce attacks, her sensitive zone was stimulated once again by his member, and within a few hundred thrusts, she had given out a scream, her body shuddering. Her slender legs stretched outwards suddenly, and her waist arched back. Her hair danced in the air, her eyes semi-closed. Faint breaths escaped her lips in short bursts as warm fluids gushed out from the passage of her valley.


Following a soft exclamation, Shi Jieyi's body suddenly turned soft. She laid in the boy's embrace, coiling her legs around his waist with force, drenching it with the love fluids dripping down her buttocks. She sat there face to face in his hug and looked into his eyes which seemed to tease her directly for a short while before nestling her head beside her neck. After some time, she noticed that the boy wasn't showing any movement. His member was still inside her vagina and made her feel a heart jabbing pain which brought her discomfort.

With no other alternative, she had to begin moving by herself. She placed her legs on Lin Tianlong's sides and bent them to step on the seat which made it easier for her to move compared to before.

She gritted her teeth and probed first by raising her buttocks. Lin Tianlong's member that was pushing against the heart of her nectar cave withdrew a little while rubbing against her nectar walls, making her quiver in response and sit down due to losing strength in her legs. Followed by a groan, her brows furrowed together as tears flowed out of her eyes. This drop had really hurt her and caused his member to smoothly ram deeper inside her lubricated passage until her swollen flower bud. The bloated feeling made her belly feel sore and painful. It was clear that his member had already opened up her soft flower bud and entered into another place.

The boy's gasp sounded like he was really enjoying it while Shi Jieyi felt as if a rod had become stuck inside her belly. It made her feel very uncomfortable. She supported her legs on the seat and raised her buttocks up, but that meat rod was still stuck inside her flower bud. Each of her movements seemed to tug at her flower bud and made her lower body feel sore as well as numb. She sat down again, causing his member to thrust inside her flower bud once more, making her whole body tense up. She sobbed instantly after that, "Dear Tianlong... I beg you... please... pull it out a little... my stomach is going to... get skewered..."

She only knew that his member had already poked into her stomach and panicked a lot. Her pretty face was stained with tears while her breasts trembled along with her sobbing.

The boy reached out to grab her ass with a smile on his face and lifted it up with force. His member pulled out of her flower bud forcefully and made Shi Jieyi groan. She felt as if the cork blocking her flower bud had been popped out. Her entire body relaxed as she exhaled deeply.

But before she could even finish exhaling, the boy released his hands. That soft flower bud which still hadn't closed got forced open by his member immediately and crammed it tightly.

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