City Lady-Killer — Chapter 21: The Yang Sisters

"Ok-ok. I'll do it!" Lin Tianlong was unable to change this little girl's mind, so he had to promise her.

"Change what? What are you two siblings talking about?" Su Nianci asked while smiling.

"Mom, why were you so hard on Aunt Meizhen just now?" Liang Xiaolu seized the opportunity to quickly shift the subject and questioned her sharply. Yang Meizhen was usually quite gentle and treated her with a mother-like love. The little girl had a good opinion towards this aunt of hers and could only watch on as her mother scolded her aunt until her eyes glistened with tears. She couldn't help but feel sympathy for her.

"Lulu, there's a reason why your mother did that!" Liang Rukang looked at his wife and said with an extremely trusting smile.

"Indeed! I saw Aunt Meizhen leave while crying just now. I wondered what just happened." Lin Tianlong looked at Su Nianci with curiosity in his eyes.

"Did you think I was hard on Meizhen without any reason for it, huh?"Su Nianci smiled at Lin Tianlong and Liang Xiaolu, "Actually, what you see with your eyes might not necessarily be the truth. I had good intentions in doing what I did, but I fear you two wouldn't believe that!"

"Good intentions?" You made her cry like that, and you say it was for her good? Lin Tianlong and Liang Xiaolu looked at each other and then simultaneously looked at Su Nianci.

"You don't know some things, Tianlong. Your Godmother Shimin might not have told you about this too!" Su Nianci sighed, "Actually, you only know that your Godmother Shimin and Aunt Meizhen are sisters, but you don't know that they are also blood-related step sisters. They had a good relationship with each other, but after their father passed away from illness last year, the sisters got into a quarrel over the distribution of assets. These two years, they've become so estranged that they don't even stay in contact.”

“Tianlong, you know that your Godmother Shimin has a foul mouth, but in truth, she's a real softie. Moreover, with her wealth, she simply doesn't care for the inheritance left behind by their father. She only wants face as the eldest sister. If Meizhen could take the initiative to say a few words, the contradiction between them would be resolved, and the matter would be left in the past. The sisters will also reconcile with each other.”

“But you also know that although your Aunt Meizhen is good with everything, she would be willing to even go through hell for the sake of keeping up appearances. She would never take the initiative to talk to her sister. This advert deal is the perfect opportunity. That's the reason I told her to look for your godmother and seal the deal else there was no need for her to come back. Tell me, isn't what I did for her own good?"

Saying so, she looked at Lin Tianlong and Liang Xiaolu with deep love.

Lin Tianlong finally understood the hidden intent behind Su Nianci's actions. It wasn't just barely good intentions, more importantly, it was more of an admonishment towards them, these siblings. Because they were also blood-related siblings. For a family, wealth and business were secondary, unity between siblings and good relations were of the utmost importance and things they ought to treasure the most. Su Nianci's earnest intentions had really struck Lin Tianlong's heartstrings.

"Aunt, I understand!" Lin Tianlong nodded then looked at Su Nianci's autumn lake-like deep eyes. He had to admit that this beautiful woman was cute and her kind heartedness was a great virtue. This kind of tenderness was the most natural charm point for a woman.

"Good child! Aunt knew you would understand my intentions!" Su Nianci knew he had comprehended her true intentions when she heard his response. She smiled in her heart towards this child's gifted intelligence and became glad that he had grown up sensibly. Only, faced with this big boy's heated gaze filled with admiration, she couldn't help but feel a little flustered. Did he cultivate out electro-eyes after electro hands or what? She replied in a rushed manner to cover up her the blush on her cheeks, "Tianlong, since you're so concerned about your Aunt Meizhen, why don't you think of a method to make the sisters reconcile with each other. What say you?"

"Mhm!" Lin Tianlong nodded thoughtfully. On one side was his Godmother Yang Shimin and on the other side was his Aunt Meizhen. If he pulled strings and mediated between them, it would mean that he could get the best of both of them and make everyone satisfied. When he recalled his Aunt Meizhen's cute and charming manners as well as his Godmother Shimin's bountiful and noble appearance, he felt that helping beauties was the happiest thing for a man!

"Tianlong, you've already graduated. I want you to become Chinese Media's VP. This is also your Aunt Nianci's intention!" Liang Rukang looked at his son who had kept harmonious relations with Su Nianci and Liang Xiaolu all these years and felt consoled in his heart.

He recalled the worsening state of his body for the past few years, and a hidden trace of concern flashed through his forehead. He stated with a smile, "I'm already 50 years old now, and my body's condition can't compare to my youth. You can help your Aunt Nianci while I can also rest for half a day!" When he spoke of his body's condition, he subconsciously glanced at Su Nianci.

Su Nianci could naturally sense her husband's gaze. She too felt sullen in her heart. Rukang hadn't taken a proper break these past few years, and the quality of his life had decreased a lot. Therefore, she hadn't got pregnant again after giving birth to Lulu. The special things they tried felt dull now after a year, so they were dispirited. No medicine or tonics showed results. The husband and wife had already resigned themselves to accept this calmly.

Although Rukang wasn't that much of an expert in the bed, he was a good husband in terms of emotion. She had a hidden bitterness at the bottom of her heart, but she couldn't reveal it in front of her children, so she pretended to look happy and said, "Yes! Tianlong, Aunt really wants to you become Chinese Media's VP. You're an intelligent child, so I don't need to tell you much. Honestly speaking, although I am just your little mother, and though you've never addressed me that way, I've always treated you as my own child all these years and think of as Lulu's older brother. I hope you can always have a good relation with us two and that sincerely wish for you to become the VP because Chinese Media will become yours sooner or later and this family is the same!"

'Because Chinese Media will become yours sooner or later and this family is the same!' These words were already enough. They didn't contain any trickery or deception at all. Lin Tianlong entire core shook as he could vividly sense Su Nianci's honesty in dealing with the matter.

Su Nianci then took out a plastic bag from her purse which contained two keys and a gold dragon card inside it. She walked in front of Lin Tianlong and said softly, "Tianlong, I've already discussed it with your father. We've bought a house for you at the Seaside Garden. There's a newly bought car inside the garage too, and this card is loaded with a Million RMB. These are graduation gifts from your father and me. Quickly find work and get a girlfriend, okay? Take them!"

"Mom, who says Brother Tianlong must find get a girlfriend quickly?" Liang Xiaolu protested with a pout as she hugged Tianlong's arm in a spoiled manner.

"Foolish lass! Your Brother Tianlong is already an adult so girls would naturally come chasing after him soon. Do you even realize how many pretty women in our company like him?" Su Nianci poked her darling daughter's forehead while smiling.

"I don't care!" Liang Xiaolu raised her head to look at her tall and handsome Brother Tianlong. She knew that her mother was speaking the truth and it was impossible for her to prevent him from getting a girlfriend, and she couldn't prevent others from pursuing him. She hugged his arm even tighter and said unreasonably, "Anyways, if someone wants to become Brother Tianlong's girlfriend, they have to pass through me first! Hmph!"

"Haha!" Liang Rukang and Su Nianci laughed heartily after hearing her words.

Lin Tianlong also couldn't help but laugh. He hugged his Little Sister Lulu's shoulders and said with a smile, "Alright, my dear little sister. If any pretty woman wishes to pursue me in the future, I'll tell her to sign up for an interview with you first, okay?"

"Tianlong, take it, okay?" Su Nianci brought the plastic bag in front of Lin Tianlong, "If you get a girlfriend quickly and plan to get married, your father and I will send you a big gift! Hehe!"

However, Lin Tianlong didn't accept the bag. He instead looked at Su Nianci with lovingly and called out to her, "Little Mother!"

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