City Lady-Killer — Chapter 31: In the Car; With the Tantalizing Beauty (3)

"My dear sister, did you forget that your car is tinted? The people outside can't see what's happening inside." As the boy spoke these words, he brought his mouth close to her ears and mischievously released his manly breath towards her. After hearing his words, an unusual desire rose up in her heart.

"Why don't we do it?"

Lin Tianlong felt relaxed after noticing that this pretty anchor didn't dislike his actions. He wasn't a patient man, so it was impossible for him to not feel tempted to do anything while hugging a married woman. He decided to make the best out of the situation by placing his hand on her waist then gently caressing it, feeling its smooth sensation.

The woman was in a daze, so she didn't hear what Lin Tianlong had said. She asked him, "Do what?"

"What do you want to do with me?"

A wicked gaze and a saucy tone, it really possessed an unspeakable ambiguity. Shi Jieyi came to her senses after hearing his words and realized that she had misunderstood him. She felt very embarrassed and blushed hard. After appreciating her bashful appearance, Lin Tianlong smiled at her, "I'm talking about driving the car."

"Are you willing to do it with me?"

"I really can't refuse a baddie like you now, can I? Alright then, this sister will be brazen by sacrificing myself to let you have your fun."

Perhaps it was due to the questionable interaction between them, Shi Jieyi's face was thoroughly flushed, and her eyes shone with a blazing passion.

One look at this charming appearance of hers had stolen Lin Tianlong's soul.

"Hehe, you're so nice, my dear sister."

In his excitation, Lin Tianlong kissed her cheeks deeply. Shi Jieyi showed no reaction to this and acted as if she was struck by lightning, reacting only a few seconds later. "Little Baddie, what did you do just now?"

Lin Tianlong giggled at her, "My dear sister, you're so good to me, so I have to naturally express my gratitude to you."

Shi Jieyi's ears turned entirely red as she glared at Lin Tianlong, "Little Baddie, have you ever heard of someone thanking people like this?"

"Hehe, how else do you want me to thank you then, my dear sister?"

Lin Tianlong moved his head to stare at her right in the face. A shocking blaze which would make a woman apprehensive had lit up in his eyes.

While he asked that question, he hugged her more tightly so he could feel her soft body up-close, allowing her round buttocks to firmly land on his thighs.

After sensing the boy's domineering demeanor, a flame had also lit up inside Shi Jieyi's heart. He looks so innocent on the outside but he's actually such a baddie inside. Fufu, this is getting more and more interesting.

Although she thought that way, she still expressed anger with her words, "Can you please stop bullying me? How can I dare to accept your gratitude?"

Being hugged like that by a boy made her feel a little uncomfortable, so she couldn't help but move a bit. However, she hadn't thought that her movements would provide an unprecedented stimulus to that impatient boy. Her anal lobe moved up and down his crotch...

Lin Tianlong was only planning to have some fun and have a taste of this tantalizing married anchor. Even if he had the guts, he wouldn't dare to do anything too indecent on top of the highway as it was too dangerous. It would harm both him and the other person.

But at this moment, this pretty woman had accidentally stimulated him in a closed space. Like the flames left on land by a lightning strike, lust surged up inside him all over. His member became as hard as iron similar to the awakening of Sun Wukong's golden cudgel and poked into her round buttocks. Lin Tianlong exclaimed in pain as he requested her, "My dear sister, stop moving. If you move again, I won't be able to hold back anymore."

The pretty woman had also sensed the transformation of the boy's member by now. Though it was through two layers of clothing, she could feel the heat and hugeness of his thing. She had felt a shock go through her body back in the washroom of Chinese Media, and now, she was experiencing it again. Such close contact allowed her to feel the size, hardness, and hotness of the boy's member clearly, enrapturing her heart until she lost all senses.

When that erect python poked at her butt, it was akin to throwing a stone into a bucket of water. It caused ripples in the woman's heart, causing her to fantasize. I really wasn't expecting this little baddie's thing to have such a huge size though he's so young. I wonder how doing that with him would feel?

The woman felt embarrassed yet also looked forward to it. After all, she hadn't made love with her husband in a long time, so her neglected body had begun to accumulate heat slowly.

Lin Tianlong felt jubilant after sensing the change in Shi Jieyi. A wicked thought suddenly rose up in his mind, "My dear sister, how would I dare to bully you?"

Although he said such words, the tent on his pants rose higher and secured itself right in between the woman's buttcheeks.

The woman could feel the heat more clearly now, almost as if that thing were touching her butt directly. She moaned subconsciously and barely managed to reply to him, "Little Baddie, stop messing around... Ooohh... Lift the clutch now... Aaahh... ... why are you naughty?"

Lin Tianlong was stepping on the clutch previously. Now that he did what she told him to, his member sunk deeper into the gap between her buttcheeks through the skirt.

Although she wasn't doing anything in reality, that feeling almost felt like the real one yet also seemed to lack in something. After all, it had been a long time since she had accepted something inside. Her heart trembled as a warm fluid gathered towards her lower body. It was hard to say whether she felt uncomfortable or... Either way, the woman couldn't help but arch her neck, part her lips slightly and try her best to stop a moan from leaving her mouth. However, her gaze was already blurry and felt powerless all over.

Lin Tianlong acted as if he was clueless about what was happening and asked with concern, "My dear sister, what's up? Do you feel unwell?"

Shi Jieyi felt very angry after hearing his question. She gave a grudging glance to him, "I'm fine. Boy, you..."

She wanted to tell him to get farther from her, but she couldn't bring herself to say it.

"What is it, my dear sister?" Lin Tianlong looked at Shi Jieyi like an obedient child. Their heads were close to each other, so it rubbed against her cheeks.

The woman felt her body tickle and thus wiggled her body. Her well-rounded butt kept rubbing against his tent, adding fuel to the flames of lust within Lin Tianlong. His member became bigger, harder, thicker and hotter.

The woman had sensed it immediately. She had been married for 7 years already, so she had experienced all aspects of society, but this was her first time knowing such a huge thing could exist. She felt shocked. Oh my God, it's so huge. I wonder if my body can even take it in.

Sensing the boy look at her, Shi Jieyi shifted her gaze away shyly, "Nothing at all? I think you should just call me Auntie Jie!"

"Auntie Jie is fine, and so is calling you sister. In short, I have to thank you!" Tianlong's hands embraced Shi Jieyi's waist as he planted a kiss on her fair neck.

"What are you doing, you baddie?" Shi Jieyi blushed with shame, "Drive the car honestly! Stop bullying me! Why don't you test the brakes?"

"My dear Auntie Jie, when have I ever bullied you?" Although he said such words, as he stepped on the brakes, the tent below poked at her once more.

Shi Jieyi moaned again then berated him while breathing faintly, "Alright, lift the clutch now..." But she was left speechless by his actions. He pressed the accelerator for a few moments then applied the brakes over and over again. He also seized this opportunity to poke at her buttocks with his member, making her feel breathless and weak all over.

"My dear Auntie Jie, I've can already drive the car so how should I thank you?" Tianlong smiled mischievously as he placed his paws on Shi Jieyi's breasts and fondled them gently.

Shi Jieyi felt that the boy wouldn't cherish it if he got what he wanted easily. She gritted her teeth and pulled his hand away firmly to stop him from having his way, "Why don't you treat me to a meal then?"

Lin Tianlong was stunned by the sudden change in her attitude. However, he felt relieved after pondering over it. Since she had worked as a TV anchor for a few years, if she didn't possess such methods and willpower, the perverts of the political circle at the TV station would've laid their hands on her already.


Lin Tianlong believed that haste would bring ruin. If he used force with her, she might start hating him, so he withdrew his paws back.

Right at this moment, the sky turned dark as black clouds covered the sky. Although the AC was running inside the car, the mood was made their bodies warmer. Shi Jieyi wasn't willing to give up and took a deep breath, "Boy, were you so late in coming down because you were getting intimate with Meizhen?"

Shi Jieyi suddenly gave a charming glance to Lin Tianlong. Rather than him getting closer to other women, she preferred to be the one in his eyes. The expression in her eyes which lingered with longing and love captivated him very much.

Lin Tianlong laughed licentiously as his hand caressed her thighs gently, "Auntie Jie, tell me, do you like me? You've become so concerned about my personal life."

"Who said that? I know you're a fickle rich baddie." After her emotions calmed down, Shi Jieyi rebuked him. She felt powerless all over due to his gentle caress and sensed the wetness from her lower body, which caused her to squirm slightly. She extended her legs downwards intending to start up the red Nissan again.

"Don't do that, Auntie Jie. I'll do it, okay?"

Lin Tianlong rejoiced internally when he saw her clamp her legs together while blushing. He imagined the fascinating scenery depicting the state of her panties as well as mons after being teased so much. He felt his libido flare up, causing the sleeping beast in his pants to wake up entirely and raise its head.

"Ehh, alright."

Shi Jieyi knew she wasn't in a state to drive right now. She felt flustered as well as euphoric. If she drove right now, it might lead to an accident as she felt quite unwell right now. She thought it would be best for the boy to drive the car instead of her.

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