City Lady-Killer — Chapter 30: In the Car; With the Tantalizing Beauty (2)

"Okay! When others are present, I'll call you Auntie Jie (Jie Yi) which is a homonym of your name. It will refer to you by your name as well as address you as Auntie. Doesn't that satisfy all the conditions perfectly?" Lin Tianlong smiled at her.

"You're really a clever and quick-witted brat!" Shi Jieyi felt somewhat at ease after hearing his words. "Alright then. Sister will teach you how to drive now."

Shi Jieyi patiently explained everything to Lin Tianlong. The functions of the clutch, brake, accelerator, and also a few of the buttons. She went over the process to a few times and mentioned things he must pay attention to among them.

Although Shi Jieyi spoke attentively in a severe manner, each time her ruddy lips opened up, an aroma permeated the entire car. Lin Tianlong knew very well that he wasn't interested in listening to her, but his mind couldn't help but get attracted to her. He kept gazing at her then slowly slithered his gaze downwards...

The more he looked, the more he became fond of this pretty married woman. Although she was already over 30 years old, as she hadn't given birth and took good care of herself, each and every movement of hers automatically released a type of mature charm specific to a married woman's. Her clothes added on an enchanting grace to her. And that knee-length black women's suit which was barely 20 cm in length below her waist wrapped around her body tightly. Her sexy black underwear was vaguely visible through it, and they couldn't contain her womanly breasts which possessed sufficient pliability.

The skin colored stockings formed a contrast with her legs as well as plump buttocks. And beneath them were her pair of slender, fair thighs which were flawless. The curves from her thighs to the calves which seemed like they were woven from silk emphasized her proportions a lot. Her 3-inch high-heeled crystal shoes offset her calves, making them look slimmer and added on a mystical charm on top of her body curves.

Shi Jieyi's face blushed slightly when she felt the boy's gaze. She fumed at him, "Little Guy, where are you looking? Listen to what I'm saying."

Li Tianlong giggled at her then reluctantly moved his gaze off her body, "Hehe, aren't I listening?" Saying so, he brought his lips near her slightly flushed ears then said in a low voice, "My dear sister, you look beautiful!" He then blew hot air into her ears.

That hot air turned into heat, making her ears flush thoroughly. The boy's voice was heavy and had a husky tone to it. In such a situation, it really possessed an unspeakable ambiguity. Shi Jieyi wasn't disgusted by the boy's excessive action at all. Contrarily, she felt somewhat excited, "Damn brat, you really know how to make me happy."

When she saw that he was about to say something, Shi Jie took the initiative first, "Alright. Little Guy, it's time to stop fantasizing. Did you understand what I told you just now?"

After hearing her words, Lin Tianlong recovered his usual expression while affirming it, "I did."

Shi Jieyi smiled at him, "Just look at your idiotic expression. I'll show the procedure again so look properly this time. Actually, driving a car is pretty simple."

These past few years, China's development had been following a meteoric rise. Almost all the commoners possessed cars now, the only difference was in the price of their vehicles. And letting one's subordinates use one's high-grade car was a symbol of status to some extent. A feeling of superiority naturally followed along with status. Therefore, women who drove cars possessed a kind of aura. Shi Jieyi really displayed this aura vividly when she drove the car.

Lin Tianlong was a bit entranced while he looked at her, "Dear Sister, have you never taught someone how to drive?"

"Of course I haven't."

"Hehe, my dear sister, shouldn't I be grateful for this favor then?"

As the both of got closer, the manly breath Lin Tianlong's body released made Shi Jieyi's cheeks blush harder. Her eyes turned watery and began to swim around, almost sucking Lin Tianlong's soul into them. He gave her a careful and solemn glance. His hand was placed on her smooth thigh and could feel its softness through the stockings. Ripples formed inside his heart as he teased her, "I wonder which way would be better to express my gratitude for you, my sister?"

"Little Baddie, stop messing around. This lady is in a serious mood right now so stop groping with your paws." Shi Jieyi's thighs moved a bit as she blushed with shame while giving Lin Tianlong a glance. She protested in a coquettish manner, "How will I drive the car if you do that?"

Lin Tianlong saw that Shi Jieyi had just move a little and wasn't rejecting his advances, so he became bolder. His hand didn't move away from her supple thighs, "Dear Sister, just keep speaking and don't mind me. I'll store everything safely in my memory."

As he said those words, he put some force into his hand. Along with the increment in force, he could sense her skin's tenderness even more clearly.

Shi Jieyi's body had already reacted when Lin Tianlong had molested her in Chinese Media's restroom. Being alone with him inside a closed space of the car made it difficult for her to control herself. Moreover, there was also the age and seniority difference between them as well as the excitement of committing something determined to be taboo by the ethics. After hearing his words, she decided to pretend she didn't notice his wrong actions as long as he didn't overstep the boundaries and let him act as he wishes. After all, her husband's lifeline was in the hands of his father and little mother.

However, after just a moment, she began to feel the difference. The boy's hand seemed to possess some kind of magic. She felt as if she were being zapped as his hands caressed her thighs. Soon after, a slight heat rose off the surface along with an itch. A sensation which was neither pleasant nor unpleasant, something quite hard to determine, filled her heart. She parted her lips slightly and subconsciously moaned out.

If this goes on, I'll lose all face. Shi Jieyi hastily caught his hand while saying in an angry tone, "Little Baddie, I told you not to grope. Can't you see that I'm driving right now?"

"Dear Sister, since you hyped it up so much, my hands are itching now. Why don't you let me drive?" Tianlong's eyes whirled around as he formulated a plan. He decided to go closer to Shi Jieyi and hugged her soft waist in his arms.

As he said this, a very demonic curve rose up on the corners of his mouth. Unfortunately, Shi Jieyi didn't see it. If not, she would've thought over his suggestion again. From her experience, she would've made out that the boy's expression meant that he was planning something terrible.

"Little Baddie, don't make a scene now. Do you really remember everything I told you? Just knowing a little of it won't do." Shi Jieyi hastily stopped the car at the roadside then pretended to be angry and scolded him.

She looked at Lin Tianlong suspiciously. Nowadays, the majority of the people who got into traffic accidents were because the drivers were 'novices' who drove to satisfy their curiosity and end up as street killers. Some don't even possess a driver's license. Naturally, many of them were people who failed the driving test and bribed the driving school to get the license.

"Dear Sister, just let me try once!" Tianlong acted shamelessly on purpose. His hand began to feel up her buttocks wantonly.

"Little Baddie, this is your first time learning it. How can you drive a car right after that? Aren't you trying to overdo it? You shouldn't bite off more than you can chew to get quick results!" Shi Jieyi grabbed Tianlong's perverted hands and reprimanded him, "Behave now! Little Baddie, where is there a student who takes advantage of his instructor?"

"Does sister not know that a relationship between teacher and student as well as between a young man and older woman are the fad right now? My dear sister, just let me drive once, okay?" While he said this, the boy grabbed the pretty anchor's hand and pleaded in a soft tone, "With sister guiding me, I'm sure I will be able to drive smoothly."

After looking at Lin Tianlong's eager appearance, Shi Jieyi who was thinking of refusing before changed her words, "Okay. But you have to drive slowly."

Both of them exchanged their seats after that. After wearing the seat belt, Lin Tianlong turned on the ignition according to how Shi Jieyi had explained to him. He checked if everything was working correctly then turned on the car's indicator light and released the break... The car started up smoothly.

"Little Baddie, you're really smart. You learned how to do it after just one lesson. That's quite amazing."

Shi Jieyi exclaimed in admiration after watching Lin Tianlong operate the car.

Some people must not be praised, and perhaps Lin Tianlong was just that kind of a person. Shi Jieyi's praise made him feel proud and caused his mind to wander. While he was daydreaming, he almost crashed the car into an electric pole at high speed.

When she saw this, Shi Jie was frightened out of her wits. She screamed while acting quickly by pulling on the emergency break with both her hands then turned the key in the reverse direction to turn off the engine. She patted her chest while still having lingering fears then looked at Lin Tianlong with fury and said resentfully, "Little Guy, what were you thinking just now? You almost caused an accident."

"I recalled the restroom! Hahaha!"

"Little Baddie, what rubbish are you talking?" Shi Jieyi glared at him with blame and shame, "It's better for me to drive. If you continue like this, I'll get sick from all the scares."

"It was an accident just now." Lin Tianlong laughed shamelessly then pulled Shi Jieyi's arm, "Dear Sister, let me drive. I guarantee it will be fine this time."

Shi Jieyi had already become accustomed to Lin Tianlong holding her hands, so she didn't break free from his grip this time. "Don't. Driving a car isn't a joke, it's quite dangerous. In the cars used by the driving school, there's a secondary break at the instructors front passenger seat which they can use in case of emergencies, but my car doesn't have that. It will be quite risky if there's another mishap. If something were to happen to you, I wouldn't be able to explain it to Sister Nianci and Director Liang!"

After saying this, she comforted him, "If you really want to learn, I'll help you join a driving school in the future."

Lin Tianlong rolled his eyes, "There's no need to go through so much trouble. My dear sister, I have an idea which will remove all dangerous factors."

"What is it? Aaah, Little Baddie, what are you doing?" Shi Jieyi struggled in embarrassment. She had hardly asked him what he was planning to do when he raised her up by her buttocks then moved his body and placed her overtly within his embrace on the driver's seat. She was hugging his body with all of hers. Although she had some wicked thoughts in her heart, she felt terrified when she got embraced by the boy all of a sudden.

Lin Tianlong held her in his embrace and brought his face near her ears, "Dear Sister, you help me control the steering wheel while I'll handle the gearbox and brake. With us dividing up the work and working in harmony, there will be no danger at all! However, I'll have to first request sister to raise your butt up a little!"

The boy possessed a muscular physique. When he raised her up and hugged him, Shi Jieyi felt like she was a little sheep. She really wasn't expecting such a weak looking boy would give her such a feeling after she interacted with him. As she sat in his embrace, she felt a deep sense of security, something which every woman sought in their life.

"No way. People will comment if they see us." Shi Jieyi felt anxious as well as shy and wished to struggle free from the boy's hug, but she allowed him to keep hugging her, unable to bring herself to leave it.

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