City Lady-Killer — Chapter 24: The Pretty Anchor

Moreover, Lin Tianlong was just a child! People might even say that it was the woman who seduced a child!

"You dare?"

When she heard the big boy's words, the pretty woman modest yet firm and plump breasts jumped upwards as she straightened her back. Her eyes burned with a raging fury!

"You think I wouldn't dare?"

Lin Tianlong became annoyed. This pretty woman is really a little mule-headed! Although I am in the wrong for entering this place, you don't need to act like this, right?

He took a small step forward.

This booth didn't have much empty space, and both of them had taken a step forward at the same time, so their bodies almost touched each other! Lin Tianlong could even feel her soft breasts rub against his chest, though he didn't know whether her action was intentional or accidental.


The young woman then realized that her movements were a little too much when she felt his chest against hers! Isn't this boy acting too excessively?

She felt evermore angry that a famous anchor like her was being bullied under such circumstances. She couldn't help but send her palm slapping over towards him!

"Oh, a gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist!"

Lin Tianlong grabbed her wrist, but her other hand tried to stealthily open the door behind his back.

"Release my hand!"

The pretty woman was a bit flustered and wanted to withdraw her palm, but she couldn't break free from his grip! She had to use her other hand to try slapping him again!

"I told you to stop hitting me!"

Lin Tianlong's reactions were quite nimble. He grabbed the woman's other hand too!


"Shush. Don't speak so loudly or else someone will hear you!"

Lin Tianlong's face had a slightly mischievous expression right now, but it also contained very perverted intentions specific to a man!

Because his hands were gripping this unknown woman's wrists, his body was pressing against hers! Her back was already sticking to the wall before, and now, she was being pushed into the wall due to Lin Tianlong's movements!


The pretty woman felt a slight pain from her back, but her hands were under this big boy's control right now. The pair of prideful mounds on her chest were currently squeezing against his chest!

Moreover, she felt humiliated as she could feel a blazing hot, erect thing poking at her secret garden between her legs!

The pretty woman looked at the boy whose body was sticking close to her with eyes wide open. Her arrogant gaze revealed extreme panic as she shook her head profusely. This caused her hair to lash at his face as the delicate fragrance from it drilled into his nose. Her slender waist's shaking caused her flat and soft underbelly to rub against his already bulging python, making it even become harder.


Suddenly, Lin Tianlong felt pain from the back of his foot. The woman had used the heel of her high heels to kick him!

"Ssss..." The pain made Lin Tianlong draw in a cold breath of air!

"Get the fuck away from me!"

The woman looked really angry! The fierce flames of rage burning inside her eyes almost turned Lin Tianlong into cinders!

"Why did you kick me?!"

Lin Tianlong withdrew his foot due to the pain and let go of her hands, but his evil clutches reached out for her bosom with lightning speed!


That softness and snugness made Lin Tianlong feel slightly reluctant to let go of them!

He quickly covered her mouth again while his palm moved down her breasts towards her pretty legs, but due to her constant movements, his palm accidentally embraced her thigh which was just below her crotch.

Oohhh~ At the place where the stockings and her thighs met, the flesh seemed quite soft and flexible to the touch. As Lin Tianlong's hand softly slid across it, his heartbeat sped up.

Urgh~ How did this little scoundrel's hand reach the inner side of my thigh? That's my most sensitive spot! His thing also seems to have become harder. Is he really planning to rape me? Should I scream if he does that?

Thank heavens that worked out well! After his actions, the pretty woman stopped struggling. But why has her body become so powerless?

Lin Tianlong looked at the pretty woman who had called him a little pervert and little scoundrel on their first meeting and also come to blows with him. Her fair cheeks were blushing hard right now and this dissolved the haughty look on her face, making her look womanly.

Nononono~ Just no... No way... If I start feeling it and become wet, this little scoundrel will think I'm a slutty bitch! He'll definitely rape me...

Release me! Argh! The pretty woman began to move her thighs again. Due to her movements, her thighs kept opening and closing, which caused Lin Tianlong's palm to slide along with her movements and push under the narrow fabric at the front of her thongs.

Huh? What's this? Lin Tianlong's palm was on top of her thick, curly and soft pubic hair right now. His forefinger and middle finger had already come in touch with her soft and wet petals which were already dripping with nectar.

The pretty woman blushed while gasping for breath. Her struggling turned weak as she swung her head gently. Her cheeks which touched the side of his neck felt a little hot right now. Lin Tianlong forgot when he had released her mouth. She opened up her tiny mouth to release a heated breath which hit his nose and made his blood race. The python down at his crotch turned as hard as it could and pressed against her deep valley.

"Little Scoundrel, don't!" The pretty woman struggled for the final time before her last defense crumbled and pleaded with a soft voice.

After all, this was the washroom inside his father's company, and he was already inside for a considerable amount of time. Under such circumstances, he was only able to grope her breasts once then slide back with his feet and make his escape!

"That Little Scoundrel!"

The pretty woman's face was deathly pale, yet it also had a bashful blush on her cheeks. She felt humiliated that she was taken advantage of by a boy!

That final time he groped me felt really different. It still feels like his touch is there on my breasts. This really feels uncomfortable!


The pretty woman gnashed her teeth with shame all over her face, "If that little brat falls in my hands one day, I'll definitely teach him a lesson!"

To think I got groped by a boy!


After taking a deep breath, the trembling of Shi Jieyi's upright breasts slowly pacified down, and the rage in her heart was suppressed by her.

"Aaah, I've spent too much time here!"

Shi Jieyi discovered that she had already wasted a lot of time here!

"I hope I didn't let Sister Nianci wait for too long!"

Recalling the fact that Su Nianci and Liang Rukang were her husband's superiors, Shi Jieyi had to accelerate her footsteps and return towards the CEO's office.

"Damn it. To think I entered the wrong washroom. That was really embarrassing!"

Lin Tianlong soliloquized gloomily while walking! However, he didn't dare to face her. If he returned now, he didn't know what would be the right thing to say as he had groped her towards the end...


As he recalled that amazing, soft and flexible sensation, Lin Tianlong's member couldn't help get hard again.

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