City Lady-Killer — Chapter 22 : A Man Must Strive For Self-Improvement

Liang Rukang got shocked and looked at his son with a dazed face; Su Nianci was the same as well. Tears filled her eyes immediately. She was so excited that she couldn't move her gaze away from Lin Tianlong.

"Actually, I know you've always been good to me. Every time I came over during the weekends in my childhood, you've loved me the same as Lulu and provided the warmth of a family to me. Although I've never addressed you as "Little Mother,' I've thought of you as my little mother in my heart already." Lin Tianlong continued, "You've treated me so nicely and with frankness today, so I addressed you as 'Little Mother' from the depths of my heart! Little Mother, thank you!"

"Good child!" Su Nianci emotions went haywire. Her efforts for the past many years had finally been reciprocated. She had always been looking forward to getting Tianlong's recognition, for him to treat her as his little mother and call him that way. At this very moment, her long-cherished wish had been fulfilled, so she felt very excited and hugged both Tianlong and Lulu in her warm embrace while crying tears of joy.

Liang Rukang's face was also tearing up. He quickly took off his spectacles to wipe the tears off the lens.

Although Su Nianci had a bountiful bosom, she couldn't embrace both the siblings in entirety. Finally, Lin Tianlong used his long arms to hug the mother-daughter in his embrace. One on the left and the other on the right, both nestled against his wide and robust chest. One an amply developed, tender beauty and the other cute, budding beauty. The fragrant scents from both of them refreshed his spirit; Liang Xiaolu couldn't comprehend why her mother and brother were weeping so emotionally but she happily leaned on her brother's hot chest closely and closed her eyes while hoping that she could enjoy this joyous moment for a long time.

As for Su Nianci, her tears had already soaked Tianlong's shirt. After she recovered a bit, she suddenly realized that her lips had come across some protrusion. She noticed that Tianlong's shirt was so wet that it was about to turn transparent, and this big boy's nipple was vaguely visible through it. Due to her mouth accidentally sucking on it just now, the boy's nipple had become hard and perky.

Su Nianci broke free from his embrace in a flurry and arranged the messy hair on her temples. The strong manly breath from this boy who she had taken care of from his childhood till now had intoxicated her. She hastily presented the plastic bag before Tianlong to cover up the fretfulness in her heart, "Tianlong, take it, alright? There's no need to be polite as we're all a family!"

The feeling of Su Nianci sucking his nipple accidentally was a wonderful one. The times when he made love with his girlfriend in the vocational school was nothing compared to this. Although he did his best to control it, he couldn't prevent his nipples from perking up. Sensing her soft body in such close range, especially her supple and well-rounded enticing breasts, he knew that if he didn't do his best, it wouldn't just be his nipple which would become hard in another minute.

"Little Mother, Father, I appreciate your intentions!" Lin Tianlong waved his hand then looked at his father and little mother with bright eyes, saying solemnly, "However, I cannot accept them!" Little Mother must have done that accidentally just now.

Liang Rukang, Su Nianci, and Liang Xiaolu all looked at Lin Tianlong at the same time. The mother-daughter pair weren't expecting, but his father had predicted it already.



Su Nianci and Liang Xiaolu called out.

"Father truly understands me. You both also ought to know my personality!" Lin Tianlong patted their hands, "I won't become Chinese Media's VP nor will I become a doctor at mother's hospital or join aunt's insurance company or join godmother's real estate firm!"

"What do you plan to do then?" Liang Xiaolu asked while pouting.

“Savoring the flavor of royal wine, enjoying the sensation of pink-slender hands - I shall walk my own path! Ignorant of life and death for a decade, I'll strive on my path! Of the 480 temples built by the Southern Dynasties, many towers and terraces still remain erect in the misty rain - One must make use of the valued opportunity life gives only once! The dao is hard to comprehend yet simple, the whole wide world is waiting for me to traverse it! When it's time to act, I'll act - Both business and pretty women I will possess!" Lin Tianlong said playfully.

"What's all that?!" Liang Xiaolu protested coquettishly. Liang Rukang and Su Nianci smiled as well.

"In short, believe in me!" Lin Tianlong laughed.

"Tianlong, your father believes that you can make it big out in the world!" Liang Rukang nodded while saying these words confidently.

"Tianlong, all these will be yours sooner or later so your little mother will take care of them for you! You can come to find me when you want them! Okay>" Su Nianci stated gently. She viewed Tianlong has her own son even more and also cleared off the embarrassment she felt just now.

"Right! Brother, what happened to your electrokinesis?" Liang Xiaolu asked as if she had discovered an entirely new world while sizing up her brother.

"That, huh?" Lin Tianlong placed his palm on her shoulder.

"Aaah!" Liang Xiaolu leaped up while shrieking due to getting zapped.

"I can pretty much control it perfectly now!" Lin Tianlong smiled at her.

"Brother, you baddie! You only know how to bully me!" Liang Xiaolu complained and hid in her mother's embrace, not daring to approach Lin Tianlong again.

"We've been speaking for so long. Tianlong, why don't you put the backpack down?" Liang Rukang stated.

"I need to deal with something first!" Lin Tianlong dropped the backpack on the sofa then escaped outside while smiling.

"Settle what?" Liang Xiaoli questioned as she couldn't understand where he was going.

"Foolish lass!" Su Nianci pinched her darling daughter's nose while smiling.

Liang Xiaolu saw her father smile as well while Lin Tianlong made his escape quickly. She suddenly realized why he was escaping and hid her face in her mother's bosom shyly.

Lin Tianlong who had escaped to answer the call of nature ran out of the CEO's office and turned around the corner when he knocked into a flexible body. His palms had also come across some soft things.

"Aaah!" The woman he knocked into took a few steps back then stabilized her footing.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Lin Tianlong apologized immediately, but when he raised his head and saw the woman he had knocked into, his expression went rigid immediately!

She was an extraordinarily beautiful woman whose hair was properly arranged on the back of the head. She had a standard oval face which was fair and tender. Her brows were thin and shaped like crescents while her eyes possessed a great enticement to them. A high nose, as well as cherry-lips, adorned her face. Altogether, she was a national beauty with no faults!

An even more fascinating thing was that though her face looked thin, that maturity seemed to contain a pure and beautiful smile. It was just that the slight curve at the corner of her lips appeared to have an inexplicable grace and charm to it which made people absent minded when they looked at her.

Liu Zhiqing's original looks were already on the level of causing wars, but the combo of OL dress plus stockings and high heels made the blood of men boil. The raging hormones made them excited.

Lin Tianlong became slightly dazed and even felt his heart go out of control. The beauty standing before him made people feel ill at ease. Although Yang Meizhen and Qin Minxiao had their own merits and different complexions, they lacked the charming aura which exclusively belonged to Liu Zhiqing. It was a kind of faintly discernible yet quite realistic enticement, a sense of beauty which was hard to replicate.

"Sister Zhiqing, I..." He courageously looked at the Liu Zhiqing whose face was full of anger and shyness then said, "I'm feeling a bit unwell, so I'll be going to the washroom first."

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