City Lady-Killer — Chapter 29: In the Car; With the Tantalizing Beauty

Compared to last year when Tianlong had come to intern at the company, he had worked out hard and developed well-toned muscles. His body possessed a strong manly breath now. She liked this ray of light within the endless darkness, this ripple which had appeared in the tranquil waters, this hope which had lit up in her sexless married life.

Although he was just a boy and also Director Liang's son, her imagination often ran wild when she saw him. She would even have physiological reactions. Blood rushed to her lower body, and she felt parched all over. However, she had nowhere to release this desire and made her crave for it. She could only fantasize about having sex with him and use that to masturbate.

In the beginning, she used to masturbate once in a while, but gradually, she began to take pleasure in doing it. Even when she had sex with her husband, she imagined she was having sex with Tianlong and reached the climax. Nowadays, her husband wasn't present at home, so she was more accustomed to masturbating.

As a modern, intellectual woman, her stance on this was very open-minded. She was a little embarrassed when she started doing it, but the more she did it, the less it bothered her. She had drawn up a bottom line though. Having an affair spiritually was just an adjustment for her, but having an affair physically was a real betrayal. As long as she made sure that didn't happen, she was okay with what she was doing.

Since she decided to do this, she followed through on it. For the past many years, no matter how badly she craved for it, she never crossed the bottom line. She was always vigilant to prevent herself from really having an affair.

"Mmhm...Mmm..." Yang Shimin clamped her legs tightly while she enjoyed the pleasure of masturbating more and more. Right now, there was little difference between her sexual fantasies and real sex in her perception. Up to some extent, the fantasy was superior to reality. Because real sex was limited to doing it with her husband while in her fantasies, she could do it with Tianlong, who was her boss's son as well as elder sister's godson. This gave rise to an indescribable stimulation and pleasure inside her, and also made her feel the thrill of stealing her elder sister's love.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh..." Yang Meizhen imagined Tianlong using his young and robust body to thrust inside her wildly and suddenly gave out a long moan. Her body quivered as nectar gushed out of her honeypot and dripped along her thighs. She had finally orgasmed in her sexual fantasy.

Leaving aside the passionate feelings stirred inside Yang Meizhen by Tianlong, when he exited the elevator back then, Shi Jieyi was already waiting in front of the Chinese Media building in her red car for a long time.

Lin Tianlong sat in the front passenger seat and joked with her when she saw her dispirited look, "What is it? Do you not like me, Aunt Shi?"

Although Lin Tianlong had a personality which set him apart from the masses right from his childhood, he too was never so wanton. But ever since he was bitten by the white snakes near the Guanyin Temple on Flame Peak, certain aspects of his character were being influenced imperceptibly, making him act wilder and confident more and more.

Although it was this way, Lin Tianlong still felt a bit afraid and looked at her cautiously as he feared he would make her angry. Nowadays, the criminal charges for sexual harassment were pretty hefty, and the other party was his little mother's friend to boot. Fortunately, she hadn't gotten angry; her face just blushed a little.

Shi Jieyi was a pretty woman, so when this blush appeared on her face, it made her look very beautiful. As Lin Tianlong carefully examined her, his heart began to beat faster. Her face wasn't as attractive as Qin Minxiao, neither did it possess the prettiness of Liu Zhiqing, but it was quite charming and possessed a feminine grace. Her well-rounded waist didn't affect her loveliness and actually added onto the mature charm she, a married woman, possessed. If an analogy were to be made, she was like a completely ripe peach which made men want to take a bite out of her.

Lin Tianlong became enraptured as he kept looking at her. Shi Jieyi had immediately discovered it when she began peeking at her. She wanted to scold him, but her words got stuck in her throat. Though she was angry, she also felt a bit proud. She was already 33 years old this year, and to know that a much younger boy was fascinated by her made her feel quite prideful about her looks.

"What nonsense are you talking? What like and not like, huh?"

Shi Jieyi's words were a little rushed; she didn't dare to look him in the face. The expression in Lin Tianlong's eyes turned gentle then turned lordly again. Its intensity was enough to make his prey panic-stricken.

Lin Tianlong assumed a grieved appearance just in time then said, "Ah, I'm asking for your own good, Aunt Shi. Do you like me?"

Although she was aware that this brat was intentionally saying it like that, Shi Jieyi still felt quite happy, "Who will like you, huh! Little Rascal, you're always twisting your words. It's so vexing."

Arguing and scuffling with this boy made her feel delightful, and also gave her a trace of taboo pleasure. Ever since she got married, her husband Xiao Yasong had busied himself with the work of the Art Cultivation Center while she busied herself with work at the TV station. There were too many social niceties she had to participate in, and the pair got together very rarely. She didn't feel as happy as she did before getting married.

These few years, her husband had become fascinated with stock trading yet suffered a disastrous loss. He wanted to strike it rich however lost a lot. The savings they had accumulated with great difficulty was trapped in the stock market. The amount had shrunk by 50 percent, and he was reluctant to try anything else, but if he didn't, it kept falling every day. It was like someone was using a knife to pare slices of it away one by one, and brought much distress to her.

In their seven years of marriage, they had stuck together like glue in the first two years, yet she hadn't got pregnant. The next few years were dull, and she had now reached the seven-year itch where their life was pretty bland with nothing happening. They had no hopes to have children and raise them, and both accepted the reality of ending up as a DINK family in their hearts. Her dull life was supposed to continue like this, but she ran into Tianlong today, which brought a ripple in her heart and disturbed its tranquility.

Lin Tianlong suddenly approached in front of Shi Jieyi and blew his hot breath into her ears. His chest was almost sticking to her breasts.

The hotness from his breath seemed to reach her heart through the ears, making it beat rapidly. She Jieyi's face flushed with embarrassment and anger, "Little Rascal, you're such a baddie."

Lin Tianlong felt his heart tremble when he inhaled the mature womanly scent of Shi Jieyi's body, and his member actually turned hard. He recalled the intimate contact he had with her in the washroom. He had never molested a woman to that extent, so he was quite excited. He realized he liked doing that or more to say he was fascinated with it.

Lin Tianlong smiled at her, "Well then, Aunt Shi, let me make you dislike me a bit more."

He crept closer while saying this. Lin Tianlong wasn't rude and impulsive, the only reason he dared to do this was that he knew Shi Jieyi didn't dislike him at all.

Actually, Shi Jieyi was a principled and incorruptible woman. She was proud and arrogant back in the days. She didn't back down even when a city-level leader tried to pressure her. If it were not for this, she wouldn't have remained a TV anchor at this age with her pretty looks.

She was already at the age where women were considered cougars right now. She stayed alone at home every night and suffered through the loneliness. The circumstances of many female anchors in the TV station circle were about the same as hers. Many women were even reduced to becoming the lover or the nth mistress of leaders or provided for a pretty boy in private.

Under such an environment, her attitude had also begun to change slowly, yet she was unable to change her proud and arrogant character. She didn't place ordinary men in her eyes. When she saw Lin Tianlong, her first impression was that this boy was quite young and handsome. Most importantly, he radiated a charm which made him stand out from the masses and was a perfect match for her dream lover.

Actually, the charm which set Lin Tianlong apart from others was his electrokinesis. That close contact in the washroom was the best example. And in regards to Lin Tianlong, Shi Jieyi was a very pretty married woman. On top of looks, this married woman had quite the talent and status; she was an intellectual beauty like Yang Lanlan. This added many halos on top of her pretty looks and raised her charm by a lot.

As the saying went - make up for your earlier losses later in the future - Since he failed to get anything from Yang Meizhen, his blazing gaze bore into Shi Jieyi. Lin Tianlong wasn't a goody-shoes neither was he a hypocrite. After running into a pretty anchor like Shi Jieyi, wicked thoughts had already emerged in his heart.

"Damned Brat, do you want to learn how to drive?" Shi Jieyi evaded his scorching gaze anxiously and shifted the subject.

Although he already obtained a driver's license when he was in school, Lin Tianlong felt glad she asked this question, "I do! Father and Little Mother told me to apply for a license as soon as possible!"

"Alright, how about I teach you then?" Saying so, Shi Jieyi glanced at Lin Tianlong with her misty eyes, "I've never taught someone how to drive. Little Guy, you're quite lucky!"

One must not retort at the words of a woman, especially that of a flustered woman's. Lin Tianlong wasn't that foolish to do that; he just smiled at her shyly, "I'll have to thank Aunt Shi then."

"Hey, don't call me aunt, I don't like that." Shi Jieyi patted Lin Tianlong's shoulder with a smile, "I'm good friends with your little mother and am also acquainted with your mother and godmother. I can be almost considered as a sister to your mother so call me auntie, okay?"

"No, that isn't right."

If I call you Auntie, how will I do you then?

"What? Are you unwilling to call me that?" Shi Jieyi glared at him, feeling a little displeased.

"It isn't that." Lin Tianlong looked at her, "I didn't mean that. If I call you Auntie, wouldn't that mean I'm calling you old? Isn't that too improper?"

"Aren't I originally an old woman?" Although she said such words, she was rather happy with Lin Tianlong's words.

Lin Tianlong rushed to explain, "No-No. You aren't old at all. You're quite youthful, charming and beautiful."

"Haha. Little Guy, so you're using that trick, huh?" When she saw Lin Tianlong anxious appearance, Shi Jieyi felt quite glad, yet she made it look like she didn't believe his words.

"I'm not trying to con you. I really like..." Lin Tianlong realized his tongue had slipped out some inappropriate words, so he held back those words.

Although Shi Jieyi looked flustered, she was very clear headed right now. When Lin Tianlong said those words, she had immediately caught onto the keywords and questioned him, "Little Rascal, what do you really like, huh?"

As she asked this, Shi Jieyi had almost brought her body beside Lin Tianlong, willfully letting her fragrance reach him with a faint smile on her face which was enrapturing as well as tantalizing.

Lin Tianlong acted as if someone had caught his weak point. His eyes revealed panic as he evaded Shi Jieyi's gaze, "N-Nothing at all..."

Shi Jieyi felt an indescribable delight rise up in her heart when she saw Lin Tianlong's cute and shy appearance. "What an adorable and fascinating boy!" She felt the excitement of teasing a little shota by tempting him well up in her heart and giggled in response. She stopped question him after that.

Shi Jieyi swirled her eyes then smiled at Lin Tianlong, "Since you don't like calling me Auntie, how about you call me Sister? Hehehe..."

"Ok-Ok. I'll call you Sister then."


Shi Jieyi's face blushed again, "However, you must call me that way when only the two of us are present. Never address me in that manner when someone else is there."

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