City Lady-Killer — Chapter 28: Yang Meizhen (2)

Yang Meizhen felt an electric current spread across all her body from her breast and experienced something unbelievable. Lin Tianlong had begun caressing her breast gently while they were still kissing. Yang Meizhen opened her eyes a little and saw Lin Tianlong's eyes peering to hers. His bright eyes revealed a boundless love which made her panic. Meanwhile, Lin Tianlong's palm which possessed an electrokinetic power stimulated all the cells of her body. Yet each and every action of his was filled with gentleness, leaving her heart intoxicated by it.

When Yang Meizhen and her husband were still an affectionate couple a few years ago, Luo Benchu was able to push her to the highest summit of sexual pleasure. However, though he acted like an obedient person outside, he revealed his true colors at home. He had a violent temper and only treated her as a tool to vent his sexual desires. Each time, he would mistreat her while having sex. Yang Meizhen believed that she liked that rough style of lovemaking, but Lin Tianlong's current gentle actions gave her a completely different feeling. And this feeling made her happier. As a result, instead of resisting, she moved her body to match the boy's caressing.

It seemed like Lin Tianlong had also sensed the change in Yang Meizhen's heart. His movements turned more violent while his fingers undid the buttons of her suit and touched her tender skin directly.

"Aaah! Don't!" The sudden invasion made Yang Meizhen quiver and woke her up. Her right hand swung by reflexively, giving rise to a slapping sound. A rough, hard slap had landed on Lin Tianlong's cheeks.

"I'm sorry. Tianlong, I..." Yang Meizhen reached out with her hand but withdrew it again. She wanted to caress his cheek but didn't dare to make him excited again. She was clueless about what to do and kept hesitating, looking at him with pitifully with the hope that he would forgive her.

"It's fine. Maybe I was too impatient?" Lin Tianlong still wore a mischievous smile on his face though he was slapped. However, the gentleness in his eyes was replaced by coldness. He touched his cheek then caressed Yang Meizhen's face while intentionally smiling grimly, "Manager Yang, I should be going down. Aunt Shi is waiting for me!"

"Tianlong!" Yang Meizhen was used to seeing Tianlong's gentle and pure expression. Even if he looked at her with lustful eyes, she never felt disgusted but his cold expression right now really scared her. He even addressed her as 'Manager Yang,' which was an unprecedented change. She became flustered and grabbed his hand rigidly as she implored him while almost choking with sobs, "Tianlong, don't be angry at me. I didn't do it intentionally. I'm really sorry. I beg you not to get angry at me!"

When Lin Tianlong saw the tears in Yang Meizhen's eyes as well as her pitiful, charming appearance, his heart softened up. He withdrew the pretense he was holding up and smiled mischievously again while his hand hugged her soft waist, "My dear aunt, why would I be angry? Hitting is love; scolding is love!"

"You really aren't angry at me?" Yang Meizhen looked at Tianlong with disbelief. His expressions were bright for a moment, dark in another, passionate for a while, then cold, as fickle as the weather and even quicker than an acting emperor. She was dazzled and unable to see through it.

"It's not easy to make me angry. I'll invite Godmother sometime in the future so you two sisters can discuss properly and reconcile with each other, okay?" Lin Tianlong said with a smile while caressing her soft waist gently.

Yang Meizhen nodded after seeing his true expression, "This can be considered your good intentions. I promise you!"

Lin Tianlong suddenly assumed a stern look, "I have another condition which is..."

"What condition?" Yang Meizhen was most afraid of his grim and indifferent appearance. She too didn't know what was wrong with her. Her husband, Luo Benchu acted all courteous and humble outside but revealed his true rough and barbarous nature at home. Perhaps it was her husband's unstable behavior that caused her to develop a timid personality. She had met Tianlong who treated her so nicely and gently with great difficulty, so she didn't want to make him angry no matter the cost. Her mind couldn't bear that. She looked anxiously at him with a gaze that invoked pity.

"My condition is that you have to let me hit you back in the future! However, I'm not going to hit your face!" Lin Tianlong slapped on top of Yang Meizhen's anal lobe gently while his middle finger conveniently dug into her gluteal folds through the suit. The elevator's door opened up at this moment as it had already reached the first floor. He went out while smiling.

Yang Meizhen was left behind in the elevator with shivering legs. When Tianlong slapped her anal love then molested her with his middle finger, though it was just touching the gluteal fold, it gave felt like an electric shock to her. Her body trembled and her brain lacked oxygen. While she was dazed, her lower abdomen contracted suddenly, releasing fresh and warm nectar out the nectar walls. Her stockings were already wet and her upper thighs warm. The trembling pleasure spread all across her body and made her curl up with clamping her legs.

"I——Came." This was the only thing on her mind as she watched Tianlong leave. She was still somewhat absent-minded after returning home. It was as if her soul had gone for a trip to the Ninth Heaven and hadn't returned. A comfortable, pleasurable sensation wandered through her entire body and made her feel exhausted. It was a delight-filled exhaustion. Similar to the thrill of climbing up a cliff. It made her body sweat all over, and when the wind greeted her, it made her feel cool.

"I slapped him? Did I really do that?" That slapping sound still seemed to ring at her ears. Yang Meizhen felt embarrassed as well as a little scared. She was embarrassed because Tianlong had actually gathered the courage to confess to her and even kiss her; She was afraid because she had really slapped him, and that too with quite the force.

"When he told me that he likes me while hugging, his eyes were bright and clear, brimming with sincerity."

"Argh! Yang Meizhen oh Yang Meizhen, what's wrong with you? How could you slap him? Though you slapped him, he didn't hit you back and even promised to fulfill his promise to act as the mediator between you and Shimin. Doesn't this already explain he sincerely likes you?"

"Is liking you wrong too? Not to mention, it's his personal right. Granted that he hugged you, kissed you and caressed you, it could all be accounted to impulsiveness. But, who told you not to stop him? You knew something was wrong when you entered the elevator and still decided to play this ambiguous game. Wasn't that equivalent to you signaling him? Or else, would a boy like him have the guts to do all that?"

"Y-You... even blamed him... and slapped him so hard."

"M-Moreover... his confession, his hug, and his kiss, weren't those things you dreamed all day long about him doing to you?"

The more Yang Meizhen thought about it, the more remorse she felt. Her face became hotter as well.

"Argh. I'm so tired. I want to take a nice bath. On days when no one loves you, one has to learn to love themselves."

Yang Meizhen stretched her body then nimbly entered the bathroom. The bathtub was ready with warm water so laid inside it.

"Aaaahhh, it feels so comfortable." She exclaimed.

Her beautiful body submerged itself inside the warm water gently. The water possessed a light aroma and was full of foam. Yang Meizhen closed her eyes while her two hands grabbed at the foam and applied it on her body. Her palms lathered her soft and tender skin with it. Her daughter was 14 years old while she was 36 years old, yet her body's skin was delicate and lovely as before. This was closely related to this habit of hers.

"The water is a clear blue; spring is filled with warmth. The pretty woman is as beautiful as before, although nearing her middle-age, her fragrant skin is as smooth as jade. She does her best all the time yet how come no one is tender towards her. Sigh. What's the use of having such good skin if the husband is obsessed with work, leaving me alone at home." Remorse filled Yang Meizhen's heart again. She had graduated with the Chinese language as her major field. She loved to read poems and adages usually, and just now she had created an impromptu one.

"It's because of Xiaomin that slut mentioning loneliness and stuff. So what if I like to be alone?! You think everyone is so slutty like you are, huh? You act like you can't if you aren't with a man." When she recalled Qin Minxiao's joke, Yang Meizhen couldn't help but curse at her.

"Slut, aren't you thinking about how to curry favor with Young Master Long all day long? You're a newlywed wife yet you keep acting so flirty in front of Tianlong all the time!" Yang Meizhen cursed even more when she recalled how Qin Minxiao pretended by assuming a charming, coquettish appearance in front of Tianlong. By the time she realized it, a warm fluid had begun to form in the depths of her lower body. It made her feel parched and restless all over.

Yang Meizhen grabbed the edge of the bathtub and got up. She faced a huge mirror on the wall and checked out her body. She really possessed a figure which was close to perfection. From the surface, it didn't even seem like she was already 36 years old. Her skin was as fair and tender as before while her legs were slender all the same. Her breasts were already quite notable when she was a girl and after getting married to Luo Benchu, his exploits as well as breastfeeding her daughter had made them plumper and mellower. If she lacked in something, it was that her waist had a little flab, but overall, she had a slender figure.

Most importantly, she was still tender and tight down below at the most valuable place of a woman.

"Ugh! There's such a pretty and mature fruit ready for picking but how come no man has come to pluck it?" An indescribable hollowness and loneliness filled her heart, making Yang Meizhen feel grief.

"I'm almost reaching 40. Everyone says that women turn into cougars from 30 to 40, those words really make sense. Argh, my body is so perfect, yet there's no man to shower it with affection. Is it really going to waste away?" As her train of thought arrived here, Yang Meizhen couldn't help but stretch her hand towards her naughty garden.

"Ugh, it's so wet and erect. It really feels unwell." Yang Meizhen played with herself gently while caressing her privates. Gradually, a voice began to scream from the depths of her heart: "A man. I want a man."

"Aaah, so handsome." Yang Meizhen closed her eyes and felt like she was looking at that the naked figure of that handsome yet well-built boy. She imagined him walk over towards him with his long and exceptionally girthy treasure down at his crotch fully erect.

"Aaah, come over. Quick. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy." Yang Meizhen shouted in her heart. In her delusion, she welcomed the boy with hands wide open, allowing him to please her, possess her, tame her.

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