City Lady-Killer — Chapter 20: Liang Xiaolu

Su Nianci didn't allow Lin Tianlong who was brimming with emotions to enjoy this occasion for much longer. She slowly released him.

"Brother Tianlong!" The pretty girl blinked her lively eyes while calling out to him cutely.

It was a little loli wearing a red coat on top of a pink dress. She had a pink, tender and dreamlike face. Her glistening eyes were slightly red as if she had suffered through a lot. That cute and pitiful appearance of hers was enough to break people's hearts and make them pamper her with a hug.

This little loli had a sweet hidden side to her. Especially her shocked expression as she came dashing towards Lin Tianlong made others feel like giving her tender care!

This little girl possessed a natural, budding beauty and it seemed like the Liang family genes she inherited had modeled her!

Her long hair draped over the shoulders gently. It possessed a silk-like smoothness and seemed to possess life, leaving people in utter disbelief. Though the childish blue hair clip on top of her head wasn't that stylish and the light pink small hair clip accompanying it was very common, they increased her likability. The green silk mini skirt she wore clearly wasn't an ordinary one. Its texture was soft and was full of grace. Altogether, these youthful and simplistic clothes gained a bit of naughtiness when she wore her!

Her trembling, long eyelashes looked quite attractive and were full of a fascinating lividity. The skin of her face which had a little baby fat seemed especially tender; The outlines of her oval face which was the embodiment of beauty contained an inexplicable enticement. Her skin was so soft that people could mistake it for Jade. A shapely nose, small and cute lips which revealed pearly white teeth when they opened up, as well as a fragrance her body released which was hard to put into words.

Her most attractive feature was her eyes which twinkled like the stars, filling her eyes with innocence. Her naughty wink gave a livid feel to people and possessed a childlike cute charm to it; When those misty eyes swam around, they looked especially innocent and induced pity from the onlookers, making even a person raging at 3000 Celsius stop burning in a split second!

"Is that you, Xiaolu?" Lin Tianlong's eyes opened wide as he looked at the slender and elegant girl in front of him. He couldn't believe that this pretty girl whose hair was floating about was his blood-related stepsister, Liang Xiaolu. During his summer vacation last year, he had accompanied his Aunt Su Yijun to participate in a summer camping trip, so it was already two years since these siblings had met each other.

"Brother, isn't your reaction a bit too exaggerated? Am I... not the same as before? But you brother, in just two years, you've become much more... tsk-tsk..." Liang Xiaolu had a childish voice right from her childhood, and that final 'tsk-tsk' made him recall the voice he was familiar with. Unexpectedly, he too had undergone a huge transformation from his little sister, Xiaolu's perspective.

"What tsk-tsk, huh? Tell me, what has your brother turned into?" Lin Tianlong narrowed his eyes while sizing up the young beauty before his eyes.

"Of course, you've become more handsome as well as mature. Oh and also a bit of a baddie!" Liang Xiaolu giggled as she clutched the corner of her coat. That girlish shyness and lovable naiveness made Lin Tianlong feel like he was bathing in sweet rain.

Lin Tianlong feigned anger, "A bit of a baddie? Do I look like a bad person to you?"

"You use such a gaze to look at me and still say you aren't a baddie? That's a real wonder." Liang Xiaolu placed her arm at her waist, showing an attitude which seemed to say she wouldn't give up until she won the argument.

"Your brother is helpless towards it as you've become prettier." Lin Tianlong had to admit in his heart that the gaze with which he looked at Liang Xiaolu was indeed a bit vague. It was because she had really changed a lot.

"So you're saying I looked ugly before?" Liang Xiaolu raised her voice a few decibels, yet her childlike voice still sounded soft as ever.

"You weren't ugly. You just had some gray hair, slightly dark skin and a thin figure. Right! Your face was covered entirely in pimples of various sizes and colors. You also had freckles and..."

Lin Tianlong teased her. Suddenly, he discovered that an arc had risen up at her mouth while her eyes had narrowed down to small slits through which a cold gleam shot outwards. Her gaze was an arrow which was about to kill.

Discerning the thoughts of people from their body language was always his key strength, let alone even an idiot could notice the change in her expression. Lin Tianlong had already sensed an intense danger signal and stopped talking, but it was already too late. A red silhouette had already pounced towards him.

Liang Rukang and Su Nianci looked at how these blood-related step-siblings were bantering with each other and felt gratified.

"Let's see if you still dare to talk rubbish!" Xiaolu pretended she was angry and brandished her lily-white hands to grab her older brother.

"Ok-ok! Your older brother surrenders!" Lin Tianlong grabbed his little sister's hand and hugged the little loli's waist in passing, "My little sister has always been a little beauty, she was a barbie girl before and is a loli sister now. In the future, you'll become an immortal fairy, right?"

So fragrant, so tender, so soft, so pretty. How did that studious sister of mine who barely caught the eyes of others become such an attractive little beauty?

While Lin Tianlong pondered about this, a faint sweet scent drifted into his nose. He took a careful look at Xiaolu who looked very pretty and pure. She had dark skin before yet had such snow-like skin now. Her tiny nose arched upwards a little and she had long eyelashes. Even her hair had become blacker as well as lustrous, laying on her bosom gently. Though the inside of the office wasn't that bright due to the window curtains, her hair pretty hair shone all the same. He leaned closer and let that faint sweet scent gradually fill his lungs. Just like a thief, he breathed a few mouthfuls of it greedily.

"Mhm," Xiaolu replied while leaning her head on him. Warmth filled his heart suddenly. He recalled the days from a few years ago when he was in contact with this little sister of his. He was four years older than Xiaolu. When she was in her 1st Grade, he was in the 5th Grade. When he visited his father's house on the weekend, Xiaolu acted like a spoiled child and played with him often. He also liked to take care of his little sister. Those were pleasant and happy times.

He let out a sigh. Although Xiaolu looked as pretty as Snow White from the fairy tales, she was after all his blood-related stepsister. He didn't dare to hold any improper thoughts towards her. However, her next action made him wake up from his wandering thoughts and lose control. She whispered to him, "Brother, can you lower your shoulder a bit? It's hard for me to lean on you."

Lin Tianlong quickly lowered his shoulders so she could feel comfortable. Xiaolu responded with a languid 'Mhm' then pressed her whole cheek against his shoulder, He was infatuated with her and was about to breathe in the sweet scent from her body when her arms hugged his arm as it were a hug pillow. He felt two soft mounds press against his arm and squeeze it between them.

Heavens! This is really killing me.

"Little Sister, how are your studies going?" Lin Tianlong caressed her beautiful hair while asking with a smile, "If you study like how I did, you'll only be able to get into a vocational school. You have to study properly and get into a famous university!"

"Brother, I need you for something in the next few days!" Lin Xiaolu looked at her parents then snoopily spoke these words at her brother's ears, "I was listening to music during my English class two days ago so our English teacher, Instructor Liu told me to bring my guardian!" Brother, you must save me!"

"Hmm? Will you change yourself in the future or not?" Lin Tianlong asked with a calm face.

"I will! For sure!" Liang Xiaolu swayed her brother's arm coyly as she pleaded him, "Brother! My good brother!"

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