City Lady-Killer — Chapter 27: Yang Meizhen (1)

Married men were all like that, business was their life, and it would affect their mood. They wasted too much energy trying to form connections in the office and to gain face, so it was unavoidable for them to feel exhausted physically and mentally. They returned while carrying their spiritless and weary body and even sex between the married couple felt like a job to them. As the frequency became lesser, it was inevitable that Yang Meizhen's heart and body felt empty.

Lin Tianlong liked it when she acted like how she did right now. He felt warmth in his heart when he looked at Yang Meizhen. The woman before him hadn't just made strict demands from him when he interned at his father's place last year, she also took care of him enthusiastically. More importantly, she evoked a beautiful memory hidden in his mind occasionally. It was a memory about the cultured and refined as well as equally beautiful junior high school English teacher, Liu Hanxiang. Their each and every moment, every frown and smile, all of it seemed to resemble each other.

Silence! Absolute silence dominated the place! But Yang Meizhen and Lin Tianlong discovered that they enjoyed this kind of unusual silence which had a bit of nervousness, a bit of awkwardness as well as a bit of ambiguity. It was like a natural first love which was blooming for the first time. Merely, one of them was a mature woman who was over 30 years old while the other was a boy who wasn't even 20 yet and this huge age gap made it taboo as well as evermore exciting!

Yang Meizhen felt that Lin Tianlong's gaze seemed to ignore the cold and detached look on her face. That brazen gaze was utterly different from the look he gave her in the corridor before. She even felt a bit oppressed, and this gave rise to a strange emotion in her heart. She turned away from his uneasily while saying in a displeased tone, "Why are you staring at me?"

Lin Tianlong used this chance he had got and looked into her eyes passionately, "Because you're too pretty."

All women loved praises from men. Yang Meizhen was no exception to this, let alone, Lin Tianlong was a handsome boy. She felt slightly fond yet revealed a somewhat resentful expression on her face, "Your words are too discourteous. Are you not aware of the relationship between your godmother and me?"

"Godmother is godmother, and you are you. Both have their way of addressing. There's no need for you to link them together now, right?" Lin Tianlong smiled mischievously.

A manly breath suddenly hit Yang Meizhen's face. The current Lin Tianlong was different from the former Lin Tianlong, He possessed a bit of higher dynamism as well as confidence which added on a masculine charisma to him. Yang Meizhen contemplated in silence as his face came closer to hers, bringing a repressive feeling along with it.

"Ya, haven't you looked enough?" Yang Meizhen stated angrily.

Her fragrant breath blew into his ears, making him feel limp all over. Lin Tianlong turned his head towards Yang Meizhen's beautiful face, and due to the close proximity of their faces, this action caused their lips to touch each other. Lin Tianlong was alarmed and withdrew his head back then felt a little remorseful in his heart immediately.

Lin Tianlong's actions frightened Yang Meizhen as well. When his fiery breath touched her face, she felt her cheeks burn. Except for her husband, Lin Tianlong was the closest man, or more accurate to say, boy to her. She knew that Tianlong had a favorable impression of her. She felt excited by the fact that she could catch the attention of a boy like him though she was already over 30 in age. She felt a sense of satisfaction fill her empty heart. And when Lin Tianlong withdrew his head back, she felt a little disappointed in the depths of her soul.

Lin Tianlong looked at Yang Meizhen's blushing cheeks and felt gleeful. He adjusted his posture then turned towards her, "Sorry. I was careless just now and..."

Yang Meizhen hurried to interrupt his words, "It's fine."

Lin Tianlong went closer to her again and breathed in the fragrance Yang Meizhen's body emitted. He then teased her, "Aunt Meizhen, why is your face so red?"

Yang Meizhen felt her heart skip a beat. No man other than her husband, Luo Benchu, had said such flirty words to her. Let alone, her husband didn't say such things to her anymore. All men were scared by her cold front her assumed, and only this boy wasn't frightened away by it. This strange and unusual feeling stimulated her entire body and made her feel like she was having an affair behind her husband's back. Her face blushed harder as she lowered her head without replying.

That cute action of hers bewitched Lin Tianlong. He couldn't help go closer to her a bit again. Their shoulders were already touching each other now. The contact between their skin made Yang Meizhen tremble a little. She felt Lin Tianlong's breath on her face and the intense stimulation it brought made her head blank out. At this moment, Lin Tianlong's words echoed at his ears again, "Aunt Meizhen, you're really pretty."

Lin Tianlong's words made Yang Meizhen feel content, making her smile shyly. She was just about to reply when his lips flitted past her tender face, leaving a kiss on it with lighting fast speed. This peck made Yang Meizhen feel embarrassed and at a complete loss. She wasn't expecting him to act so brazenly. He was fully aware that she was a married woman yet dared to it. However, she knew very well that she didn't blame him in her heart. These two different feelings made her unable to decide how to react. She loved her husband, Luo Benchu yet she hadn't resisted Lin Tianlong's kiss. What's wrong with me? Am I that kind of woman?

While Yang Meizhen's thoughts were in chaos, Lin Tianlong's palm had already gripped her hand and began to caress it gently. The charm of the woman before his eyes was in no way inferior to his cousin, Cai Fangfang's. This lit a flame of passion in his heart. Why do I act like this outside? Did I forget my childhood sweetheart and playmate? Why does this woman attract me so much?

As the elevator descended, both of them held the other's hand tightly, each of them contemplating the worries of their hearts.

There was no one waiting outside when the elevator door opened. The sweet voice of the reception lady interrupted their train of thoughts. Only then did Yang Meizhen realize that her hand was being held tightly by Lin Tianlong. She felt quite shy and tried to break free of his grip, but this only made him grip tighter. She fumed at him, "What are you doing? Why haven't you let go?" yet it seemed like she had no intentions of leaving the elevator immediately.

Lin Tianlong giggled then caressed her hand, "You skin is so soft so why would I want to let it go? I like you!" He was touched by her charming actions and completely disregarded her identity of a married woman. His mind was set on finding a way to make love with the beautiful woman in the upcoming days. Although he would be letting his godmother down, Yang Meizhen's beauty which was a fusion of coldness and loveliness had already released the passionate nature he always kept in check. Since he couldn't do anything more to her, he intentionally spoke such provocative words.

When Yang Meizhen saw Tianlong push the 6th floor button, her breathing became rushed. The elevator door closed and began ascending upwards and her breasts bounced up and down, giving rise to sinful thoughts in him. When she saw Tianlong gaze at her breasts boldly, she felt even more excited and allowed him to hold her hand as she sent him a flirty look.

The flames of lust blazed inside Lin Tianlong when he saw her expression. The sleeping beast down at his crotch had begun to wake up. Although they were on the elevator and could get discovered, he found it hard to control his libido. He moved closer to Yang Meizhen until their legs stuck to each other. Although it was through the pants, Lin Tianlong could feel her smooth skin through the light-pink colored stockings.

Yang Meizhen's heart began to thump madly from his fearless act. Her face was completely flushed, and her eyes revealed a somewhat intoxicated expression. Her lips parted slightly, and this exposed her cute little tongue's tip between her lips. Her arm which was being held by him had subconsciously gripped his arm back. Her legs trembled slightly, but this trembling intensified the contact between their legs. That faint, itching sensation spread across their entire bodies.

Yang Meizhen's husband hadn't showered her with love these past few years and caused her body to feel empty, making her much more sensitive than the norm. This kind of insignificant stimulation wouldn't have evoked a reaction from her usually, but she was currently in the elevator, a narrow space, and the boy in front of her made her feel the taboo excitement of an affair. All these circumstances had come together to make her blood race. Her nipples which were bound under the bra's constraints perked up quietly, and her honeypot had started producing honey gradually.

Lin Tianlong had already lost his virginity when he was in senior high school and knew the reactions of women like the back of his hand. When he saw Yang Meizhen's appearance, he knew that she was already feeling it, so his guts grew larger. He reached out to hug Yang Meizhen's left shoulder and pulled her towards him, making her lean on him.

Yang Meizhen's lips grew wide open as she exclaimed in a low voice, but she didn't resist it. She leaned her head on top of his shoulder gently. With the beauty in his embrace, Lin Tianlong's heart began to throb crazily. Moreover, her pretty hair brushed against his face and left behind an itching sensation on it. But this itching sensation also possessed an indescribable pleasure to it. When he took back the hand holding Yang Meizhen's hand and caressed her face, turning it towards him, his heart trembled immediately. The woman had her pretty eyes almost closed tightly, and her lips were half open. When he felt her orchid-like fragrance reach his face, he lost the sense of everything and moved in to kiss her lips.

Yang Meizhen was about to exclaim when Lin Tianlong's lips sealed her mouth. His tongue slipped into her mouth right away and ravaged it. It licked her upper lip then her lower up. After a short moment, his mouth sucked her tongue gently. She hadn't been hugged like this, treated so roughly like this as well as tasted such a sweet kiss like this by a man in a very, very long time.

Moreover, her partner was none other than the Young Master Long she liked in the depths of her heart.  Although he was just a big boy, she liked this feeling. She felt like she had regained that carefreeness and happiness she had lost long ago. And both of these feelings made her temporarily forget embarrassment and shame. She didn't even have time to think about those things as her mind was already in chaos. Whether it was consciously or subconsciously, she had also begun to respond. Her mind was in an excited state. She had lost herself within Lin Tianlong's excellent kissing skills. She couldn't help but move her tongue and tangle it around his, both entwining each other in her mouth then again in his mouth after a moment. They sucked each other's saliva which mixed together.

At the same time, Lin Tianlong could also sense that Yang Meizhen had also begun to take the initiative, whether be it intentionally or otherwise. Not only was had she coiled her limbs around him, but even tongue had started to seek his tongue. Under those thin clothes of hers, her body had kept getting hotter and hotter. And this hotness possessed an attractiveness which made him feel like reaching out and caress it to investigate the source.

Their lips were in an intense bout, but the other parts of their body were motionless right now. After the two of them kissed for a while, Lin Tianlong couldn't hold back anymore and caressed up her arm slowly, gradually encroaching nearer to her breasts.

When Yang Meizhen felt this, she suddenly recalled that they were in the elevator. Two people kissing did no harm, but if they did anything more, it would be considered indecent. She felt ashamed in her heart and turned her body slightly as if she wanted to break free from his palm. But Lin Tianlong wasn't going to let her get away. He immediately shifted her body and covered her breast with his broad palm. This movement seemed so flawless that it seemed like she had personally delivered her breast into his palm.

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