City Lady-Killer — Chapter 14: The Mother and Child Meet

Nothing can make a person more anxious than waiting for someone. Especially if you know that they should've returned by now but are running late. Yang Shimin and Liang Xinru got a call from their companies and had to return in advance; Cai Linlin had supplementary classes in the afternoon, and Cai Fangfang had just finished work and returned from the hospital. Lin Minyi let her eldest daughter stay behind to accompany Lin Huiyin to prevent her from getting impatient as time would pass quickly with someone to keep company.

Her darling son had told her that he would take the early morning train to come back home, but it was already 12 PM yet there was no sight of him. His cell phone couldn't be contacted too. Lin Huiyin felt like her heart had sunk to the depths of the ocean - Her mind was a mess. Fortunately, she had several years of experience with surgery, so she was still able to remain calm on the surface and delivered the women out with a smile on her face. She chatted cheerfully with Cai Fangfang who had stayed behind. This had relaxed her mind a lot. She could only wait for her darling son to return without a hitch.

Suddenly, Fangfang pointed outside the window while yelling, "Over there! He's over there! It's Tianlong!!"

Lin Huiyin followed her finger to look at that direction. Over there, a handsome youth with a well-built figure carrying a black backpack on his back was slowing walking into the entrance of the district.

"Fangfang, you seem even more excited than Linlin oh!" Lin Huiyin finally laid down the worry in her heart. Her mood had lightened up a lot, so she teased her niece.

"Aunt!" Cai Fangfang blushed shyly then ran to open the door. Lin Huiyin knew Cai Fangfang was older than Lin Tianlong by three years, but they had grown up together in their childhood. It was even possible they were innocent childhood sweethearts. After becoming a nurse at the hospital, her pretty looks and her fame as the diva nurse had caused several pursuers to line up in an endless stream. Matchmakers had even dropped in to ring the bells of her house door, but none of them had succeeded. Cai Fangfang refused all of them tactfully.

According to hearsay, the son of the Public Security Bureau Chief was also one of her pursuers. Lin Minyi had tried to convince her, but it was to no avail. Lin Huiyin always believed that Cai Fangfang was too proud and had high requirements for her partner. But after seeing how excited Fangfang was when she saw Lin Tianlong through the window, Lin Huiyin couldn't refrain from drafting up a faction in her heart. She arrived beside Cai Fangfang and waited for her darling son to arrive with delight.

"Mom!" Along with familiar sounds of footsteps resounding in the corridor, Lin Tianlong donned in a flower-patterned shirt, arrived in front of Lin Huiyin. She hadn't seen for an entire year. That nose, ears, brows, face, and silhouette, all looked the same as they did in her dreams. Only, she felt like he looked a lot thinner than how he was in the photo he sent her from school a few days ago.

"My darling son, Tianlong... You've finally returned!" Lin Huiyin's eyes teared up as she tightly hugged her son who she worried about each and every day. She clasped his face and carefully studied it as if she were confirming it was indeed her own son, Tianlong, from all angles. Then, she deeply hugged him, rubbing her fair cheeks against her son's face while softly patting her son's back which was growing wider and wider. She wished time would stop at this moment so she could hug her son like this forever - they would never be separated then. Tianlong placed his arms around Lin Huiyin and accepted the warmth of her body. As he sensed her fair snow-like silky smooth skin, his arms closed up around her and slowly slid down from her upper back to her waist and tightly hugged that soft, well-rounded body of hers.

To welcome her cousin back home after his graduation, Cai Fangfang had specially put on a shoulder strapless light green top which just reached her waist. This made her already perfect figure look ethereal. The firm and abundant mounds on her chest were half-exposed, half-bound by the low-neck top, forming a deep, seductive and mysterious ravine. Her faintly discernible pecs looked quite bewitching as well.

Her oval face was well matched with her milk-like fair skin. Her brows were shaped like two new moons, and the lines of her double eyelids were distinct. Her big eyes illuminated with a youthful spirit and the corners of her eyes arched upwards slightly, which made her look increasingly lovely. She had a straight nose bridge and tender, fascinating lips. When her lips parted, her orderly pearly-white teeth twinkled with a light. All over, she exuded an ethereal aura which left people in a reverie.

She possessed a curvaceous, graceful figure with a well-endowed ample chest. Those upright breasts could fill one's palms, were full of pliancy and seemed to defy gravity. They expressed the charm and sexiness possessed only by peerless beauties. A pair of fascinating, slender legs existed below her slim waist and together with her mellow, fair arms, her ripened body brimmed with a lovely youthful charm. Although her legs were covered in transparent pink stockings, they couldn't hide her fair legs. Her legs were as white as snow, and within that snow bloomed a rose. Appearing dainty and delicate, charming one's heart with its fairness. The skin of her feet shone with a luster and through the satiny, almost translucent skin on the back of her soles, one could see the tiny veins hidden underneath. Her feet were of the slender type and were so soft that they seemed boneless. Her delicate ankles didn't lose out in roundness and possessed graceful curves while the arch of her foot was somewhat high. Veins were visible on the skin of her heels as well. Her toes were well-shaped and looked cute with the glistening, pink nail polish applied on the toenails which looked like pearls embedded on her toes.

Each and every moment of hers bloomed with grace. No matter how trivial an action it was, it brought out her beauty. Lin Tianlong's gaze and thoughts were totally attracted to her as a feeling which was challenging to put into words welled up in his heart.

"Sister Fang, I heard you're the diva nurse of the People's Hospital. How come you haven't let me grace upon your elegant form wearing the nurse uniform?" Lin Tianlong pretended to tease her with lustful eyes while imagining how alluring this cousin of his would look while wearing a nurse uniform with stockings and high heels. I wonder which guy has accumulated such karma in his previous life to obtain the luck of becoming her boyfriend!

Cai Fangfang revealed a charming smile. When her ruby-lips opened up slightly, they had a kind of enticing feel to them while two small dimples formed on the sides of her cheeks. She looked adorable when that happened.

"Tianlong, I haven't seen you in a long time! I missed you a lot! Why don't you let Aunt arrange for you to join our hospital? I can bully you everyday like before again!"

Cai Fangfang pulled Lin Tianlong's right arm intimately without the slightest amount of reservedness.

Lin Tianlong felt a tingling sensation from his arm as that soft, warm flesh firmly engulfed his arm.

Lin Tianlong quickly turned to look at Cai Fangfang standing beside. Below her curvy, willowy eyes were a pair of bright and intelligent eyes brimming with endless affection. Her tiny mouth was slightly puckered up, gleaming with an attractive red luster. Below her fair neckline was a deep cleavage formed by the fair breasts which dazzled the eyes. His breathing turned hurried as lust began to brew in his brain slowly.

"Alright then!" Lin Huiyin observed her darling son and niece, feeling that they didn't seem like lovers meeting after a long time but instead seemed like cousin brother and sister who liked to tease and act spoiled with each other. Thereupon, she interrupted their corny act and said, "Tianlong must be surely tired after traveling such a long distance... Why don't we go out for lunch after you rest for a moment?!"

"I'm not tired at all so we can first have lunch. Where are we going?" Lin Tianlong didn't dare to give the cold shoulder to his mother. He hugged Cai Fangfang with one of his arms while pulling his mother's arm with the other.

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