City Lady-Killer — Chapter 23: Inside the Washroom

Lin Tianlong felt very embarrassed and fled promptly.

However, that bounciness he felt just now was something to ponder over! Her body was soft and full of prideful flexibility, absolutely top quality! As he recalled the sensation, a wicked smile rose up on Lin Tianlong's face, but it disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

"You beast!"

He scolded himself internally yet that wonderful sensation still seemed to exist on his hand. It was impossible for him to forget it!

"You pervert!" Although he scolded himself, Lin Tianlong stuck his palm to his face. It seemed like that warmth was still present on his hand.

"Damn it, why isn't a urinal pot present in the washroom?"

After Lin Tianlong entered the washroom and was about to take out his guy to relieve himself, he was left dumbfounded.

"Don't all gents washroom have that thing?"

Lin Tianlong quivered all of a sudden as he felt a very impromptu premonition. It seems like... this isn't the gents washroom.


He gulped down and was about to leave when he heard the footsteps from high heeled shoes approaching the washroom!

Damn it!

Lin Tianlong's heart almost leaped out of his mouth. He quickly hid behind the door of the washroom. He didn't want to get discovered. It would make his father lose face, let alone leave a bad impression on Yang Meizhen, Qin Minxiao and Liu Zhiqing. Much worse, his little sister Lulu would think he was a pervert.


Those crisp footsteps made Lin Tianlong nervous. When this woman walked by, Lin Tianlong could smell a delicate orchid-like fragrance.

This fragrance was different from the milder scent of his mother, Lin Huiyin. This was a fragrance which would make a man's blood race much faster! The perfume's scent didn't induce a nauseating feeling but instead was a natural and refreshing scent.

After smelling it once, Lin Tianlong had realized that the perfume used by this woman was considerably valuable!

"I wonder how she looks?"

Lin Tianlong wondered in his heart, but he didn't dare to peek outside due to his lust-filled brain. He merely imagined the appearance of the owner of that fragrance. Just what kind of a woman is she?

However, this wasn't the time for him to peep. He first made sure that he was alone and then came out from behind the door and promptly ran towards the exit!

Merely, it seemed like God was in the mood to play with him! Just as he was about to exit the washroom, he heard the voices of two women chatting outside.

"Why are you doing this to me, ugh?!"

Lin Tianlong felt very gloomy! But he didn't dare to run out like this rashly so he could only retreat back!

He then discovered that it was a mistake to hide behind the door right now! Because it was possible to see him inside the mirror opposite to the door!

Fortunately, the woman who entered before didn't look at the mirror, or she would've definitely screamed out!

In this moment of desperation, Lin Tianlong couldn't afford to tarry, so walked inside yet saw all of the doors were locked!

"Huh, there's one open!"

Happiness flashed past Lin Tianlong's eyes as he promptly rushed inside! The two women outside just walked in at this moment!

Lin Tianlong was long gone by then!

"Aah! W-What are you—"

Suddenly, a pleasant-sounding feminine voice reached his ears.

"Shush, don't speak!"

Lin Tianlong's heart skipped a beat. He wasn't expecting someone was inside! The woman currently had her head lowered as she was in the middle of pulling up the stockings to her thighs. Although he had just glanced for a moment, Lin Tianlong had already seen that shape of that honeypot of hers through the transparent panties. Under those panties was her lush pubic hair on the mons which had curly black hair exposed outside along the edges of the panties.

Oh, this fragrance! It's that delicate fragrance specific to a mature beauty!

Though Lin Tianlong felt excited, he hadn't forgotten to lock the door due to encountering this woman!

Lin Tianlong felt a breathtaking sensation as he checked out the woman in front of him!

She was a pretty young woman with a petite figure. She looked at Lin Tianlong with shock all over her face, and her mouth was wide open as if she were preparing to give a blowjob to a man.

While she was sizing Lin Tianlong up, he too was doing the same!

A pretty young woman of the humble kind who attracted men the most!

This petite young woman had short hair and wore a dark green frock which had a low neck collar that reached her bosom. Lin Tianlong's eyes brightened up when he looked at that! That fair bosom provoked his eyes intensely. The woman had an extremely slim stature while the dark green dress embroidered with flowers had a short skirt which bounded her nimble figure tightly. An upright bosom, slim waist as well as perfectly round buttocks. Skin-colored transparent stockings covered her sparkling legs and brought about an extraordinary grace. She had the perfect curves and a face similar to the limpid autumn waters. Charming eyes which swam here and there as well as a the mien of a mature woman which surrounded her with an ethereal aura. She had applied the right amount of makeup and shades on her face which meant that she had an unusual understanding of how to pretty up and take care of her appearance. The suspenders of her frock revealed her snow-like shoulders outside and emphasized her bountiful breasts which the frock stretched against. Most importantly, this woman possessed an inherent noble aura which made her look quite prideful and made men feel like ravaging her ferociously by riding her.

The shock made her forget that her skirt was raised up to her waist and this allowed Lin Tianlong to feast his eyes upon her flat and glossy underbelly which had a cute grain-sized navel. Those see-through thongs of hers couldn't hide her plump mons covered in lush pubic hair, and there was nothing more to say about her pretty well-proportioned legs which made the blood of men boil.

And right now, Lin Tianlong's palm was covering her mouth!

"Don't scream, I'm not a bad person!"

Lin Tianlong's appearance looked monstrous. He had intruded into the ladies washroom and was hiding inside one of the booths and touching her so intimately while telling her he wasn't a bad person.

"Little Pervert, just who are you?"

The pretty woman immediately took a step backward which made her back touch the wall. She also spoke in a tiny voice deliberately as she was terrified that the person next-door would hear them!

"I... Uhh, came into the ladies washroom by mistake!"

Lin Tianlong's face blushed slightly. It made him look like a shy big boy. Although his height was almost a head higher than this young woman, that embarrassed, tender smile on his face diminished the vigilance in the woman's heart by a half.

After all, from the woman's perspective, Lin Tianlong was just a child!

"I don't want to know who you are. Little Scoundrel, just get out of here immediately!"

Anger dyed the young woman's face a bit, but she didn't dare to speak in a loud voice! If the fact that she was inside a washroom's booth together with a big boy were to leak out, her reputation would be destroyed!

"Ahh, I... feel like I've seen you somewhere."

Lin Tianlong suddenly stated in a low voice.


The pretty woman spat out while anger had begun to fill her eyes, "Little Scoundrel, don't use such lame excuses! If you still have some conscience, leave immediately! Or else I'll—"

"Or else what?"

Lin Tianlong laughed wickedly all of a sudden. I just came inside unintentionally, is there a need for you to act like this? He didn't think that this pretty woman would dare to shout here! If such a matter were to leak out, the losses of the women were much higher than a man's!

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