City Lady-Killer — Chapter 26: Shi Jieyi

Lin Tianlong appreciated Shi Jieyi's petite yet curvaceous and alluring figure while he came to a realization about Xiao Yansong's shriveled body. With such a beautiful wife by his side, it's no wonder his body is has withered from over-drafting his qi and blood.

To the end, he was already in his later years. Moreover, Su Nianci and Shi Jieyi were longtime friends. The company hadn't suffered any losses too. The guilty side had apologized, and the other side had shown leniency. After a pleasant chat, the entire matter was left in the past.

"Tianlong, you're going to Keqing's clinic, right? I'll inform Old Xia to drop you there in the company car!" Lin Tianlong stated.

"Is it Keqing's People's Clinic?" Shi Jieyi interjected, "I'm going back to the TV Station so I can drop Tianlong on the way. How about it?"

"Is it fine, Aunt Shi?" Lin Tianlong asked her.

"It's fine!"

Su Nianci smiled at Shi Jieyi, "I'll leave it to you then."

"Sister Su, don't worry! I won't sell off your son!" Shi Jieyi joked with her.

"Mhm, I won't keep you here then." Su Nianci smiled sweetly then went beside and leaned towards him a bit to fix his collars, "Tianlong, come visit home someday in the future. Little Mother will hold a welcome party for you at home!"

"Okay, Little Mother!"

"Such a nice smell..." Lin Tianlong exclaimed inwardly. However, he didn't dare to let his thoughts go astray!

"Alright. Brother Rukang, Sister Su, I and Yansong will treat your family to a meal someday!" Shi Jieyi got up then smiled at Tianlong, "Little Handsome, shall we go then?"

Lin Tianlong said goodbye to his father and little mother then followed Shi Jieyi outside.

"It's only the two of us now!" Shi Jieyi stated suddenly, "Tell me, why did you... do that to me before?!"

Her tone was quite mild and almost seemed to contain no anger. Moreover, her cheeks were blushing hard!

Although the matter of Lin Tianlong groping her chest had troubled her heart, Shi Jieyi didn't dare to express her anger right now!

This boy is my husband's superior's son! Now that my husband is stuck in such a situation, if I offended this boy right now, my husband would be in danger. Especially since the other party holds the cards which could send my husband to prison at any moment. Moreover, it seems like Su Nianci loves Liang Rukang's son quite dearly!

"Uhh... That..." Lin Tianlong didn't expect she would question him so directly, "Who asked Aunt Shi to kick my foot! It really hurt me!"


Shi Jieyi was left stupefied. Did he grope my breasts because I kicked him? She looked at the boy before her with a dazed look.

Admittedly, Tianlong wasn't old enough for her to see him as a man. But his build had long surpassed his peers. He had a muscular figure compared to the average build possessed by people of his age group. His face looked young and immature, but Shi Jieyi could sense a trace of craftiness from it.

"Ahem. Let's go then!"

Shi Jieyi looked at the innocent expression on his face and felt the rage in her heart quell down a little.

"Lil' Jieyi, you're leaving?!" Yang Meizhen gave a fake smile towards Shi Jieyi. She stood before the elevator door and looked at Lin Tianlong with a hope-filled gaze. She wondered whether he had succeeded in persuading Director Su which he had promised her.

"Looks like Sister Meizhen needs you for something." After all, Shi Jieyi had been an anchor for several years. She had a keen perception, so one look was enough for her to figure out that Yang Meizhen was waiting for Lin Tianlong. She smiled at the youth then said, "I'll go down to the parking lot and take the car out. I'll be waiting for you at the entrance."

Yang Meizhen looked at Lin Tianlong with worry. Her eyes were a bit moist and made it look like she hadn't wiped away her tears from before.

"Aunt Meizhen, I've already spoken with Little Mother about it!" Lin Tianlong threw the bait out to catch the fish, "But..."

When Yang Meizhen heard the word 'but,' her heart began thumping crazily. She stared at Lin Tianlong while muttering, "But what?"

"But Little Mother insisted that you have to take charge of the Myriad Estates Firm advert deal!" Lin Tianlong looked at the pitiful looking Yang Meizhen with the same gaze a tiger looks at its prey which has fallen into its trap.

Yang Meizhen's brows scrunched up after hearing this. She opened her mouth but wasn't able to form words and felt utterly helpless. She looked at Lin Tianlong with an imploring gaze, and this softened his heart completely, invoking the tenderness in his heart.

"However, I've decided to help you complete this deal. With me acting as the mediator between you and godmother, we can definitely succeed! You can absolutely feel reassured about that!" Lin Tianlong smiled while giving her the ultimatum.

As expected, Yang Meizhen's worried look eased up, and her eyes turned bright. She thought that what he said was reasonable as well as feasible. She looked at Lin Tianlong with gratitude, "Tianlong, Aunt must thank you!" Although she wasn't willing to come into contact with Yang Shimin, she was her elder sister, and also Tianlong's godmother. Lin Tianlong acting as the mediator was the best possible situation at the moment.

When she thought of this, she took a deep breath which caused her bosom to perk up. She was just about to speak when she noticed that Lin Tianlong's gaze was fixed upon her chest and felt shocked. Due to the thick coat she wore, only the outlines out her breasts were visible through it, but it still couldn't hide her graceful curves. As she walked, it resulted in her breasts bouncing up and down.

"That pretty anchor is still waiting for you downstairs! Let me deliver you there!" Yang Meizhen felt shy while Lin Tianlong's gaze turned more brazen. When such an expression appeared on his handsome face, it seemed to add a little of a masculine charm to him. To top that, he had a teasing look in his eyes which made her heart skip a beat. She even forgot to scold him and quickly got into the elevator.

Lin Tianlong took a deep breath and followed behind her. Her tall figure was just before his eyes. Her slender waist which almost seemed boneless turned rhythmically while her plump and round buttocks swayed along with her movements. The outline of her panties was clearly visible through the skintight suit she wore while a considerable section of her thighs was exposed outside enraptured him.

The two of them walked till the elevator together. Yang Meizhen pressed the button after reaching there. The two of them entered inside the empty elevator which closed up and descended. Lin Tianlong stood beside her while inhaling the faint fragrance from her body was releasing. The sounds of her breathing rung at his ears, and this made him turn his head to look at her.

Yang Meizhen tried her best to assume a gentle and dignified appearance, but she could clearly feel a blazing gaze boring into her from behind. Once she sensed those eyes, she couldn't help but do all she could to make herself look ladylike. Her feelings towards the master of those eyes weren't that simple. These feelings had emerged after she saw him for the first time when he had come to intern at Chinese Media Firm last year.

Especially that mischievous smile which could appear on his face occasionally. Although he was just a boy, it made her recall the male student who sat behind her seat during junior high and looked at her like an idiot and smiled at her mischievously. It made her heart go crazy and left her thoughts in a mess. Although she was madly in love with her husband, Luo Benchu, in their university days, she had never felt the kind of emotions she was feeling right now.

After so many years of marriage, though the couple stuck together like glue before, their days had become ordinary and mediocre now. Yang Meizhen's husband was two years older than her. He was close to reaching 40 years old yet was still only a small section chief of a construction company. Luo Benchu was a dependable and cautious person. He would consider everything he did prudently and think it over very thoroughly before following through on it. He possessed little courage and a docile personality. He was always careful with her work and never gossiped or caused trouble at work.

Sometimes, he would become very tight-lipped and wouldn't tell her what bothered him. Especially about matters of money. He would think over everything twice, look into the procedures and check out the personnel involved in the process. No one was as thorough as him in this aspect. Although he finally had an epiphany to curry favor with this boss, it was a futile endeavor as he had no one supporting him behind-the-scenes. His career aspects were just like the reflection of the moon in the lake, unreal and out of reach.

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