City Lady-Killer — Chapter 10: The Couple Run into Danger

The woman had a celestial nose, a pair of bright eyes seemingly full of moistness, just as the limpid autumn waters which disappeared after a look. They showed a condescending aloof arrogance. The good-looking married woman looked like she was in her early thirties yet her charming appearance was unable to hide the slight wrinkles around the corners of her eyes. However, this didn't affect her beauty at all. Instead, it gave her a mature woman's fascinating charm.

Each of her movements revealed the composed and elegant manners of an adult woman. She was grace and elegance incarnate. Her pretty eyes were dark and filled with wisdom. She had long, shapely brows of a lighter shade, delicious-looking ruby-lips as well as smooth cheeks. Through her yellow dress, those plump and abundant breasts which moved along with her movements were faintly discernible. Her legs covered in skin-colored transparent crystal stockings made one's imagination run wild while slightly perked up butt captivated one with its roundness.

This was a woman who could bewitch any man who laid his eyes on her. Her oval face had no traces of cosmetics, yet she looked fairer than snow. Her pretty hair was half bound with a few fringes left free. Those limpid eyes of hers seemed to contain grief and anger while her curvy eyelashes looked like that of a Barbie doll within a store. Her petite nose looked mischievous, and as the wings flapped, her cherry-like mouth opened to exhale a fragrant orchid-like breath. The collarbones below her slender neck were dainty, and her bosom had two big, honey peaches on them. A woman's breasts in the shape of peaches were the most beautiful, the most beautiful peaches were the ripened, honey peaches of the highest quality. Through the dress, it was visible that this woman's honey peaches defied gravity. Therefore, her breasts were the best within the best.

Having a beauty like that of an actress, glamorous eyes, a celestial nose, soft ruby-lipped mouth, skin as fair as snow. However, unlike the glamor of an actress, the mature beauty exuded a conscious beauty and an elegance befitting a noblewoman. Even a model's waist couldn't match her slender waist as she walked. At the end of the waistline was her plump butt which amply expressed the ripeness of a married woman. Her dress couldn't hide her well-rounded breasts completely, and they swayed left and right with a rhythm, seeming as if they wished to break free from the bindings of the dress.

If one were to just look at her figure, even though she wore formal clothes, it was enough to spark the flames of lust within a man. However, she possessed a solemn face beyond compare which unintentionally released an elegant aura that transformed her charming, devilish figure into that of a holy angel's figure.

Her long hair draped over her shoulders while her mature body had fair, satiny skin which felt as smooth as jade to the touch. She had an amicable and cordial character as well as a good reputation. All of her acquaintances had never seen her act angry or display any kind of negative emotions. She always wore a smile on her face which raised people's opinion of her.

Besides all of these qualities, she also had very slender and pretty legs. Even though they were bound in the stockings, it was clear her legs weren't frail like that of a girl's. She had thicc thighs and perfect calves. When she stood upright, the curves from her round buttocks to her waist realized the golden proportions. She didn't even need to clamp her legs together meticulously yet had no gaps in between at all.

Her belief in Buddhism for so long had added a holy aura onto her figure.

Virtuous, amiable, good-natured, elegant, holy - these were the adjectives used by her relatives, friends, colleagues, and subordinates used to describe her unanimously.

When the mature woman laid her eyes on this unknown youth, she had a deja vu feeling. That face, eyebrows, nose, and eyes seemed very familiar to her as if she had seen that face somewhere yet she couldn't match a name to it as she was scared witless just now.

The middle-aged man shook his head, forcing a smile. Is this supposed to be the child delivered by Guanyin? He pulled his wife's lily-white hands, "Alright. Let's go, okay? I already told you no, but you absolutely wanted to come. Such a hassle!"

The woman gave the teen a look then helplessly followed her husband.

The couple left the Guanyin Temple side by side, following the mountain path towards the parking lot.

."They still haven't left!" The husband saw Luo Bingbing, Min Roujia and Meng Xiaomin chatting on the mountain path and pulled his wife towards a sidepath. Although it was sidepath in the mountain, it was possible to reach the parking lot in half-the-time through this path compared to the main route.

While they walked through the sidepath, the couple raised their head to look at the cliffs as well as the rocky topography of the mountain. Both sides had sheer cliffs, and precipitous rock faces with a narrow and winding path ahead of them. The morning wind brushed past their face, and the air had the aroma of wildflowers mixed in it while bees and butterfly fluttered all around. Melodious cries of birds came through from the woods, ringing at their ears. The words - the verdant hills and limpid waters enrich the soul; the willow trees make the shade, the flowers give the light, providing one with a glimmer of hope at one's darkest hour, bringing peace to the heart - described it perfectly.

"Liqing, it won't delay your work, right?"

"It's fine. Actually, coming out to let out steam is also a good choice. Take a look at these hills and ponds, the scenery is so nice that I can feel carefree and relaxed here. Also... Whoa!" The middle-aged man was leading the way at ease, wandering the winding road while appreciating the beautiful scenery with a calm mood when he suddenly slipped due to stepping on a hole. Fortunately, he had practiced martial arts as a child. Although he had put on weight now, he still had quick reactions, so he immediately evaded the hole. Though in the end, he staggered and tumbled onto the grass.

"Hey!" His wife hastily hurried over to support him yet saw that her husband's ankle was already swollen. It wasn't clear whether it was a sprain or a fracture.

"It's alright. Don't worry, Rong'er. Help me stand up!" The husband bit his teeth and stated calmly.

The wife's eyes opened wide suddenly while her face went pale as she screamed in fear, "AAH! SNAKES!"

Indeed, over ten snakes had crawled out from the underbrush on the left side of the path and uniformly approached the couple as if they were receiving orders.

"Rong'er, don't be afraid. Get behind me!" The husband had no fear of facing death. He picked up a wooden stick from the ground and clenched his teeth hard. His forehead was damp with cold sweat from the pain yet his eyes watched the snakes with a death stare. It seemed like these snakes were poisonous so feared that things didn't bode well for them.

Lin Tianlong rushed out from the Guanyin Temple and noticed that the couple didn't follow the mountain path down and instead took a sidepath. By the time he caught up to them, he just happened to see those snakes rush over towards the couple.

"Don't move!" He curbed the middle-aged man's attempt to use the wooden stick to attack those snakes just in time.

During his childhood, he had spent time at the Flame Peak and Flame River. He had seen tiger keelbacks, five-paced vipers, cobras, rattlesnakes, and many unknown snakes. He had caught them, eaten them and sent them into pharma companies to be used as drug ingredients.

But these white snakes before him were quite strange. They weren't the usual toxic snakes seen on Flame Peak and Flame River yet also didn't seem to resemble harmless snakes like grass snakes and rat snakes. Their bodies were entirely white and sparkled with a luster while their ruby eyes had a demonic glint to them. Also, their heads had two long horns. Such a strange snake was entirely unheard of.

The two white snakes at the front held their heads high as if they were generals. They hissed with their scarlet tongues. The mix of blue, red and white they projected made them look weirder and terrifying.

The woman felt a genuine fear and almost cried out. The husband saw the scared expression of his wife and hugged her into his embrace, subconsciously showing his back towards the snakes. The snakes seemed to have sniffed a stimulant and immediately became excited.

Lin Tianlong felt that the snakes were about to attack so he didn't have time to advise them. He ran over there and blocked them from the snakes. A white snake had already shot towards him like an arrow by then.

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