City Lady-Killer — Chapter 33: Car Sex in the Rain (2)

Lin Tianlong chuckled inwardly. It seems like my romantic luck is pretty good. Auntie Jie is quite a charming woman. As a TV anchor, she possesses a dignified appearance on the outside yet she's such a slut when she's turned on, a perfect lady.

Lin Tianlong's hand gradually slithered under her skirt, caressing the inner side of her tender thighs with his warm hand. Shi Jieyi couldn't hold it in and began to squirm. Through his hand, she could even feel the warm honey leaking out of depths of her valley.

Lin Tianlong's breathing turned rougher. Although he had sex plenty of times with women from his high school period to the vocational school period, he had never got the chance to experience having sex with a woman inside a car. Meeting such a lovely anchor just after graduation, that too a close friend of his little mother and the wife of his father's subordinate, made Lin Tianlong feel like he would explode as he imagined her serving at his crotch.

Summer rain poured down outside the car while spring was blooming inside.

Faint breaths came out of her sweet face. An intense scent specific to a married woman's drifted around her. Below her messy hair was a pair of bewitching eyes filled with lust while her cheeks were flushed. An uncontrollable blazing passion seemed to overflow out of her.

Her plump breasts jiggled along with her excitement, giving rise to a fascinating scene.

Their chests were sticking to each other, mouths glued to each other, tongues twined with each other. A deep love was constantly transmitted through this kiss and under Lin Tianlong's caress, Shi Jieyi was already turned on to the max. She had forgotten her identity as a TV anchor and that she was married. Lin Tianlong's hand which was on her perfect thighs were utterly drenched in the fluids gushing out of her deep valley. The stockings had also left her thighs under his continuous effort, and were rolled down to her knees.

Lin Tianlong could now vividly feel Shi Jieyi's pliant calves directly. As she exercised frequently, the muscles had become much firmer than a normal woman's.

It's such bliss when she's so obedient. I never thought Auntie Jie had such a side to her. She looks so sexy with her stockings rolled down her thighs. Lin Tianlong sighed inwardly while they dueled with their tongues. Auntie Jie is indeed a peerless beauty. God, she's making me go crazy.

What Lin Tianlong didn't know was that although Shi Jieyi she had given him permission to do things in the car, it was because of his identity and age. He was the son of her husband's boss and the stepson of her close friend. Identity, seniority, and age - the act of doing something taboo on these three aspects excited her. Moreover, as a famous TV anchor, it was impossible for her to have an affair. Though she had run into Lin Tianlong in the washroom of Chinese Media and became charmed by him, their current actions were equal to kindling a fire, giving rise to a hotter and bigger flame. Ripples appeared in her heart due to this. She had also orgasmed in front of him in the washroom. Too many vague things had happened between them already, and this boy was the first one she had ever opened up her heart to except for her husband. She matched his movements and indulged herself in it.

Her cheeks were flushed and her ears utterly red due to his actions. He released her lips and began seeking other places of her body. Earlobes were always one of the sensitive locations on a woman's body. When he nibbled on it, it made her quiver all over and give out a sexy moan.

"Tianlong, don't!"

Although she spoke such words, her hands were tightly hugging his waist. Her breaths were short, eyes narrowed as she panted faintly. Her body produced an intense reaction as her hormones went crazy, making her nipples perk up and spew a flood of honey from her nether regions. Powerless, she fell on top of his thighs. She didn't even need to touch her skirt to know that it was already drenched in her love liquids. Rather than to cover her valley, her panties had become the dam holding back the honey from overflowing out of it.

Lin Tianlong paid no attention to it, and after he had licked her earlobes, he attacked her hair. He felt his libido surge up after hearing Shi Jieyi mewl charmingly like a cat, but to conquer this married woman before him thoroughly, he spared no effort to arouse the passion hidden deep in her heart.

He had taken off her shirt which was the emblem of her identity before she even realized it. Her bare skin was right in front of him to view. Her huge breasts were barely contained inside her green patterned bra, and when he undid her bra, those beautiful work of arts were revealed to his eyes.

Her waist was slender and without flab, seeming very firm. As Lin Tianlong had removed her shirt and bra, they were unbounded and free right now.

They trembled slightly as the cold air came in contact with them. As Shi Jieyi hadn't breastfed due to not having a child, they were plump and upright, showing no signs of drooping. Lin Tianlong exclaimed in admiration before bringing his mouth closer and biting on her nipple lightly.

When the boy caught one of her sensitive spots, Shi Jieyi drew in a cold breath which then slowly turned into a moan. She felt warmth rise up from the depths of her heart due to his actions. Her body squirmed from the different kinds of sensations she felt. They stimulated each part of her skin and nerves. I wonder if what I'm doing can be called having an affair? It's no wonder everyone says having an affair feels so great. So this feeling is the reason so many men and women have affairs. Shi Jieyi chuckled in her heart at the fact that she still had the mood to think such senseless things in such a situation. After that, she thoroughly succumbed to Lin Tianlong's actions. Moreover, she didn't need that kind of long caress, just a mere touch on her nipple or her buttocks made her wet. The contractions of her vaginal walls expressed the emptiness they felt and made her release an extended moan.

That extended moan of hers was the best encouragement to Lin Tianlong. His hand swiftly and silently reached out towards her lace panties which were the final defense covering her plump buttocks. He brought his skills to a new high as he kneaded her clitoris to stimulate her. Although it was through the panties, he could clearly feel that the warm fluids brewing inside were ready to surge out.

Lin Tianlong released the already swollen nipple from her mouth. He too had somewhat lost his senses at the moment and wanted to overpower her on top of the seat and eat her up to his heart's content. Moreover, the woman in his embrace was already prepared enough to take him inside.

He quietly liberated his massive member out of his pants and silently aimed it towards the passage of her valley which was overflowing with fluids. Although he wanted to make love with her while laying down, as they were in the car, he could only fuck her while she sat on his thighs. However, this also allowed him to see her face brimming with desire and the skirt as well as the stockings still on her added the allure of a sexy white-collar worker to her.

Lin Tianlong's hand slowly caressed her buttocks then moved to the front where his hand came in contact with her nether regions which seemed like fresh clam meat drenched in honey juices. He kneaded that meat lightly, which caused it to spray warm fluids onto his palm. He bowed his head and smiled gently, raising her slender leg in an arch while he straightened his back to bring him huge member towards her genitals.

Isn't this the legendary uniform sex? thought Lin Tianlong when he considered Shi Jieyi's identity and the fact that they were actually making out in the Nissan car. He looked at Shi Jieyi enjoy his tender caress with semi-closed eyes and felt his heart thump faster all of a sudden. His libido had ascended to the highest point possible and couldn't hold back the flames of passion in his heart anymore. His hand pulled her wet lace panties aside and aimed his colossal member towards the passage of her valley and pushed inside.

Shi Jieyi was still enjoying his gentle caress, immersing herself in the sweet comfort which was akin to love that this handsome youth brought her. She hadn't expected that he had already advanced from below and was just about to tell him to stop when the satisfying sensation of fullness brought by his warm, huge member made her draw in a cold breath. Although she had already prepared her mind, she didn't think he would force himself in with such majesty and power.

"Arrrgh! Yansong, my husband, forgive me. I'm being fucked by another man, a boy, your boss' darling son! Oooh! It's so huuuggee!" Her hands which were about to push him away now hugged his waist tightly to prevent herself from falling back when he pounded her. Enticing moans left her little cherry mouth from time to time. Along with his movements, more and more honey dripped out of her nether regions. Her legs had already coiled themselves around him, and she possessed no intentions of resisting right now. Let alone, if he stopped, she might even take the initiative to seek him so she could comfort herself.

Shi Jieyi's eyes became blurred gradually as the man in front of her lunged in and out of her vagina for 30 minutes. She still held some reservedness in her heart in the beginning, so her tight pussy felt unwell when that thick member entered inside her. During these 30 minutes, it had milled her nether regions dry clean.

The unbearable itch at her nethers and the limp pain accumulating at the back of her waist made her bite her lips so hard that they almost drew blood.

The boy's firm chest pressed against her breasts. His powerful pecs squeezed those mounds of her flat and made it difficult for her to move. Each time he rammed her buttocks, her upper body would move immediately afterward. His hard chest rubbed against her nipples amply enough. Her nipples which were usually hidden inside her areolas had exposed themselves outside now and scraped against his chest. Each time it happened, an ache would travel to the depths of her throat.

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