City Lady-Killer — Chapter 25: The Famous Anchor's Slap

All of a sudden, he slapped his face and scolded himself, "Lin Tianlong oh Lin Tianlong, you're really a beast! How could you have such sinister thoughts!"

His cheeks became hotter. Lin Tianlong caressed it with his palm and soliloquized, "Actually, isn't a beast better than a pervert? Hehe..."

Saying so, he giggled dumbly.

Liang Xiaolu had piano lessons every day, so she went to the Art Cultivation Center on the second floor. Liang Rukang browsed the media news leisurely while Su Nianci sipped tea gracefully. The way she sat was quite natural, but it brought an intense attack to Lin Tianlong. Her beautiful figure looked all the same graceful even when she was sitting!

"Tianlong, you're back? I thought it was your Aunt Shi!" A peculiar expression flashed across Su Nianci's face. She suddenly looked at Tianlong then asked, "What happened to your face? Why does it have a slap print?"

"Eh... Nothing, nothing at all!" Lin Tianlong waved his hands guiltily, "A mosquito was flying around me so I slapped it hard."

"You... At least try to find a bit of a decent excuse when you're trying to lie, okay?!" Su Nianci teased her, "Did you grope one of the beautiful sisters of the company and make her angry? Who is this wild girlfriend, huh? Is it Liu Zhiqing or Qin Minxiao? Oh yeah, Qin Minxiao is married now, right?"

"It's nothing like that, really!" Lin Tianlong couldn't win the argument so he could only force a smile.

"Tianlong! Even if you say that you don't have a girlfriend, Meizhen, Minxiao, and Zhiqing wouldn't believe you." Su Nianci smiled, "You have to hurry oh! Though you aren't anxious, your father will feel anxious!"

"This Emperor isn't anxious..." Liang Rukang spoke the first half of the phrase then realized he was about to say ominous words, so he wore a self-deprecating smile then said, "Father isn't that anxious, but your eldest aunt is quite worried!"

"Eldest Aunt?" Lin Tianlong asked, "She's here? I haven't seen her in a long time!"

"Yes! She called a few days ago and told me she's coming over here to stay at home for a few days. She also told me that she wants to check if your girlfriend is qualified for you!" Liang Rukang smiled.

Liang Rukang and his brothers are altogether three brothers. Lin Tianlong's eldest uncle, Liang Hongyu was a high official in the provincial government, and he had seen him only on TV and newspapers. His eldest aunt, Liu Yaxian was, however, a famous artist. Lin Tianlong had grown up while watching his eldest aunt sing, naturally on the TV. When his eldest uncle was acting as the mayor of Central City, his eldest aunt used to come to Flame City to see their family a lot and was especially fond of Tianlong. After his eldest uncle had been promoted to the provincial government, they rarely met each other for the past few years.

"Hah? You're kidding, right?" Lin Tianlong forced a smile and shook his head, "To think Eldest Aunt wants to personally check out my girlfriend. I finally understand Brother Yadong's misery now!"

"Right! Your Brother Yadong has also come back just a while ago!" Liang Rukang smiled, "He said he wants to take your Sister-in-law Ruoxuan on a holiday trip. It looks like their villa is going to become lively again."

Liang Yadong was the son of Tianlong's eldest uncle and ran a business dealing with antique collections. Tianlong had seen his sister-in-law, Mei Ruoxian, who appeared to be a wealthy family's daughter when she had come to Flame City after the marriage. She was an absolute goddess. Due to Flame City's geographical location as well as the long history, Liang Yadong often made trips here. Each time he would take along Lin Tianlong and Liang Xiaolu for a treat on his car and even gift them with jade bracelets. The bond between the brothers was pretty good.

"That's great! He always treats Xiaolu and me to a feast whenever he comes. This time, I should treat him to a meal!"

"Mhm, you should, since you're a grown-up adult now!" Liang Rukang looked at his son then slowly stated, "Go visit your Aunt's house when you're free!"

"I was originally planning to first visit Sister-in-law Keqing's clinic and then have dinner at Aunt's place!" Lin Tianlong nodded.

"Why hasn't this damn Shi Girl arrived yet?" Su Nianci noticed that the father and son were discussing the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair, Song Xijuan and Qin Keqing. It was hard to avoid feeling somewhat sad, so she quickly shifted the topic on purpose.

"What Shi Girl?" Lin Tianlong was puzzled, "Little Mother is waiting for someone?"

"It's that Aunt Shi of yours I mentioned before. She's a famous TV anchor at our Flame City's TV Station!"

At this moment, the room's door opened, and at the same time, Lin Tianlong was left dazzled!

"It's you?"

He pointed towards the pretty woman donned in a dark green top paired with a miniskirt who had walked inside with amazement across his face. His mouth had almost turned into the shape of an egg!

This young man was none other than the woman he had groped in the ladies bathroom!

"Mhm? It's you, this little..." Shi Jieyi was about to scold him when her words got stuck in her throat! It was because her gaze fell on Liang Rukang and Su Nianci who were beside him, "Eh, Director Liang, is this your son?"

"Mhm, that's right!" Before Liang Rukang could reply, Su Nianci answered her while nodding then said to Tianlong, "Tianlong, quickly call her Aunt Shi!"

"Aah. Hello, Aunt Shi!"

Lin Tianlong suddenly turned his body so that his back was towards his mother and gave a wink towards Shi Jieyi. That expression on his face really drove Shi Jieyi mad!

"Director Su is quite blessed to have such a cute son!"

Though Shi Jieyi hated Lin Tianlong with all her heart, she had no choice but to assume a praising smile on her face.

"Alright! Don't keep calling me Director Su now! There aren't any outsiders there. Don't you always call me Sister Su?!"

"Hehe. It's all because of Yansong who caused trouble for you and Brother Rukang!" Shi Jieyi smiled apologetically, "We weren't sisters for just one or two years. I'll have to thank you for giving me face by letting Yansong go free. He's regretting his actions very much right now and asked me to apologize to you and Brother Rukang many times!"

"Let's first sit and then have a chat, shall we?" Su Nianci nodded at her.

"Aunt Shi, have some tea." Lin Tianlong poured a cup of fragrant tea from the teapot, but he looked at her face brazenly with a peculiar tint in his eyes! He had peerless beautiful women on both his left and right side, and this made Lin Tianlong feel quite excited!

From the left, an affectionate woman's rich fragrance came from Su Nianci and from the right, a charming woman's captivating fragrance came from Shi Jieyi. Moreover, both had their own merits!

Su Nianci had a well-rounded stature accompanied with graceful looking sexy hair. Moreover, each of her movements revealed the noble and elegant demeanor she radiated naturally; While Shi Jieyi was the exact opposite, she was a pretty looking woman with a dainty figure with beautiful short hair and gave the feel of an able and efficient anchor.

However, even though she wasn't of the tall-type, Shi Jieyi possessed a figure which made women jealous! Her petite figure possessed a pair of gigantic breasts which were far from being called small. Lin Tianlong could even see the edges of her bra inside!

However, he didn't dare to act too excessively as his little mother was sitting beside him. He withdrew that passionate gaze of his and began to peek at this pretty married woman who made his heart thump.

Lin Tianlong knew that Xiao Yansong was an employee of Chinese Media Firm and held the position of the Art Cultivation Center's Director post. He had also seen that person. Though he had a wizened appearance, he was an able and efficient person and always gave a flattering smile to him, the CEO's son.

From their conversation, Tianlong learned that Xiao Yansong seemed to have made a deficit with stock trading and used the Art Cultivation Center's public funds to invest into real estate to overcome the deficit from the stock trading but got found out by Su Nianci. He had realized his wrongdoing and paid back the money he had shifted in full. His manners were good, and he was a senior figure who had worked at Chinese Media for the past few years. He also had ample experience towards the art cultivation job.

"A human isn't Buddha, there's none who can avoid doing a wrong. Uncle Xiao is also experienced, he didn't try to lie and admitted it truthfully. The Great Ancestor said - Punish those before to prevent those after, one must criticize a person to help them. Little Mother has a compassionate heart so she will probably be magnanimous, right?"

After learning about the situation, Lin Tianlong guessed that his father and little mother would most likely let Xiao Yansong go and exploit this information to make Xiao Yansong dance on their palms his entire life. He seized the opportunity to say these words to do her a favor. On the one hand, this would solidify his little mother's position as the manager at the company, and on another hand, it was also him expressing his goodwill towards the pretty anchor, Shi Jieyi who had a misunderstanding with him.

After he said those words, Su Nianci felt gratified and looked at Tianlong fondly. It seems like this boy has really grown up to become sensible. The way he was doing a favor was quite appropriate to the occasion too. Moreover, there was another crucial factor playing a role, which was the synchronicity between their minds and hearts.

Most importantly, this hadn't weakened her authority at the company at all and even raised the sway she held in the eyes of her best friend, Shi Jieyi. Liang Rukang also felt very happy. His son had spoken the perfect words. His speech and actions took control of the situation very nicely. It looks like you've really grown up, Son.

For the sake of giving Shi Jieyi face, Liang Rukang and Su Nianci decide not to file a lawsuit temporarily and handle it internally. It was agreed that Xiao Yansong will keep his job under supervision. And Qin Minxiao will be assigned as the Art Cultivation Center's Associate Director and take charge of cultivation center's financial affairs.

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