City Lady-Killer — Chapter 13: Hitch-Hiking a Ride Back to the City

"Good child, bring that wooden stick over to me. We'll walk down while supporting each other. Anyways, the parking lot isn't that far from here." The mature woman considered the situation then struggled to get up.

"Don't move, Uncle and Aunt, both of you shouldn't move right now as the increase in blood flow won't do any good for your injuries. How about this? I'll first bring Aunt over to the parking lot then come over to carry Uncle." Lin Tianlong continued, "I hope Aunt doesn't blame me as the situation desires it. Pardon my rudeness as I'll just have to carry you in my arms!" He exerted strength into his arms and directly hugged the woman's soft body upwards. His hand felt the woman's satiny skin which was as smooth as jade and through that damp dress, he could sense her body's softness and pliancy. A mature womanly scent like that of an orchid hit his olfactory senses and caused his pulse to race.

The woman felt the youth's hand embrace her thin waist while his other hand was supporting her thigh. Her whole body nestled against his embrace. Their skin touched each other without any gap between them. When she inhaled the strong manly odor his body released, her heart was sent into chaos. She recalled that he had sucked the wound on her thigh just now. In her 20 years of marriage, it was the first time someone else other than her husband had kissed her thigh. And now, it was the first time she had nestled against a man's embrace except for her husband. Although it was a young man, he was also a man. Moreover, he was a handsome, well-built youth brimming with vigor.

As she recalled that he had coincidentally knelt down in front of her out of the blue when she was making a wish towards Guanyin, she didn't know what intention God had in the unseen world of spirits when brought about such a situation. This caused ripples in her heart all the more, making it beat with a mad ferocity. When the man saw his wife lie in the youth's warm embrace, his heart began to uncontrollably thump again. Sigh. What's up with me today? Is it due to running into danger today? Or due to the pressure? Or due to fluctuations in the mood? This matter today is a bit strange. His back went cold as he gave thought to the course of events which had happened today...

"Aunt, please endure a bit longer. We've almost reached the car. I'm afraid I'll touch the wound so I'll move as slow and steady as possible!" Lin Tianlong comforted her with a soft voice.

"Good child. You're indeed good at understanding others. You still haven't told Aunt your name? You appear to be around 18-19 years old. Aunt ought to be older than your mother, right?" The distance to the parking lot wasn't far yet it felt like a long time to the woman. Her waist and thigh could sense the youth's palms warm up more and more. A hot, itchy feeling traversed from her waist and thigh towards the depths of her body. Adding onto this was his gentle and considerate personality. She was really moved by him and could only point out the difference in seniority to hide the bashfulness in her heart. This was to remind the youth not to let his imaginations run wild or perhaps she was telling herself to keep her emotions in control.

"I'm called Lin Tianlong. Aunt, you look as young and beautiful as my mother!" Lin Tianlong teased her.

"Where's your hometown? Did you come to Flame Mountain to tour?"

"Oh, I'm from Flame City. I dropped by the mountain to look for medicinal herbs on the way back home after graduating from medical school but didn't expect to run into you!"

"It seems like you've hardly graduated but are already an outstanding doctor!"

They chatted during all the way to the parking lot. To him, it didn't take much time to reach there. On the way, his palms, his hands, and his chest could all feel the woman's satiny skin and her well-developed body. The mature womanly scent her body exuded and the warmth it brought to him made him think it was a pity that he would wake up from his beautiful dream so soon. Although he felt very reluctant to part with her, they had reached the parking lot, so he had no choice but to let the woman down at the back seat of the vehicle.

After helping the woman descend on the back seat slowly, Lin Tianlong wondered about her injury, so he queried with a deeply concerned voice, "Aunt, how do you feel? Does your body feel alright?"

"Good child, you were so careful while carrying me over, so Aunt is fine. I'll have to trouble you to carry your Uncle over!" The woman finally left the youth's embrace yet her heart was still lost in the warmth of his body.

Lin Tianlong was quite unwilling to do it, yet he had no choice but to return and carry the man over on his back. He guessed that this man was either was a very wealthy person or a government official as his belly had so grown so big and he was double the weight of his wife.

The woman had already shifted from the back seat to the driver's seat. She watched Lin Tianlong put her husband down on the back seat, "Tianlong, we really owe you this time. Didn't you say you're returning home? We're also going back to the city so I'll give you a ride!"

"I'm not troubling you, right?" Lin Tianlong smiled at her.

"It's no trouble at all. Come, sit inside!" The middle-aged man stated hurriedly. Although the pain his ankle felt had lightened, its swelling wouldn't disappear. He scrunched his brows as he would feel relieved if the youth was accompanying them.

"Child, you're still acting so polite even now. Giving you a ride back to the city is an easy thing. It's just a small favor. How could it compare to your kindness of saving our lives?" The woman said softly. After interacting with him, the more she looked at him, the more she became fond of this handsome youth. She subconsciously began to treat him just like her own child. She wondered what kind of virtue his parents had accumulated to be blessed with such a handsome, smart, understanding, and cute son.

"Alright. I won't act polite with Aunt and Uncle then. Uncle can put your foot on the seat, this will reduce the swelling." Lin Tianlong sat on the front seat, "Aunt, are you fine with driving? I already got a driving license when I was in school!"

"I'm fine. The injured place doesn't hurt anymore, so there's no issue with me driving the car." The woman said hesitantly.

"Oh, alright then. Let's return to the city. Uncle and Aunt can visit the hospital to get treated. You should also get an antibiotic shot every few days to prevent any infection around your wound." Lin Tianlong reminded her.

The limousine followed down the mountain path and drove straight towards Flame City.

Around the entrance to the Golden Bay District, the limousine came to a stop with a grunting sound.

"Uncle, Aunt, I'll get off here. You can directly go to the hospital, okay? Make sure to take rest for a few days, that will be good for recovering from the wound!" Lin Tianlong pushed the door open.

"Tianlong, you must help keep what happened today a secret for Aunt, okay?"

"Don't worry!" Lin Tianlong looked at the mature woman and the middle-aged man with a smile, "What happened today, the Heavens know, the Earth knows, you know, and I know, none else know!" Visiting the Guanyin Temple to burn incense and make a wish was their secret. He thought that maybe these two weren't husband and wife or else he couldn't understand why would they want to hide this matter.

"Tianlong, this is Aunt's card. If you run into trouble at Flame City in the future, give me a call!" The mature woman grabbed a card within her fingers and handed it over to Lin Tianlong's hand from the car window. "You have to call Aunt when you're free later!"

"Tianlong, goodbye!" The man nodded then waved his hand with a smile. He hadn't taken off his mask from start to finish.

Only after the car steered away from Lin Tianlong's sight did the man take off his mask, revealing a wide, steady face with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He gazed ahead with a profound glint in his eyes then finally opened his mouth, "What happened today is quite odd. I'll arrange for Xiaolong to investigate this matter. We'll have to invite this child over for a meal sometime!"

"Mhm, alright!" The mature woman looked at her husband through the rearview mirror, "What are you doubting?"

"Oh, it's not that. It's just that my intuition tells me that this child isn't an ordinary person. He's a diamond in the rough!" The middle-aged man said faintly.

Lin Tianlong stood at the Golden Bay District's entrance while looking at the card in his hand - Flame City's Women's Association's Chairwoman and Women and Children's Health Care Center's Director, Huang Wanrong.

As he remembered her parting words as well as the expression on her face which seemed to say there was nothing she couldn't handle in Flame City, he felt puzzled about the identity and background of the man wearing the mask. He conveniently placed the card into his shirt's pocket.

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