City Lady-Killer — Chapter 34: Car Sex in the Rain (3)

Shi Jieyi's nether regions were drenched in fluids and a complete mess. At first, when the boy had inserted just half of his member inside her, it caused her to moan in pain. His thing had reached the tender flesh deep inside her, a place which her husband had never reached all these years. That place squeezed onto that monstrosity to resist its invasion. On the other hand, the boy patiently pulled out, made a rotation then pushed inside her. As he did so, her tender flesh squirmed and brought a splitting pain similar to the one felt when a woman was deflowered to her. She almost screamed out in pain when a powerful palm covered her lips while the rod below repeated its movements. A pull, a rotation, a push, just a few iterations of them made her feel as if she were going to split into two. Her tight vagina was filled to the brim and squeezed out a lot of its oozy juices from inside. For the first time ever, her flower bud felt a limp pain from the glans' pounding.

The strain on Shi Jieyi naturally wasn't from her swollen pussy. After all, she was a married woman. Although the passage was tight, she had already accepted that thing inside before. It was just that Lin Tianlong was grinding a particular spot an inch inside of her vagina for the past 30 minutes. She didn't feel anything different in the beginning and just bit her lips to endure the pain with the hope that this nightmare would pass quickly, but her vagina became hotter as time passed. She felt as if a fine feather was tickling her vaginal walls, making them itch, and only that girthy member's grinding provided relief to her. It almost made her feel like begging the boy not to grind that place anymore.

But she couldn't bring herself to speak such words to a boy she was having an affair with when she could never say it to her husband.

She could only resist it, but the more she endured it, the more she focused her attention on it, and the sensations became all the more intense. Love fluids kept discharging out of her vagina, and a full section of the seat below her was already wet. Although she couldn't see the place between her thighs, the damp feeling which was akin to that of incontinence was already enough to make her feel ashamed.

"Mhmm... W-What are you doing?"

Shi Jieyi opened her eyes slightly and looked at Lin Tianlong who had stopped his movements with a blurred gaze as he pulled up her ankles along with her legs.

The boy gasped for breaths while playing with her feet donned in stockings for a moment. He pulled out his member until just the glans was inside the wet vaginal entrance. In the process of teasing this married woman, her virgin-tight vagina's suction almost made him shoot. If he hadn't stopped in time, he would've wasted his first yang essence in such a superficial and slow bout.

This brought suffering to Shi Jieyi. She was unable to move her limbs or straighten her back to grind her pussy against his glans. When the joyful sensations she was experiencing for so long stopped all of a sudden, she became disheartened. The pressure against her sweaty breasts had stopped, and her swollen nipples wet with both of their sweat hid again. And that glans wasn't just staying still there, it kept trembling and made her flesh squirm in return. It toyed with her so much that she was almost about to cry.


She really couldn't take it anymore, so she spoke up while sobbing but wasn't able to say anything after that one word.

The boy became stumped for words, but his eyes smiled soon after. He slowly raised her foot up, kissed her toes which were covered in the stockings then sucked on them.

"D-Don't play... with my feet... it feels... very weird..."

Shi Jieyi's face turned red. As his soft tongue licked the gaps between her toes, a gruff sensation accompanied the licking. Although it felt a little good, the sweetness she felt in heart, womb, and pussy became harder to endure.

In the end, she threw off all thoughts of restraint from her mind and willingly arched her waist backward to raise her butt up so the glans could effortlessly enter her vagina. It hurt a bit when a section of that huge member was swallowed inside and made her mons swell up. Inside, the glans scraped against her tender, plump flesh and brought back the soreness to the back of her waist. His member took advantage of this and withdrew out, which in turn made her purse her brows and give out a moan in the form of a suppressed hum.

After finally getting a taste of this sweetness, Shi Jieyi began to shake her waist up and down, slowly intoxicating her senses in the happiness brought by these movements. She didn't even notice that the boy was looking at her with a teasing look.

When she noticed that he wasn't teasing her feet anymore, Shi Jieyi looked towards the boy with astonishment and then discovered that he was looking at her. She became very embarrassed and wished to hide her face but couldn't. She could only deceive herself by closing her eyes and continue shaking her waist.

The boy felt his tailbone shiver and was close to ejaculating. He knew this was the critical moment. As he looked at the crazed, lustful appearance of Shi Jieyi, a faint prideful smile rose up on his face. Without giving her any time to react, he suddenly brought her now free legs towards her breasts, which perked her buttocks upwards and raised up her wet dripping pussy.

Amidst the intoxicating pleasure, Shi Jieyi suddenly quivered all over. She was forced into such a shameful posture before she even realized it and was just about to push him away when her a huge wave ran through her hollow vagina as that hot member of his broke into the deepest recess inside her.

"Aaaahhhhhh —— Tianlong!! Mwgh!"

She used her hands to cover her mouth to suppress her voice. Her somewhat numb legs had already coiled around the boy's waist while her flushed buttcheeks milled against his pubis while she shook them.

Shi Jieyi's moans almost seemed to possess an aphrodisiac effect and stimulated Lin Tianlong intensely. When he recalled the fact that such a pretty and noble woman like Shi Jieyi was serving at his crotch and that they were even having uniform sex, it made him ram her harder.

The stimulation from the pleasure was very exciting and made their lust surge. It made Lin Tianlong spare no effort to make his rock hard member thrust crazily in and out of her ecstatic vagina.

When pushed inside her, he reached the deepest corner of her pussy, and when he pulled out, he only left a small section of his glans inside her vagina. After a few thrusts, he became fairly adept at repeating these motions. When he pulled out, his member didn't slip out of her honeypot and perfectly closed up her vaginal entrance. He then grabbed the best timing to thrust towards her vagina's abyss. In this way, many things were covered. First, his member wouldn't stop the thrusts due to slipping out. Second, the pleasure would be continuous. Third, the glans would intensely rub against her labia then scour her inside from the tightest place to the deepest spot.

Shi Jieyi wiggled her butt even more eagerly while her legs opened up sideways so his huge member could push deeper inside her. Nectar gushed out of her flower garden like streamlet.

He felt excited when he saw the entranced expression on her face and heard her crazy moans. His libido surged up again, making him thrust inside her soft, warm and wet pussy in a crazed manner while gasping for breaths.

Her tender and sensitive labia rubbed against his shaft harder, and his glans did the same, bringing even more intense pleasure to both of them. The two of them kept reaching one high after another immersed their mind and heart within the zenith pleasure.

Lin Tianlong kept ramming his thighs at the tender body above them while his hands fondled and caressed Shi Jieyi's perfectly round buttocks. Along with his thrusting, love fluids kept rushing out of her valley.

Shi Jieyi couldn't endure this bone-itching, ecstatic pleasure and forgot all about where she was. She matched Lin Tianlong's movements, wagging her buttocks in a crazed manner, making her huge breasts bounce up and down.

The boy wasn't expecting Shi Jieyi to let go of all restraints to such a degree all of a sudden. He was planning to mill her flower bud for a moment then push against it a bit, but she actually coiled her legs around him and opened up the entrance to her womb. It seemed as if thousands of tiny hands along the flesh of her tender, contracting vagina were pulling his member towards the abyss. The increasing amount of sex fluids her pussy released drenched the summit of his member.

The boy trembled then pressed down Shi Jieyi's plump body following a moan. His yang essence spurted deep inside her wet flower bud, which caused Shi Jieyi to quiver and orgasm once again.

Perhaps because they were making love inside the Nissan car or maybe Shi Jieyi's identity made Lin Tianlong excited over the limit, after her third orgasm, she clung onto his body like a koala while reveling in the pleasant aftertaste post-orgasm, and this made Lin Tianlong jizz powerfully inside her flower bud. After he came, Shi Jieyi gave out a loud moan before dropping powerless in his embrace.

After the orgasm, Shi Jieyi enjoyed the sensation of climaxing which she hadn't experienced in a long time with semi-closed eyes. Both her body as well as mind were riding the clouds. From time to time, she gave out soft moans from her mouth. Her bare top body was already drenched in fragrant sweat, and all of her pretty hair was moist, with a few strands hanging before her eyes. Her vaginal walls wriggled occasionally and squeezed onto Lin Tianlong's colossal member that was still inside of her.

After venting out his desires, Lin Tianlong's heart also felt refreshed. Making love with Shi Jieyi felt like a battle to him, and exhausted a lot of his mental and physical strength. Just the fact that she was able to match Lin Tianlong's current prowess to a draw proved that her skills were out of the ordinary. It was evident how intense the lust which had bottled up inside her was. However, since a man and woman were physically different, Lin Tianlong's continuous attacks had, in the end, defeated her, making her fall into his embrace powerlessly.

Lin Tianlong wore a deep smile on his face. Today's harvest was quite bountiful for him. Shi Jieyi wasn't just a pretty flower but also possessed a fierce battle strength. When he had fun with his girlfriends in senior high and vocational school, the girls weren't even close to being his opponents. On the other hand, although Shi Jieyi had fallen under his attacks, it required him to spend a good deal of mental and physical strength to do that.

Lin Tianlong's hand grabbed Shi Jieyi's rising breasts and squeezed them gently. As he watched her powerless figure lay in his embrace, he felt it was pretty unbelievable that he had sex with his little mother's close friend inside the car. He shook his head, feeling that he was becoming too perverted.

Shi Jieyi slowly roused up from the aftertaste of the orgasm and saw Lin Tianlong eye her breasts lustfully. She subconsciously raised her hand...

Her fair breasts were bare naked before the boy's eyes. They quivered slightly, and the two pretty cherries on the top also trembled post-orgasm. Lin Tianlong looked at them with his eyes wide open. Although he had groped them and even sucked them with his mouth, he was still very fascinated by these beautiful and perfect breasts.

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